Investigation log of Redcliffe Caves Halloween 2015

Investigation times: 7pm-midnight

Weather: dry and mild


Once we were all set to go, we firstly took everyone on a group vigil to thehermitage. The knocking block went off and also the K2s were going off. At one point, K2 ted was touched by unseen hands as his vibration sensor went off. Guests would hear rustling behind them and a small moan. Alan had his leg touched and guests felt someone behind them outside of the circle. Another had their head touched and between a couple of the guests, they had a cold spot. Mumbled conversation and footsteps were also heard. 2 guests were having their ears and hair played with and i heard a cough. Steve picked up on a lady of the night in the area and picked up on the name of mary ( which is correct as we have had her previously) when we asked if spirit wanted us to leave, guests heard a growl and what sounded like "go". Two other guests smelt the smell of lavender in front of them and went i went to stand in front of them; there was the faint smell of lavender oil. A male voice was heard to say " oooooooooooooooh" by the group and guests heard movement coming from the next chamber. Loud breaths were also being heard and felt between guests. Lisa was picking up on someone saying "you've had your 10 minutes, now get out ".


Everyone then went off to conduct their own lone investigations


In the hermitage, a group on the board picked up on a little boy called Thomas (which we've had before) he doesn't like Mary. He tried to draw a flower but was mostly drawing circles on the paper. He didn't die there. One guest was poked in the shoulder

Inner chamber- guests using the rods had a john there who wasn't a young man. He was 40 and was robbed by Mary

Skull cave- one guest had their leg touched and picked up on a little boy called Thomas as well as Mary the prostitute who didn't mind us being there. She stated that she recognised most of those around the table bar one who hadn't been down there before. A different energy was then on the board. Crystal saw a face over her shoulder but this person would give their name. They then had the year of 1820 given to them and a female called Amy who was 28yrs old. She died in the caves. Then a group on the board had a little girl called Amelia. Shes 6. She states that shes not dead and liked it when they sang ring o roses to her. She wears a red cloak. There was a little boy there also called Robert. She stated that her father was called Bert and her mum called Norma. Amelia looks after the other children.  Others are called Fred whose 4 and Nancy who's 3.and peter who's also 3. Amelia wanted some sweets from Alan's pocket. She states that she plays in the caves her dad keeps her safe from a spirit called Jacob.  The year is 1820. She says that there are 15 nice spirits in the caves and one who's not nice. Another spirit was picked up called Jacob. He's not a nice energy and seems to think that the caves are his and controls the other spirits in the caves. Amelia's dad then came through and stated that he was 46 when he died and his wife Norma had been 30. Amelia had died 10 yrs before them from the flu. They both died in an accident. They aren't trapped in the caves and can come and go when they please.

Main chamber- the K2 was beeping and numbers going up on it. One went up to 7.98 and another from zero straight up to 14 and then back down to zero. They picked up on a Bert. He likes being surrounded by women. He states that he's only 6.

Entrance- a group were getting good K2 hits and also picked up on Thomas who stated that his mother's name was Cassandra. An orb was seen floating in the cave and a low moan heard like a child. Thomas stated that his father wasn't there with him and wouldn't give a lot of information about his family

Another guest on the pendulum kept being pulled back towards the hermitage and that there was a female energy there with her. Her husband was also there and she died in the caves. Her husband had caused the accident.


We then took everyone down to the skull cavefor the 2nd group vigil. Some guests saw that someone was walking past the holes in the walls leading to the next chamber and could hear breaths. A growl was also heard. One guest had a bad pain in her back and another had a sharp pain in her thigh. One guest felt very teary and started crying. She was hearing heavy breathing constantly between herself and the person next to her. Again footsteps were heard and i also saw someone move across one of the holes in the wall. Kev was picking up on a male with a scar across his face. One felt very hot. 3 guests had to leave the circle as they came over feeling very sick. One actually had to leave the caves and then went home as she couldn't shake off the feeling at all. One guest was picking up on the name of peter and Steve was sensing a man with a shovel in his hand another guest picked up a little girl who was looking for her dolly. Another guest was getting that the dollies name was possibly Alice a couple of us then heard jangling a couple of times which sounded metallic. Again, the K2s were going off and another guest stated that she kept sensing a white lady who was hovering around the area and disappearing


Everyone then went off again to conduct their own investigations.

In the skull cave, one group had a spirit who wouldn't do the board but would do the planchette. He stated that his name was Jean and he's French. He lived in the caves but it wasn't out of choice he was a prisoner of war. The group had a really strong acrid smell of rotting flesh and on asking about jeans legs, he stated that he had bad legs. He had a brother called Pascal. (Name has been brought up before) but he's never been to Paris. He made one of the guests teary in the group and stated that he liked her. He doesn't want to leave and at the end of the session, said "au revoir". Others also had a male come through whose name began with a "G" but wouldn't say his name. He died working in the caves. He didn't really want to talk to them. They also picked upon a Steven and a little boy who liked to draw circles for them.

Hermitage corridor, the same guest as before on the 1st lones who was pulled back to the hermitage area again went back there and connected again to the same woman as before. She stated this time, that she died at the age of 44 and her husband was 49. Shes not Mary. She didn't have a happy life. Shes not from Bristol and didn't work in the caves, she died in 1909 and her husband had killed her. He's with her in the caves and shes not happy with this. Shes states that having other people in the caves with her and talking to her comforts her. She came from a poor background.

Main chamber- a group picked up on a Christopher on the board. He's 20 years old and its 1848. He worked in the caves and is happy with us being there


The last group vigil was in themain chamber- Alan and two other guests went onto the board and again connected with a Jacob. He states that its 1836 and he's happy to be there. He admits he's a bad person and wants to cause harm to Dave. He informed us that he killed a prostitute called Karen when she was 4 mths pregnant. He had raped her and he didn't want anyone finding out about it so killed her. He was her pimp. He had a scar on his face. He killed her in 1833 when she was 25. He hid her body in the skull cave. He didn't feel bad for doing it. He was swearing and calling darran names on the board

We finally tried a human pendulum asking various questions asking spirit to push the guest in the middle of the circle back for no and forward for yes. We again had Jacob. He stated that he knew a male called Vincent that darran was picking up on. He was an accomplice of his.

A few of us heard a distant female scream and again could hear muffled conversation further on down the caves.



Inner chamber- there's a strange whistling noise. It's not a bird or a firework

Also there's a very low moan before the group starts to sing "ring o roses" in the hermitage next door.

Hermitage -a male voice is heard to say "oooooooooooooooooooooooh "during the first vigil. A loud breath is also heard.

Skull cave -before we actually started the night and anyone came into the caves, there's a tap and shuffling like footsteps. Later on when guests are in there doing a lone investigation there'saloud growl. Later on in the night we have picked up a faint female hum   / asound like talking from outside the cave and what sounds like a little girls voiceV