Investigation Log of Redcliffe Caves Bristol Friday 11th April 2014


Investigation times: 7pm - midnight

Weather:  dry and mild

Once everyone arrived, we took them inside the caves to start the first investigation in the skull cave. Mac started to feel very hot and sick and had hands pushing down on his shoulders. Another guest was being poked in the back whilst another guest had their hair pulled. We could hear someone walking around outside the circle and shadows could be seen around the walls despite no one in the group moving at the time. Paul and Dave could hear murmuring from other parts of the caves. Philippe was picked up. He came across as not being particularly friendly. When a guest asked him how he was in French, she became very hot. Steve began to pick up on a male who was taller than him, wearing a work shirt and fair hair. He believes this to be Philippe. One guest could hear footsteps behind them. The K2 w2as going up to red

Everyone then went off to conduct their own lone investigations.

Just outside the main chamber, guest picked up on 3 white bright lights and a groan was heard as well as footsteps scraping along the floor. A male energy called Albert or Bert for short was picked up

In the skull cave, Steve had the feeling of sadness with the person on the planchette. They are looking for their family. They got a little boy on the board who was killed "when the bombs came". He lost his family at the same time. He's happy though. His name is Marcus and he had 4 brothers. He's the youngest out of them all. He doesn't like Philippe as Philippe hurts him and gets angry with him. Marcus was around at the time of a school being bombed in the area. Marcus liked Mac as he has older brothers and also liked Steve as he had a brother called Steve

They then again picked up on Philippe who is homophobic and didn't like the fact of Ken joining the military as he had been tortured by the British army. He had been a prisoner in the caves during the Napoleonic war. Previously during the séance, Steve had seen a male in the middle of the circle with a pickaxe. Philippe told them that that had hit his head on the side of the wall. He was happy with the group being there. He had had brothers he has no friends in the caves and was stood behind Mac. He had worked whilst in the caves.  Another group later did the planchette in the area and Mary the prostitute then came through who had many customers but doesn't like men with beards. She didn't mind the group asking her questions and was happy to answer them. She had a sense of humour. She isn't alone down there. She's saying that there are adult spirits in that part of the caves. She got a lot of business.

For the second investigation we went into the hermitage. Whilst in a circle, someone was felt behind Paul and guests felt someone pushing them. A female was seen by Mac and Fran standing behind Alan and Vicky. The woman came up behind Alan and ran her fingers on his shoulders. The female was called Elizabeth. Again footsteps were heard. Alan and Vicky when holding hands had their hands start to rise up. Neither of them were pulling their arms up. Whistles could be heard. Alan and a couple of others heard a male cough loudly and saw torchlight. Paul ran down the cave and when he got near the entrance, saw a male dart between two pillars. On going to the pillars, no one was there. The caves were locked and therefore, no one could get in.  Just after Paul came back, he saw a male walking across the tunnel further on down the cave; Dave saw that he was holding an old lamp. Fran could then hear children singing. One guest then jumped as she had her sides pinched. The knocking block then went off and then went off again. After a minute, Paul asked spirit to set off the block again and straight away, it did. The K2 then went up to orange. Steve picked up on the names of Edward and Robert. Flashes of light could be seen from the other end of the caves. A little boy could be seen between Alan and the female next to him. He only came up to Alan's hip so was quite young. Steve had someone standing behind him and at the same time, the female guest standing next to him felt very cold and could feel despair and depressed. Steve felt that the male was an older male who was saying "I just feel like giving up ". Steve also picked up that the hermit in the caves had been a religious man who hadn't liked being paid to pay for people as it was his job. He also then picked up on an old lady with a shawl around her shoulders. She gave the impression as he stated of looking like a gypsy lady. She was standing in the middle of the circle.

Again, guests went off to conduct their own lone investigations.

By the entrance, on the board, we had a male energy who had been in the caves from 1863-65. He gave the name as being Gerhay Haslake. He was from Durban South Africa. He had a wife and three sons. All of whom came over to Britain with him. He was 66 when he died in 1926. He helped to store sherry and tobacco in the caves. He finds it difficult to communicate as this was his first time.

Others had the K2 go up to red in the same area

In the hermitage, a group on the planchette picked up on the little girl Mary. She had been the one to pinch Gwen's sides earlier and stated that she remembered Dave. She likes Gwen and wanted to talk to her. Mary was having fun and had been setting the alarms off earlier as she liked playing with them she has lots of friends and is only 6. Her parents aren't there with her and she misses them. She liked the teddy we had and wanted to touch it. She had a dolly. One of the groups reminded her of her mother.  She then wrote bye on the board. Someone else then came onto the board who wanted to talk to Karen. He liked Karen and wanted her to stay on her own as he was attracted to her. He gave the name of Oscar.

In the main chamber on the planchette, Karen again had Oscar follow her there and appear on the board. He informed her that he was married with children but also had mistresses. He likes women to have long hair. He was a publican and had plenty of friends as he was popular. They then had the little girl Mary come onto the board. She likes to play. Her mother never used to play with her. She also had a brother and a sister who would play with her. She can hop skip and jump about. She died in an accident.

For the final vigil, we took every one to the main chamber. Paul set up his knock off camera right down the other end in the tunnel part. Twice the torch turned itself on. Spirit would wait until Paul had walked back to the group before turning it on. We saw a couple of shadows but apart from that, the main chamber was pretty quiet and so we decided to call it a night.


Evps caught throughout the night were

Near the entrance, a very clear whistle is heard. It's not from outside, definitely inside and nearby

In the hermitage, we had the sound of a whistle picked up when Mac and Dave saw the little boy stood near Alan. They also heard the whistle at the time

In the skull cave, while we are all elsewhere in the caves and no one is in that area there's the distinct sound of a foot being scraped on gravel near the recorder