Investigation log of Redcliffe Caves Bristol Friday 3rd
May 2013   

Investigation times: 7pm - midnight

Weather:  mild and dry

For the first investigation once the guests arrived, we took them all into the skull cave. Darran picked up on a Christophe and Pierre. The group stood in a circle holding hands and we asked the spirit of a little girl Mary if she wanted to play a game of lifting the hands. Some of the guest's arms started to lift. They couldn't stop it happening and found it difficult to force their hands back down. On finishing it, their hands felt like they were burning. Taps were heard from behind us although there was no water dripping behind us. Some of the guests could smell burning wood. A Joseph who was a guard was picked up. He was giving the impression of pressure to people's heads. He was burned in a fire in the cave. He confirmed the answers asked via the K2. A guest picked up that there was a possible explosion in the cave. He confirmed also via the K2 that there were two spirits in that particular cave with us. Dave then saw a white figure further down the cave at the same time we could hear muffled conversation coming from that direction.

The guests then went off to conduct their own investigations. In the hermitage, a little boy called William came through on the planchette. He is 10 yrs old and cave the year as being 1870. He worked in the caves helping storing goods such as wine, sherry and tobacco. He would also smoke some of the tobacco that he was storing. He had an elder brother who was 17. Meanwhile in the skull room, guests had a male with the first initial of J and then O on the planchette. They believe it to be Joseph again. There were taps on the table and again, he confirmed that he was involved in the explosion. Others then walking through the cave saw a face appear right in front of them. Two guests saw the same thing. One being so scared, she burst into tears. Others felt as though they were being followed out of the caves and on getting to the front gate and turning around, one took a photo and captured what looks again to be a face and a blue ruff around their neck. Just inside the cave to the left, guests picked up on a little boy called Thomas who was touching one of the female guests and hiding behind her. A male spirit then came close and it appeared that Thomas was hiding from his. This male isn't a very nice spirit. A torch inside a guest pocket turned itself on twice and one female felt someone brush past her whilst in the skull cave.

For the second investigation, we took everyone down to the hermitage where a guest picked up on the smell of dirty nappies. Others smelt a very earthy smell and two guests could see a swirling mist in front of Darran and around him Darran picked up on a brother Jacob. Footsteps could be heard further down the tunnel despite no one being down there. One of the guests felt very cold and another could hear little footsteps belonging to a child and had her ear touched. When asked to confirm if it was him that had touched her, the child then touched her leg and then again touched her for a third time. As he was so close to her, she began to feel dizzy. The camera was then seen to move on its stand.

Again the guests went off to conduct their own lone investigations. In the main chamber, the table started banging when guests were using the planchette.

For the last investigation, we took everyone to the main chamber where one of the guests was touched. There was a big bang heard from above. Darran then saw a mist in front of him that seemed to have a tail. We then sent two of the guests to go up to the skull cave on their own. Whilst there, we asked for spirit to go and do various things to them so that they would know that someone was with them. We asked for them to have their hair pulled plus for spirit to whisper in their ears. When the girls returned to the group, we asked if they had experienced anything and they confirmed that they had both had their hair tugged and had breaths in their ears.  Darran picked up on a Francis or Francois.
Talking was heard in the distance and banging was also heard.

EVPs caught were

In the main chamber, whilst guests were talking among themselves, there's a male whistling underneath their chatter. They don't comment on it so couldn't heard it. Also when we were conducting a vigil in there most of us heard a loud groan. We thought it was a member of the team however he denied it. It's a different tone to his voice and has been captured.

In the hermitage, there's a loud bang that comes from the far end of the caves and seems to reverberate up to the hermitage. Also there's the sound of a male humming