investigation log ruthin gaol

                                 INVESTIGATION LOG, RUTHIN GAOL 
                                        19TH NOVEMBER 2011

Time of vigil: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Cold Clear night

Prior to the night starting, Sarah went around the building with Karen a worker at the Gaol who was to stay with us the night. During the walk around, Sarah was able to come up with a few names and information which Karen could confirm due to her extensive knowledge of the building and the inmates (to note: although parts of the building are a museum, our mediums do not take any time to read any information boards etc as it would defeat the object of the night)

During this walk, in the basement she picked up a Jenkin Jenkins as well as a James Jenkins there were also a John a Joseph and a Joshua. In the Dark Cell, a male was sat in the left corner with dark hair banging his head against the wall, he had become insane. A woman was sat in the right hand corner giving the date of late 17th / early 18th Century with the name of Maggie / Margaret. She was a prostitute .In the crank room, a young boy aged 11 named Thomas Turner. He was a pickpocket who was hung for his crimes. She also picked up on a lot of cats and dogs which would be skinned by the inmates for their flesh which they would eat.

Around the same time, Darran was setting up his camera equipment and could hear walking above him on the gantry's outside the cells. No one apart from Karen and Sue the staff of the Gaol had access to the upper gantries. Also throughout the night, the lift could be heard going up and down. This particular lift only moves when a code is entered onto a keypad by staff. On being called, the lift makes a sound not unlike a doorbell. This lift was able to make this sound a number of times throughout the night without being called.

Darran and Karen also picked up on a male who came across as a punisher. He had a black mask over his face and was responsible for handing out punishments. He likes to intimidate and is not a nice character.

An Emma Hughes was also picked up who gave the idea of being a mother of the mothers in the gaol. Although looking around 80, she was only in her 50s.

During the first vigil, Darrans group stayed downstairs in the main part of the gaol doing quiet vigils and calling out sessions in a circle. Whilst in the circle, one guest was being pushed back on numerous occasions, almost being knocked off her feet. Leanne felt someone tugging on her leg. At the same time, we could hear light metallic tapping sounds. This as well as a shadow by the lift and bottom of the stairs (Darran managed at the same time to capture an orb in this area at the same time) Darran set up the laser grid. On three occasions, the grid either faded or actually switched off. Brand new batteries had been placed in it only half an hour before. It was also doing it on demand. One guest physically lifted before falling forward. Two Williams were picked up one of which was William Williams who Darran describes as being a snivelling rat of a man. As well as a prison officer, William Kerr. A female with the surname of Davies, possible first name Annie who was a deaf mute prostitute also came through as well as a matron / sister named Mary. He also picked up on a Robert near the lift as well as a Llewellyn.

Meanwhile, Sarah's group were upstairs near the archive are and condemned cell. Karen picked up a male energy with a beard who was affectin her hair and hands. Again, tapping could be heard although a lot louder almos like two dowsing rods tapping together. (Our rods at this time were in anothe part of the building, and downstairs. They hadn't yet been used and not part o the picture). Footsteps again could be heard walking along the gantry. Two urchin looking boys were also picked up in this area. Sue could sense gol coins and a stained glass window. One male gent felt an energy tingling int his back, going through his body and out the front as if passing completel through him.

The second vigils were where guests had an hour themselves using the permissible parts of the building, assisted by planchettes, dowsing rods and pendulums. During this time, BTG staff were on hand to assist if needed.

One female guest who was brave enough to sit in the munitions cell picked up on a Bruce Williams who informed her that he was incarcerated in 1791 at 20 yrs old. He stayed for less than a month. He was 5ft 10 tall with brown hair and brown eyes and a muscular physique. Once leaving the prison, he married and moved onto a farm / estate despite the fact that he couldn't read or write. He mostly gained his income through sheep and crops. He had three sons, one having the same name as himself. All of his sons once married and with children, remained also on the "estate". He stated that it was he that had switched on the cell lights whilst she was in there 3 times and although was a bit of a joker, was quite shy.

Other guests were getting positive hits on the K2s and the dowsing rods.

In the modern cell, one female guest picked up on a John who informed her that he died in his middle years, the result of a sword wound that had become infected. He had been in the navy.

One guest in the warden's room tried some scrying and describes that his face took on different features whereby he grew a moustache and could see a male which he believed to be the warden himself, stood behind him (male believed to be Edward Parry Jones) at one point the mirror went black. Whilst doing the planchette, the torch was flickering and dimming. This torch had had brand new batteries put into it at the start of the evening. (Battery drainage seemed to be par for the course at the Gaol as we managed to get through over 20 batteries in 4 hrs.) The same guest also felt as though he was having a face off with someone in the room who appeared to be squaring up to him.

When no one was in the Wardens room, the EVP machine picked up the sound of the door handles being rattled as well as something being moved /rolled. Nothing round or heavy was in this room so at this point; I can't say what it was.

The third vigil:  the groups swapped over with group 2 being with Sarah and group 1 now with Darran.On this vigil, initially, Darran sat his groups in pairs in cells and shut the doors. He remained outside to call out to spirit. Immediately, the K2 meters were going up to red. He was asking them to affect the guests in the cells. The locked boiler room door handle rattled next to him and there was a shadow seen between the original stairs and the toilet area. The lift itself decided to call itself and come downstairs. One group in the dark cell had interactions with whatever was in the cell with them.  The group heard and it was also picked up on the EVPs, a loud bang which sounded like a cell door being slammed down the
bottom end of the jail near the wardens room. At that point in the wardens room, myself and Karen were doing a quiet planchette session. Darran came running in asking if we'd heard it, but no we didn't, we heard nothing and yet, playing it back it was loud enough to echo through the jail.

Sarah's group upstairs: again they did the energy rope being able to lift it above their heads.  

Leanne and Karen tried a planchette session in the warden's room and after a few minutes, started to talk to a little boy named Fred. He gave his age as being  4 years old and was the son of the then governor ( 1870) James Warmsley . He would come to the jail with his parents for 4 years and had siblings who would also attend. He was a happy child. As they spoke to him, the room became increasingly cold. He stated that his mother could speak German (his mother was German) as could he. He could also speak some French. When Leanne tried out her pigeon German which she thought had been forgotten, he became very excited. On being asked to, he was able to draw for them a 5 pettalled flower, a tree, a smiley face and a house and seemed just as excited to be speaking to Leanne and Karen as they were to him!!!!!!!!!

Another female guest went into the female cell where she picked up n the spirit of an Annie dating back to late 17th century to early 18th. She didn't want to talk about her stay at the jail although she did like talking to people and didn't want our guest to leave. She had had 3 children whilst at the jail being 2 boys and a girl. She asked about Christmas 

Two guests in a cell with a bath literally took the plunge into the bath in the cell. On being asked by the male if the spirit would like his female companion to sit in the bath instead, on their own digital recorders, they replayed it to hear the reply "Yes". The gent sitting in the bath began to feel light headed and had the sense of someone looking at him in  as he described " a perverted way "  as though this spirit would have been watching the inmates while they bathed.

In the padded cell, around the same time Karen's in there doing her talk, a male humming can be heard. None of the guests were humming at that time but the sound is on a different level to Karen's and the guests voices. It's beneath their voices (hard to explain) Later in this cell, breathing can be heard for around 15 seconds, followed by a couple of words (indistinguishable at this time on the evp will need to be cleaned up)

 The EVP in the dark cell picked up loud taps and when two guests were in there alone doing a lone vigil, on discussing the darkness of the cell, just after they stop, a male voice says "Dark ". Another couple go in the cell later; a long moan can be heard. So much so, one of these guests actually is heard to say "What was that? "

 One male gent (a self confessed sceptic) goes in there alone and asks "William, are you in here?" the evp picks up "Yes "a few seconds later. However this is faint and obviously not heard by the gent in the cell as he doesn't react.

 The best reaction to questions was when another couple come into the cell with a K2 meter. They start asking questions and get replies to their answers. When the answer is yes, the lights go up on the machine and the machine starts to buzz. If the answer is no, the machine does nothing. The questions that they had positive hits to were: "were you executed?" "Were you hung?" "Did you commit murder?" "Are you in this room?" "Are you near us?" "Are you standing by R***?"

The guests left at just after 3am. The team decided to stay behind with Karen and Sue and began to pack up going back into the main jail part to see if the atmosphere had changed. Again and very prominently, they could hear footsteps above them on the gantry. A shadow could be seen going up the stairs. On standing on ground level, they could hear specific banging coming from cell no 6. On going onto that side of the building, it would then be heard coming from no 14 which was on the same level above them but opposite no 6. On going back to that side, again, it went back to no 6. It sounded as though the banging and knocking were coming from the room. Also on the first level (where the main staff rooms are) the girls had been fetching water for the team to use during the night. At around the same time as all this above going on, they found one of the archive doors to be open. 

Let me explain. On the 1st floor, halfway along, the jail becomes council archives and is inaccessible to the public. The same applies to the floors above. All the cells on these upper levels are used as storage rooms and are out of bounds. All the doors to these cells are locked. However, the door in question, could only be locked with a key from the inside, via a stairwell that you wouldn't know existed unless you actually went into that room. This area, leads directly to the archives. As I say, this door Karen confirmed had been locked ( she had done her checks prior to us getting there) as well the fact that only she had access to that floor as well as the fact that she doesn't have access to that room herself …… how or who opened it. As we discussed this proposition, tapping on the banisters could be heard. Leanne again had her leg grabbed whilst Sarah felt she was being poked.

 In another part, whilst they were talking, Sarah felt an energy flit past her which made her jump back however at that same time, Leanne felt the same thing flit straight into her front on. (Leanne was standing at a 90 degree angle to Sarah). In this same area, taps and bangs were heard on command. On more than one occasion a voice / moaning sound with the last one being so loud, the whole team was able to hear it. 

The CCTV picked up on a few good orbs in the main area between the cells darting back and fore as well as bright lights flickering.

This was a brilliant night and we didn't want to leave (finally had to around quarter to 5) thanks to Karen and Sue who made the night a memorable one. And yes, I still have my picture of my flower Fred drew. (I'm going to frame it.)