Investigation log of redcliffe Caves Friday 3rd April 2015  

Investigation times: 7pm-midnight

Weather:  cold and damp

Once everyone arrived, we went into the caves to start the first vigil, deciding for a change to start off in the main chamber. In here, we had movement and footsteps from further down in the caves. The K2 on teddy was going up to red and other K2s were also being affected. Light anomalies were being seen. Some of us heard a moan and a shadow was seen to go past Lorraine really quickly and then others saw it in the middle of the circle. There were temperature fluctuations on people's bodies where some parts were a lot colder than others. Colin was picking u on children and darran picked up on a male was quite tall as well as a little boy there were white energy lights seen up the tunnel. Colin then mentioned that the teddy K2 hadn't lit up for a while and at that, he lit up straight away. We again heard another moan which was a male voice. The male that darran had with him is called Jacob and is afro Caribbean. One female guest had her head touched. She thought it was the man next to her however at that point; darran was looking through his camera and confirmed that the gent next to her had his hands in his pockets. Darran then tried the spirit box and we could hear talking coming from deeper inside the cave. Children singing was also heard however when we turned the spirit box off, they would stop.lorraine and Dave went to investigate and picked up on 5 children down there, and saw a little red cloak shoot past them. They picked up on the name of Amelia.

Everyone then went off to do their own investigations.

Alan took darran into a part of the caves that we don't usually have access to see what he could pick up on. There are markings of protection on the walls here. Darran picked up on an elderly lady who lived in the cave in the 1700s. Her name was Margaret but she was a "healer" and went by the name of Morwenna. She used the water from the well there to do her rituals and protections spells for the sailors to keep them safe on their voyages.

A couple of guests were being drawn to certain pillars by the dowsers.

In the inner chamber, some guests picked up on a child who didn't want to stop and talk but wanted to go and play

Others on the board near the main entrance picked up on a little girl Amelia. She was the one that Dave and Lorraine had seen earlier wearing the red cape. She didn't want the gr9oup to sing nursery rhymes to her. Shes only 5 and cant spell. There's a girl with her called Abigail and a little boy called jack. She wanted the group to play games with her. The k2s were lighting up. She wasn't supposed to come down into the caves. She got trapped on one occasion her mum found her and got her out. Theres a man called Jacob down there who looks after her. He's African. Her mum also stays with her. A male energy then came onto the table and the atmosphere changed completely. The group closed the table.

A second group came along and tried and again, had Amelia come through. She states that she gets lonely. Shes not scared and is happy to speak to them. She was alone when she died. She died in an accident

For the second vigil, we took everyone to the skull cave. Crystal had her head touched. The teddy was going off again and then Lisa's ear was touched. Something then drew too close; she became hot and felt sick. She had to leave the circle and within minutes actually go out of the cave for a while. Colin felt the atmosphere change and Morwenna come into the atmosphere. The on off torches went on and there was a lot of noise coming from just outside the cave. Crystal was feeling like someone was standing in front of her. Colin's batteries started to drain. Lauren then felt that someone was stood next to her. Again there were temperature fluctuations in front of her darran was getting the feeling of being watched from just outside the cave and Colin was picking up on the name Maurice.

Kev then had an experience that he picked up on that he saw an event being played out in front of him. He states that he saw a female and a male walking into the area. The female was a prostitute and was in her 40s. Her two front teeth are missing. She was wearing a dark purple dress and her hair in a bun, and a little hat. The gent with her wore a top hat and a can and they were holding a lantern. However they were being followed by another male. Possibly her pimp. He has a scar down the right side of his face.  Kev believes that this male watched them and waited for the gent to leave the cave. The female withheld money from him. He had with him a long hard wooden stick which he hit her with. The blow was fatal.

Lisa then came back to join us. She was picking up on an Albert. Lorraine had picked up on a "Bert "earlier. Crystal then could hear a tinkling sound like little stones being thrown.


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own investigations.

By the entrance, a group on the board picked up on a male energy. He had spoken to them earlier. He is a male and his name begins with an M. Another one then came onto the board, giving a different energy. He was messing around with the group and wouldn't confirm anything they asked. The K2s were going up to red at this point

For the last vigils, we started off in the hermitage. A growl was heard by a couple of people and crystals ear was touched. Colin was picking up on a "red coat" (soldier). I and darran were getting a George who didn't want us there up that end.

I sent one guest off to do a lone vigil in the inner chamber. She picked up on a family of parents and three children. They lived in one of the houses above the caves. The 3 children passed close together. One of them had stomach problems. The year is the 1740s.the father worked on the ships and would bring the children home seashells from his travels. He suffered from seasickness.  The mother states that she sings in the caves. They aren't here all the time. They come in visitation. No names were given.

Finally we took everyone into the inner chamber. In here we were getting answers to questions on the torches. Crystal heard someone say "what "in her ear and Lorraine and Dave were smelling carbolic soap.


Evps picked up.

In the entrance part of the caves, footsteps were picked up and movement. However everyone was at the far end in the hermitage at the time. The footsteps are near the recorder and therefore aren't from outside. A couple of whistles are also captured

In the inner chamber, more whispers have been captured.

In the main chamber, i was saying that i had knocked the table which had made a thud, just as i was saying it there is a child giggling.

Some interesting photos were taken by our guests. There was a strange mist which wasn't their breath when two simultaneous photos were taken. Another guest captured a yellow orb which was unusual.

I wonder what Halloween will bring