redcliffe caves

Redcliffe caves  Bristol 1st
June 2012

Vigil times: 7pm - 1130

Weather: mild, and clear


The team split the guests into two groups with Paul and Lorraine taking theirs to the far end of the tunnels. They had a Betsy come through who was aged 14-15 and died in 1836. She was very scruffy /dirty and also pregnant. Her real name was Elizabeth. Tom was also picked who was blind in one eye and was a sailor. Paul and Lorraine had visions of alcohol. A guest's jacket was also pulled. Several moans and groans were heard as well as whistling. Feelings of dizziness were also felt. There were temperature fluctuations and cold spots.

Darran and Dave took their group to the skull room where a soldier (imprisoned) named Philippe came through. A few taps were heard and a female called Sally was tapping in response to questions. A child called Tom was also picked up. Distant voices were heard and lights flashing. There were also temperature fluctuations.

2 bright lights came from the corner of one of the skull room came through a hole which leads to another chamber. No one was in this chamber or anywhere near it. It couldn't be explained.

The guests then went off to do lone vigils where again, Tom was picked up on the planchette. He is 6 years old. He was with his mum and dad and had 3 sisters and a dog. He was happy for the team to be there and liked one of the female guest's energy. A Robert Adams also came through who was aged 17 and died in 1828 after contracting scurvy. He sailed around Africa. As soon as he was asked about the slave trade, he left.

Everyone then went as one large group into the main chamber. At first, everything was quiet but in the distance, voices could be heard coming from the next chamber although everyone was together and no one else was in the caves or had access to them. Taps and bangs around the group were heard as well as moans.

Another small boy called Tom who was aged around 8 came through on the planchette. He had been murdered and left in the caves. He was spinning the planchette round and round. 
He was stuck and wanted to move on. Therefore it was decided that the team with the help of the guests would move little Tom to the light which they managed to do with the assistance of his mother Lizzie who was brought through in order to guide him through.

Another interesting night in the caves. What will Augusts visit uncover?