Investigation of Redcliffe Caves Friday 21st April 2017

Times: 7pm--midnight

Weather:  Dry and mild


We started the first group vigil inthe hermitage. In here, the on off lights were turning on on command and the knocking block which id put further down the corridor went off when I asked spirit to touch it. Kev picked up on a male carrying a barrel on his shoulders. His name is Kelly Higgins. He was killed when barrels fell on him. He knows Mary the prostitute. Deb felt as though someone was watching the group and walking around the outside of the circle. There were also thumping noises heard.

Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations

In theinner chamber, guests picked up on a middle aged man on their pendulum

Main chamber- guests on the board picked up a little boy whose initials were D B. he's 9 yrs. old and worked in the caves. He has 4 siblings. They also worked here. He died in 98 (unsure if 1798 or 1898) and lived in Bristol

Near the entrance, guests on the board had a female spirit spell out coffee but wouldn't give them any other information. Another guest felt someone pull on her trousers and just after that, Emma thought that deb was stood behind her and when she turned around, no one was there. Deb had actually gone off somewhere else but she felt as though someone was right behind her. Other guests could hear people talking nearby but again, when they went to have a look, no one was in the area

We then took the group into theskull cave. The knocking block which was placed over to the side of the chamber nowhere near anyone came on twice. There were a couple of noises heard and the feeling of shadows noises again were picked up coming from outside the chamber. Sonia was picking up on the smell of meat like hams possibly being hung there. A musty unwashed smell could also be smelt by a number of us. Kev could hear singing coming from behind him. However it was coming from an old sewer shaft with no outside access. The trifield was going from 2 to 0 and back up to 2. One guest started to sway and Lorraine was touched. Again, singing could be heard and there was the sound of shuffling from outside the chamber. There was the sound of a murmur and one guest was touched. Another guest in the circle started to sway back and fore

We then went into theinner chamber. In here the torches were going on and off and a guest felt tight chested but apart from that, it was pretty quiet

Again, everyone went off to conduct their own vigils

In themain chamber, one guest was touched on the shoulder. Others on the board made contact with a little girl called Mary whose 9 yrs. old. She died in 1939. She had been ill. She had brothers one of them being called Peter. He's still alive. He was younger than her. She doesn't live near the caves but went to school in Bedminster. Her school began with DU. Duckmoor Road primary??  She plays with other children in the caves. She also has her mother with her. Her mother's called "mama". She likes talking to the group


Near the entrance, a spirit was drawing lines and circles for guests on the planchette. A little boy aged 9 was picked up. These guests had spoken to him earlier. He states that he knows the little girl Mary who's in the caves as he plays with her. He likes being there.

In theskull caveguests picked up on a male spirit on the board. Darran was getting a female presence but not a friendly one . he doesn't think that its mary though

Finally we took everyone firstly intothe main chamber.

The on off torches were going on again  but apart from that, it was pretty quiet

We finished again in thehermitageto see if there was going to be any more activity in here following the vigil earlier on in the night. In here again the torches were going on and off and the knocking block was sounding groans were being heard and a number of the guests were smelling incense.



Inner chamber - when we were all in the main chamber doing the vigil, twice there's the sound of someone whistling a tune. It's the same tune each time


Not a lot was picked up however, when Darran left the camera in the skull cave, we all went down to the central chamber. No one was near the skull cave, everyone had left. However thers a strange light anomaly which lights up the cave. It's a bright light almost like a lamp or a torch light which lights up one wall however, we know that no one was anywhere near it