Redcliffe Caves Bristol 17th Feb 2012

Weather:  Cold and dry

Vigil Times:  7pm -1130pm

This was the team's first visit to the caves and so everyone was excited to find out what lay inside these caverns on the side of Bristol's Phoenix Wharf. The base room itself was a local scout hut which is over 100 years old itself and believed by the team who were drawn to touch the walls to have been built using ships timbers. The team members felt that this building held just as much energy as the caves themselves. Indeed a Jeremiah was picked up in the hut.

Going into the caves, by the well, a female energy was picked up which gave the feeling of insanity and made Sarah feel nauseous (in fact both Sarah and Lorraine had the feeling of nauseousness throughout the evening getting worse as the evening drew on in different areas of the caves but growing worse every time they stepped foot into the hut. In fact by the end of the evening, Sarah was physically sick whereby Lorraine although wasn't, by the time she got home, was ashen grey, clammy and felt sapped of energy even to crawl into bed).

First vigil: the girls took half the group into the big caves which gave feelings of coldness around the legs. One guest's hat was pulled and fish could be smelt. A sailor giving the name Tom Kelly aged 28 was picked up and was smoking a pipe. He liked one of the guests energies as she reminded him of his wife. He died in 1680 and smuggled tobacco which he had taken from other ships.  Guests felt as though they were going numb around the legs and were being tickled. Lorraine had stabbing pains in her side and had to leave the circle. A prostitute called Elizabeth was also picked up.

Meanwhile, Darran and Paul were doing a quiet vigil elsewhere with the rest of the group who in turn felt breathless, faint, and pacing hearts. They felt a threatening presence of a female as well as a small girl called Mary who as singing "ring of roses ". ( being Bristolian, I have knowledge that a lot of burial sites for the black death are believed to be  nearby including more interestingly the site of the Galleries mall in Bristol ….. not to put you off going shopping ). Paul felt as though is hand was being touched lightly when talking about the child.

Cold spots could be felt. A male called Roberto came across as being shackled and dishevelled possibly Spanish or French prisoner, he hung in the shadows and wouldn't come forward. Some felt sick and headachy.  Stones were heard being thrown twice after stone were thrown for the spirits to throw back. I stone was found and had a temperature difference of 1.5 C warmer than the floor it was on. Darran placed a green laser gird on the floor which had new batteries in it, within 25 minutes the laser had dimmed when asked to affect the lights before going out completely.

During the lone vigils, guests using the planchette had feelings of someone telling them to "get out "and they felt unwelcome. Taps and panic was felt. 2 guests overwhelmed by fear had to leave the area. The spirit was also picked up on the dowsing rods.

Whistling could also be heard by the Well as again the smell of fish.

During the séance in the Skull room, Lorraine had to leave as she felt very weak and unwell. Voices of males talking could be heard in the distance even though everybody was in the same area and could be accounted for.

Sounds again of a stone being thrown near the group were heard by a majority of the group.

The EMF meter on the floor was constantly pulsing and making a noise, there were no electrical items in the Caves which would produce a magnetic field to affect the meter.

Darran and Paul moved slightly down one of the side caves after hearing the voices. Paul had seen a figure crawling across the floor and got the name Tom and believed that he worked in the caves. He was gaunt looking and dirty, when Darran and Paul were talking about this Paul's jacket was tugged by unknown hands.

It was a really interesting night and hopefully we'll get even more when we go back in a couple of months.