Investigation Log
Redcliffe Caves 5th October 2012

Investigation times 8pm -midnight

Weather: nonstop rain!!!!

As the guests first went in for their walk around and history tour with Alan, they were starting to feel things. One guest felt pressure on both her shoulders as though someone was pressing down on them. The smell of cigars was experienced by others and batteries drained on cameras.

For the first vigil in the skull cave, a Mary came though who was touching guests. The
K2s were going off to red and pendulums were moving and swinging. On the other side of the cave, was a male energy. One guest at this point had to leave as she felt something come too close to her and it made her feel very sick. Others felt hot and cold, others were touched on the legs and another had her arm go numb. A Francois came through also. Salty and irony tastes could be tasted as well as dry lips. Dave also saw a male standing in the shadows who he described as being around 6ft tall with a 46inch chest. Whimpering could also be heard.
Flashes of light as well as people being touched. Taps were heard and although
some of them could be put down to dripping water, some didn't echo and sounded
closer to us which was a dry area. The smell of stale cigarettes and alcohol
could also be smelt as well burning herbs.

The guests then went off to do their own lone vigils, in the hermitage, on doing a planchette; another Mary came through who stated that she was 12 yrs old. The year for her is 1414 and she liked to draw. She was able to draw a flower and a heart.

In the skull cave, yet another Mary (seemed to be the night of the Marys) came through. She stated that sherry was stored in the caves but she didn't drink any. She was a Quaker
and is buried nearby ( Alan confirmed that there is a Quaker burial ground approx 50 mts away) her father was named Richard. He killed her and was an Opium smoker. Francois is the "Madam." Shortly after this, one of the guests saw a young girl in a frilly bonnet standing to the side of the cave. ( believed to be a quaker bonnet).

On then walking up towards our second vigil which was to be in the hermitage, on walking through the tunnels, the ghost light started to glow ( it's a new toy for us and first time we've used it so chuffed with that) I stayed behind with one of the guests to see if we could make it happen again. It didn't but what we DID hear when calling out, were children shouting and laughing as if playing.

On going into the Hermitage for our second vigil, a guest's uncle who had recently passed came through for her. Also a Samuel (no relative) guests also heard footsteps in the tunnels coming towards the cave. Others felt their legs and face going cold. Dragging along the floor could also be heard. An apparition was then seen by a guest standing next to Darran who was described as a female in a long dress. Orbs were also seen flitting about. We tried a lifting of arms and guests arms started to lift. A shadow was then seen to walk towards Darran who was stood in the middle of the circle. The K2s were permanently going up to red.

Guests were then allowed to go off again and investigate on their own. On the planchette
near the entrance to the caves, a pentagram was drawn. When we turned the paper over, the same happened again only a bigger one this time. The K2 was going up to red. No names were given of the person drawing the pentagrams. (Recently a horror film had been shot in the caves and the film crew had been drawing pentagrams on the floor.) The person on the planchette didn't like the fact that the film crew had been down there as this spirit was also a Quaker.

For the last vigil, we decided to go into a chamber that not been into before. We had some
guests on the planchette whilst the rest gathered around them in a circle doing a séance. Lots of cracking and taps could be heard from other parts of the cave system. A Richard came through on the planchette. He is a spirit that we first met in Hellfire caves and tends to follow Darran around. He was drawn to one of our guests who looked like his wife Emily. He drew very close to her making her chest feel very tight. His wife had died shortly after childbirth. It was an accident and no one's fault. He sees her in spirit. He is with her but he chose to visit our world too. He is not afraid to pass over properly, but doesn't want to. Others felt they were being touched.

A really interesting night think the spirits are slowly getting used to us going there
and communicating with them as last night it seemed easier to communicate with
them than on previous occasions.