Investigation Log of Redcliffe Caves, Friday 13th April 2018


Investigation times:  7pm - midnight

Weather: dry and mild


No Friday the 13th is complete without a visit to somewhere paranormal. Tonight, we were in Redcliffe Caves. . Once everyone had arrived and were ready, we took them down to theSkull Cave at the bottom end of the cave. In here, we did a circle holding hands. The knocking block went off and we picked up on two Marys, one a prostitute and the other a little girl. In the circle we asked little Mary to play rising hands and she started to raise people's hands around the circle. Ted then started lighting up in the middle of the circle and was being touched. A couple of guests could see a shadow in between to others opposite them and then a noise was heard coming from down the tunnel and the green torch switched on I asked Mary if it was her and if it was to turn it back off. She died. I then felt someone blow down the back of my neck just before guests heard footsteps in the next chamber. Darran then saw a light around 4 ft. up like a candle being held in the next tunnel

Everyone then went off to do their own investigations. In between the front of the caves and the main chamber off to the side, two guests stood in asmall chamberand were talking between themselves as they then saw the shadow of a woman coming towards them. They were a little bit shocked to say the least. This area where they saw the female is around the same direction and area that a couple of us have seen a lantern being carried previously from the heritage. They were then getting good responses on their pendulum.

Guests using the board bythe entrancepicked up on a William. He stated that there were 5 other males with him. They then saw a shadow move near them. The torch that others had with them turned itself on three times for them they picked up on a male also who wasn't called Thomas. Deb was then touched on the bum. Another male on the planchette came through for others. He was a male and a trader in tobacco. He stated that there were four of them there in total. He's from Bristol and gave the name of "william ". The K2s then started coming on. Two guests were tapped on the shoulder and William confirmed to them that it was them who had done it. The guests then heard someone splashing in the puddles near them as though someone was running through them.  

Inthe main chamber, guests using the board picked up on a female called Mary who said that she died in 1929. She liked holly one of the guests in the group. Mary who had been 39 (the prostitute) told them that she did it to earn money as her husband couldn't work due to disability. He knew how she earns her wage. They had a daughter. She was killed by her husband as he became jealous after she fell in love with someone else. He was caught.


Once everyone got back together, we started our second vigil. This time inthe hermitage. A couple of the guests were hearing movement coming from behind them and we could hear voices coming from down the tunnels like conversation. Darran went down there and to the front entrance to see if it was either coming from the car park shaft or the front gate area but there was no one at either and nothing could be heard when he was there and yet we were still hearing muffled voices up our end. A lot of us then heard a female voice There was a loud tap like a stone or something had been thrown down the tunnel and shadows were being seen further down . The trifield lights were going from 4 down to 2. Others were seeing a shadow going back and fore behind the brick pillar as though someone was stood behind it peeking around it. Darran then started to speak to the hermit and footsteps were then heard and the trifield went off. Darran then turned on the spirit box. We picked up on a male who was 63 and helped dig out the caves.  He stated that it was hard work. We then heard a whistle. A male voice on the spirit box then said "WHISTLE". I was then poked in the back.

Again, everyone went off to do their own investigations

In theentrance,guests using the board picked up on a female who wouldn't spell out her name but said that she wanted to speak to them. This was little Mary and gave her age as being 9. She stated that there were 5 others with her. She can't spell as she wasn't educated. She then decided that she didn't want to talk to them after all and said that she wanted to be left alone.

Hermitage.Guests in here quiet heard a clap near them but no one else was anywhere near.


Finally we went into the main chamber. The knocking block which had been put outside the camber then went off twice. The torch also turned on a couple of times. The digital recorder then started to beep. It then turned itself off for no reason as it had a full battery. We then turned it back on and all was well. We then heard a dragging sound like the dragging of feet and then a child's voice from further down the tunnels. Again, there was whispered conversation being heard.


EVPS. One interesting one was in the skull cave. When we did our first vigil, I am heard to ask "can we hear your footsteps. "A female voice is then heard humming a tune in response. No one mentioned it, or acknowledged it and I know I didn't hear it on the night.