Investigation Log of Redcliffe Caves Friday 13th June 2014


Investigation times:   8pm until midnight

Weather:  dry and warm


For our first investigation, we did a group session in the skull cave. Whilst in the circle, one guest came over faint and had to leave the circle. Footsteps could be heard from the next chamber but no one was in there. Also the K2 alarm started going off. We could hear distant voices having a conversation. Dave picked up on a John and mark was touched. One guest then had his t-shirt tugged. A murmur was heard which sounded childlike and then Dave was touched on the head. The knocking block which had been placed in one of the holes between us and the next chamber had the alarm go off as if someone had touched it and at the same time the K2 on the teddy started to flash. Also the broken circuit light came on at the same time. Some of us could hear high pitched music. Every time we asked if there was a child near us, although it wasn't draughty the candle flame would start to dance. One guest picked up on a Charles.  Katherine could see movement in a side chamber as though someone kept popping their head round to see what we were doing but when she approached, no one was there. She then tried to take a photo but for the first few attempts, she couldn't. The camera wouldn't take the photo. Only after a few times, did it work.


Everyone then went off to conduct their lone vigils

On the planchette near the entrance a young boy called Oscar came through. He told the group on the board that he had "orange "hair and came from Ireland with his parents. They worked at the caves, his dad storing the sherry.  His mum was called Joan. All three of them died in a fire in 1884. He knows a little girl spirit called Mary who is 10 yrs old. Others on going on the planchette here had a Jack come through who was only 6. He liked the ladies around the table. He drew them a shape which they thought was a star (but more than likely a pentagram as we've had them drawn here at this particular spot before.)

In the Hermitage, again on the planchette, another child came through. This time a little girl called Molly. She stated that she had a doll and had a brother called James. She stated that there were other child spirits in the caves. One of the guests had her little boy come through to her which was nice.

In one of the side alcoves, Alan was sat quiet with his laser grid and heard a tap behind him. He was then touched. He felt as though someone was behind him.

In another alcove, another guest had her mother come through to her on the pendulum which was nice for her.

Katherine and her partner could hear the sound of laughter at the far end of the caves. They followed the noise until they were on top of it but also found they were at a dead end.

In the inner chamber, some guests used a pendulum and spoke to Mary the prostitute. She was raped. She had children but she didn't get to see them grow up

In the skull cave, mark joined two guests on the planchette. They heard a whistle and after mark asks "have you been following us all night? " a "YES " is lightly heard ( captured on evp)  a child was standing between the other two guests and mark began to get pains in his chest. Another spirit then came forward. This was a male. Mark then saw someone shoot past him and they all went cold. A loud whistle was then heard again (again picked up on evp) marks then asked "are you a male in spirit? "Again a "YES "is picked up on evp. Mark then heard a small cough. He asked the male on the planchette if it was him but it wasn't, it was a fourth spirit who the male on the planchette didn't like. Mark was being touched on his side. Spirit informed them that there were 4 of them with the group. They were all stood around them in each corner. Two males and two females. They gave their names as being Victoria - Alison - Bert and Stephen.

Three taps were then heard (again picked up on evp) spirit liked talking to them on the planchette. The Stephen turned out to be the guest's son. He was being looked after in spirit by Victoria. Bert was a sailor. He knew a lady of the night in the caves. That's why he used to go in there, to see her. Bert then spelt out "YOU ... ARE ... DEAD "after a couple of questions from the group, it was ascertained that he wasn't being nasty, he was actually stating that he himself was dead.


For the second investigation, we all went into the hermitage. Again we could hear the sound of footsteps and shuffling from behind us. Also again distant voices and some stated they could hear singing. (We have had children singing at this end before)


Again everyone went off to conduct their own investigations

In the skull cave, Mark joined a couple of the guests on a planchette. They heard a cough and also a loud whistle. Two males came onto the table and one of them stated that he didn't like the other one. The whistle was also caught on evp

In one of the tunnels, two guests screamed when they heard a loud growl behind them and moved sharpish from that part of the caves.


For the last vigils, we went initially into the main chamber followed by the inner chamber

In the main chamber we heard 2 loud knocks and then a groaning. I went to get mark and the other two guests with him from the skull cave. As we entered the main chamber, we all heard a man's voice say something behind us. None of us could work out what was said though.

In the inner chamber again, we could hear talking from elsewhere in the caves and we kept hearing a woman's voice.  Again though we couldn't hear what she was saying as it was never clear enough. The spirit of Burt had followed Shelly from the skull cave into here as well.


Digital recordings / EVPs picked up:

We had some interesting things


As stated before, in the skull cave, the "YES" has been picked up when guests were on the planchette. The three taps they all heard is also picked up. Also in the skull cave, during our first large vigil, Dave asks for a noise and a female voice murmurs something. It's not one of the groups. However it's so quiet, I can't make out what shes saying.  Later on, when no one's anywhere near that part of the cave and we are all in the hermitage doing the 2nd vigil, there's a loud whistle.

In the hermitage, when we are all doing our first vigil at the other side of the caves in the skull cave, there's the sound of dragging from the hermitage. Later on, again when no one is nearby, there's a loud long whistle. When we were actually in there doing our large investigation, a few of us hear something which isn't picked up but just as we are discussing what we heard, a female voice is picked up either humming or saying "hmmm... mm... Hmmm ". None of us say anything or comment on it.

Another interesting night. With different spirits to normal talking to us this time around. Also it seemed to be the night for guests to have their loved ones come through which is lovely for them. These caves never disappoint