Investigation Log of Redcliffe Caves
Bristol 7th December 2012  


Investigation times:  8pm - midnight

weather:  dry

Before we started with the guests the team went into the skull cave to open up and Lorraine saw her first ever apparition of a little girl with blonde curly hair. She was standing in the corner looking aqt us and was aged around 7 yrs old.  We then started walking up to the hermitage in order to switch on the evps. However, on the way there the guests were all up front already in the hermitage having their history tour with Alan when Darran saw someone walking up behind him. Thinking it was a stray guest, he got Paul to turn on his torch so that they could see them properly only to find that there was no one there.

For the first vigil, we took the guests up to the skull room. We got the guests to join hands in a circle. A Frank, francois and Mary were picked up. Whispers and knocks were also heard as well as low murmers. The torch on the table switched on by itself. Guests began to either feel extremely cold or boiling hot. Ther was the smell of vodka as well as urine. A little boys energy was picked up on and he was walking around the circle. As he did, guests
could tell as they would feel cold one minute and then it would pass onto the next person and so forth around the circle.

One guest had to be taken out of the circle as spirit drew too close and she couldn't breathe. Others felt sick. One guest began to cry but couldn't explain why, and I had my hair pulled.

The guests then went off to do their own investigations. Mary the prostitute was picked up by a couple of the guests who informed them that she didn't like women and wasn't friendly towards them . however she really made the pendulum and the dowsing rods move when asked if she liked men.
A 4 yr old girl was also picked up on the planchette

For the 2nd vigil, we took them to the hermitage. A males groan was heard and the spirit of a female was picked up along with the name Catherine . The sound of rustling like skirts was also heard. Darran picked up on a man of the cloth and I saw a flash of light from down the tunnels.
There was then a really loud growl heard coming from down the tunnels from the next chamber. Lots of us heard it and as we were locked into the caves, no one else could've been in there. I walked down to the entrance and looked out but the whole waterfront was completely empty with no one walking along it. A couple of stones were thrown into the circle but rather than us thinking of it being anything paranormal, we believe that it was one of the guests who wanted to be the funny man throwing them in himself ( as he was determined to ruin things for the others…..  you sometimes  get one) im hoping that we are
proven wrong once I look at the video footage but I doubt we will be.

The last vigil was conducted in the main chamber and the smaller chamber. There was a good reaction to French being spoken and a French prisoner was picked up on. The smell of alcohol was also picked up again by the guests

In the small chamber, Lorraine was having her leg touched by something unseen and picked up on a Charlie.

EVPS picked up are a long whistle when we were in the skull room coming from elsewhere in the caves. However no one mentions it and so don't seem to have heard it. There is also a whimper heard.

In the small chamber, a male says something that sounds like "alright then? Or alright Len ? " ( len is my nickname which only Darran in the team tends to call me and its not his voice. Its not anyone in the team )  also there is a huge bang heard which seems to reverberate around the caves. There is also a female humming heard

the video footage doesnt confirm or debunk our thoughts on the stone throwing as its not picked up due to it facing the wrong direction.

in all, not as eventfull as some of the vigils we have conducted in the caves but as we say, we cant promise anything and whatever happens happens. until February ..........................