Investigation Log off Redcliffe Caves Friday 14th October 2016

Investigation times: 7pm - midnight

Weather:  dry and mild


As we were going up to the first vigil in the skull cave, a few of us could smell lavender. A couple of the guests thought that I possibly had scented candles in the caves which I can assure everyone, I didn't. They are just ordinary candles and you could only smell it in the main chamber and tunnel going up towards the skull cave. Once you got to the skull cave, the smell went. No other area of the caves smelt at this time despite various candles being placed around. (Later one in the same area, the smell went away again)

Our first vigil was in theskull cave. In here I asked for Fran├žois to turn on the torch and immediately he did. A little girl Mary was picked up. Guests were being touched. One had her bum touched and the feeling of a child who was holding onto her there was a temperature difference between the rest of her legs and then her bum. The K2s were going off as well as the trifield. Go got the name of Alice. Dave felt that there was someone stood next to him and heard footsteps behind him. Darran picked up on the name of David and that he had worked in the caves. On asking for confirmation of this, the red torch came on again. Darran asked if he had come to us before I the caves ad that we had seen him, Dave heard a faint "yes" behind him. We then heard loud footsteps in the next chamber but no one was out there. I threw a stone and asked for them to either throw one back or tap for us at that we had 2 thuds. Crystal felt someone stood next to her breathing in her face. Whilst some suddenly felt ice cold, other guests were boiling hot. We then heard a long whine

Everyone then went off to do their own lone investigations

Skull cave- on the planchette, Elizabeth came through with the date of 1760-1770. She had a miscarriage. She took a shine to one of the male guests she was a prostitute who brought her men down into the caves.

Outside skull cave in side chamber- another group on a pendulum picked up on a 9 yr. old boy who died nr the caves. He states that there are others with him but no parents. He's 9 and is called Charlie. His brother Benjamin is with him who is aged 11. There are no girls there with them just other boys. He stated that they were drowned by their parents here in the docks.

Tunnel outside skull cave- one guest using a pendulum had a female aged 53 come through who stated that her name was Polly Pollpike. She was born in 1702. She repaired dolls.

Entrance- guests on the planchette picked up on a little boy called Thomas . he stated that there were others there with him. Their K2s were going off


The second investigation was started in thehermitage. A couple of guests could smell incense and then ted was moved as his head sensor went off a couple of times. Footsteps could be heard outside the circle and guests picked up on a dark shadow in one corner. The trifield again was going up. Jo had the name of Albert and felt that someone was standing right behind her.darran picked up that he was in his late 40s and had a beard.  Therefore as she felt uncomfortable, she swapped places with Lisa. Lisa was then groped. Crystal could smell bad breath and stale fag breath in her face. A guest had the name of Nancy

We then moved into theinner chamber. In here we could hear thumps and knocks. Darran put on the spirit box but no spirit wanted to use it to speak through. Darran and olly could see glowing against some of the tunnel walls further down the caves. It wasn't a candle but looked as though it was someone with a lamp and also heard footsteps (we've had this previously in this part of the cave) there was then a strong smell of cigarettes. Dave picked up on a lady called Annie who was an older lady and had something to do with Bristol blue glass. I then asked if Mary from the well was in the area and at that, we heard a female voice. There were then loud footsteps heard coming up the tunnel but they didn't come and join us.


Everyone then went off to conduct their second lone investigations.

Near theentrance,one group was having their K2s going off and on the pendulum picked up on a little girl called Mary who was 7 yrs. old. Shes afraid. He dads name is Jacob

Another guest had her head touched.

Another couple of guests on the planchette had a little boy called Thomas. He was 7. He drew a house and a flower. He can't spell. He's happy to talk to us and is lonely. However he said that he wouldn't come and join us in the main chamber for the last vigil


In thehermitage,a group had a lot of taps and a clicking sound. They then heard a loud groan .

Another group had a 9 yr. old boy called Bert. He wanted to play hide and seek with them.


Lastly, we went into themain chamberfor the last investigation. In here, for the first time of the night, the knocking block which I placed further up the tunnel out of our way and outside the chamber, went off on 3 occasions. Twice it did it on command. We then heard a high pitched whine. Darran picked up on a Jamaican male and I had the name of Patrick. The trifield was again going up



Nr main entrance- there is a whistle heard from inside the caves and near the table as well as another set of whistles just after which seem to be whistling a tune

Skull cave- during the first vigil when Dave says that he hears a whistle after Darran request for one, a faint whistle can be heard.

When we are talking during this vigil, just after we say about hearing a whine there's another one but we dont seem to pick up on it as no one mentions it.