Investigation Log Savoy Theatre Monmouth .Friday 18th August 2017


Investigation times:  10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and mild


Tonight we did a team investigation for a change which is nice.

Firstly after setting up our kit, we went up into the boxes. Me and Vicky sat in the first box where we could feel energy behind us. I was picking up on a female called Sarah. Darran was sat in the rows in front of the boxes and picked up a male called Francis. There were clicks heard in the auditorium and a male voice heard from beneath us as well as a breathy noise. Kev started to pick up on a sally. We both could visualise her and were able to say that she was around 12 yrs. old, with blonde curly hair which is shoulder length. She wears an Edwardian blue dress, little ankle socks and black covered in shoes

Bangs and knocks could then be heard from underneath the boxes which would be the manager's office area.

As keV down the stairs, as he passed the manager's office, there was a groan.

We asked spirit to turn on the on off torches which were on the stage and they did. Darran again was picking up on a male. He worked on the stage area, possibly a rigger.

We then all went down into the main auditorium

Sitting down, Darran picked up on a short male, who was stout with a sight hunch on his back. It was as though he played a part in the building, possibly owning shares in the place. People wouldn't address him by his first name but by his surname as in Mr ……..

Last year, we picked up on someone sat in seat J14. Therefore, kev went and sat in the same seat. As he was sat there quietly, he could feel someone brushing his hair. He swapped places with me, and I sat there. After a few minutes my head felt tingly but then I could feel a distinct stroking of the back of my head.

Kev picked up on poker chips. It was as though stage hands and staff members would sit and have a game at the end of the night. He picked up that there was some cheating going on. It got nasty and someone got hurt. This was after the game when the game had finished and the victim was walking down the alley next to the building.

Darran picked up that way back, on the same site, there was a cottage on the site of the theatre. There was no church building there (church next door) this would be 1600s or just before


After a quick break, we started back up again at the back dressing room and toilets behind the green room.

Last year, we had a lot of activity in this area with the on off torches and someone moving around in the toilet area. On sitting down in the corridor and calling out, again, the torches which were on the floor near the toilets were again turning on and off. They confirmed with the torches that they were the same person who had been here last year. They were on the stage. They like to stay in this particular area of the theatre. Darran then turned on the spirit box. I then asked, "Can you say your name again?  "The male voice replied "BOBBY"

There was then another voice on the box

We then decided to introduce ourselves. After we all give our names, I say "and you are? "  And a female voice replied   "IDA" 

I then picked up that someone in the audience had a heart attack and died whilst watching a performance.

A gruff male voice came through. On turning the box off, we could hear voices coming from the auditorium and the temperature dropped considerably


We then went into the main dressing rooms. The on off torches were put in the corridor. They started glowing red and then started turning on and off. They seemed to be getting brighter and more animated when keV and Colin mentioned the trap door next door and the pranks that had been played last time they were both there.

On-going into the dressing room with the trap door, on the spirit box, after we ask spirit to give the name of someone in the room, we had a female voice saying KEVIN 

Kev then asked for spirit to drain the batteries on our equipment. We had brand new batteries in the spirit box and within seconds of that being asked, the spirit box drained and died


After another quick coffee, we finished off on the stage.

Whilst on here not a lot was going on by the stage but we could hear voices taps and bangs coming from the other side of the curtains from the auditoriums. Colin and Darran were picking up someone who's had a trauma to the right side of their face and they were feeling pressure in their head.



EVPS picked up

Back dressing room (toilet) - loud metallic taps were heard

Top boxes - a female voice says "OOH OOH" Very clearly

Middle dressing room - it sounds like something being dropped or falling in the room. However this is when we are all in the auditorium in the boxes so nowhere near this area.


Stage - I say "there's only 5 of us here, we are all together if you want to make a noise" we then hear a loud thud from the auditorium

A female voice is also picked up very quietly

I ask "can you whistle? " There's a whistle but no one hears it as no one comments on it