Investigation Log of Redcliffe Caves Bristol - Friday 27th October 2017


Investigation times:  7pm - midnight

Weather: dry and mild


Once everyone had arrived and were ready, we started off by taking everyone tothe skull cave.Almost immediately Francois came through and was communicating via the on off torches. Guest's legs were feeling cold from the knees down. Other guests were being touched. Ones heart started to race. K2 ted was being touched and the K2s were going off. One guest then had to leave the circle as she felt ill. Not long after, another had to leave the circle as she felt faint and sick. Another then started to burn up and the temperature gauge showed her to be 101 degrees. Mary then started to come through and we could hear a couple of noises coming from elsewhere in the caves. One guest had her hair being pulled and another was having her ears popping


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations.

In theskull cave, the K2s were still going off. The spirit that guests were picking up on liked one of their senses of humour. They were also messing with the guest's bag, moving it on her back and moving their dowsing rods around. This spirit wanted to speak to two of the group in particular. They were getting good K2 result and again picked up on Mary. They were going hot and then cold. Another group in this area, on their pendulum were getting a Frenchman but it wasn't Fran├žois and he wasn't a soldier. Their rods were also turning and the guests were starting to feel boiling hot and getting clammy. When they asked spirit to move the rods in one direction, they would and then when asking to move to the opposite direction, again, they would. Their K2 machine although full battery kept switching itself off for no reason. Others were then speaking to a little boy called jack who wanted to play and was running in between their legs. One of the guests was then touched and another had blowing in her ear

Further on in the caves,just before the skull cave, another group were having both sets of their rods going in the same direction at the same time but whenever the rods moved, the K2 ted would also go off.

In themain chamber, guests using the board picked up on Mary the prostitute. She didn't want the males in the group to have their hands on the planchette. She didn't mind speaking to the ladies even though she didn't like them! She wanted them to stay with her though. The K2 was also going up for them. Another spirit then came through to them called John he was a prison officer. He wanted the males in the group back on the board. He stated that someone else was with him but wouldn't say who. He also stated that he could put the K2 up again but didn't want to. He stated that he could also throw a stone, although he never did

In theinner chamber,some guests picked up on a male spirit who didn't come from Bristol and didn't own a boat. He's a middle aged man.


We then reconvened and started off by going to thehermitage.In here, the K2s were going off and I could hear shuffling further on down the caves. Under darrans voice when he asks "can we hear your voices? "There's a very quiet voice which sounds like a child. One of the guests was having her rucksack tugged and a few of us heard a whimper from the corner. Dave was picking up the name of Elspeth

We then moved into theinner chamber. In here, the knocking block which id put in a shelf part between two chambers, went off for no reason. Some of us could then smell a very pungent sweet was sugary like sweets (had this before) the on off torches started then to respond to my voice. It was the child Mary (whom we've spoken to on a number of occasions). She would turn them on either green or red as I asked. Darran then picked up on a male called Phillip and that at one point the place was being used as a mortuary of some kind or storing bodies of the sick. One of the guests was picking up the same. Darran was picking up the fact that they were bringing bodies off the ships and bringing them into the caves. One of the guests was picking up a female who had children with her and the name of Adele. Another guest picked up a female who was nursing and tending to the sick within the caves.


Everyone again then went off to do their own investigations

In theinner chamber, a guest was picking up World War 2 and people crouching down covering themselves and the noise of bombs falling outside as though it was an air raid shelter. Another group picked up on a spirit who inferred that two of the group were actually related somehow (they will check their family trees on this)

Bythe entrancein the first chamber, another group was having the K2 going up to red.

In thehermitageguests on the board were speaking to Mary but she didn't have a lot to tell them. They then connected with a male who stated that there were 3 spirits in that part of the cave.

We finally finished the night by all going into themain chamber. In here, we picked up on a female voice humming. A number of the guests could then hear old fashioned gramophone music. The on off torches were again going on and off. Abby suddenly felt really cold and at the same time, her torch in her pocket turned on. It's a twist on torch and so wouldn't have turned on very easily without someone / something physically turning the end. We could then smell a very strong smell of burning wicks. The type of smell you get when you just snuff out a candle. However this wasn't the case. I hadn't just snuffed one out. The on off torches were then going on and off on request. We were also picking up on people talking further up the cave towards the skull cave and Darran and a couple of the guests were seeing shadows down the other end in front of the witches cave entrance.



Evps picked up are

Inner chamber, when the group are doing their guided tour, the whole group leaves this end of the cave system to go up towards the skull cave. However there is then a female voice that very clearly says "ALIVE ". She says nothing else, just that and you can't hear any footsteps either approaching or leaving the area.

Main chamber- there's a long whistle when no one is anywhere near the area.

Hermitage- small child's voice under darrans as he asks a question

Skull cave - during the first vigil, there's a whistle which comes from elsewhere. It's not from us. Also when I asked if Mary preferred just to have men in the skull cave, there's a low voice that says "NO"

As for video footage, not a lot apart from a lot of dust and moisture on this occasion