Investigation log Skirrid Inn Abergavenny 26th October

Investigation time - 10pm - 3am

Weather: - dry and clear.

It was our first time at the Skirrid so we were pretty excited. We decided to keep everyone in the same group for the vigils as we were down to three in the team (poor Lorraine has pneumonia).

For the first vigil, we conducted it in bedroom 1. One of the guests had her hand touched, another was touched on the back and another had her lap feel cold and a weight on it as though a small child was sitting in her lap. A Margaret and a Gwillam were picked up as well as the name Sedgemoor.
There were good K2 hits. Some of the guests began to feel emotional as if they wanted to cry. Paul picked up on someone standing by the bed but at the same time, the guest sat on the bed had the feeling that someone was standing right next to her. A little boy called Thomas and a Robert were also picked up. Another guest had her hand and arm go really hot and a lance and Annie were picked up. On Paul asking spirit who they were and why they were hung, I picked up on an answer of Samuel, aged 32, hung for sheep rustling and the year 1781. Another guest then jumped out of her skin as someone pulled her ear. Everyone who was sat on the floor was getting the impression that it was the spirit of a child going from guest to guest teasing them by touching them. Another guest started to feel very angry as though she wanted to lash out. We all heard the sound of rattling coming from within the room but couldn't work out what it was.

The guests then went off to do their own vigils.

In room 1,On doing the planchette, a judge came through who was playful and had a sense of humour although he felt guilty for causing someone else's death. One guest then felt that her lip was being flicked.  Other guests had the temperature gauge drained and a male came onto the planchette as well as Childs energy. By using the pendulum, they also picked up on a judge who lived in the pub. A Robert came through who had been following one guest around. He had a sense of humour and was messing with the planchette. He began to tell the guests about a child in the room who is a 3 yr old girl who died in the building. She is with her mother.

In room 2, a Margaret came through as well as a child. Margaret stopped the planchette. She had worked at the pub. An aggressive male was also picked up who was illiterate. He would get angry whenever Paul spoke and refused to tell us his name. . A male voice was heard to say "no "by the door. Another male came onto the planchette and wanted to speak to one of the guests in particular.

In the graveyard, an orb was seen to shoot past some of the graves and shadows were seen walking towards the guests. The K2s were having positive hits and batteries were draining on the cameras and K2.

We then went on to conduct the 2nd vigil which we held in the main bar. This time a Henry and an Arthur were picked up. Paul was touched on the leg. Good K2 hits were had and the smell of peroxide could be smelt. The hanging figures hanging from the main beams, (Halloween decorations) started to spin slowly even when there were no draughts beneath them. I tried waving my arms under a couple of them in order to try the draught effect but
although I could get the bottom bits to sway in the draught created, I couldn't get them to spin. on asking them to stop spinning, they would and then they would restart again. One of the guests then heard footsteps on flagstones coming all the way through from the back bar to the main bar, he even moved out of the way thinking another guest was going to come around the corner and walk past but no one did. However, the back bar is carpeted and so ANY footsteps wouldn't be heard. No one was upstairs above us at this point and so again, we can't explain it. Muffled voices could also be heard almost as if the bar was still
full of people during an evening. (We could hear this throughout the pub. A lot of residual noise). A whistle was also heard by a few of us and one guest was touched. A squeal was also heard. In the back bar, guests could again smell peroxide and others felt as though they were being touched.

Again, the guests then went off to conduct their own vigils. A group in the main bar using a planchette picked up on a Robert. The girls using it asked him to go to the person he liked the most and called out their names. He went to one of them more than once.

In room 1, using the planchette a Margaret came through. The year is 1681 and she is 19 yrs old. Her 9 mth old baby, Thomas, died and although her husband Gwillam was responsible, she was blamed for her babies death. She was hung. The judge at her trial was paid a lot of money by the sheriff to have her hung. Her husband was also tried but for other offences. He used to hit her. Gwillam was mentally challenged. When she was in the
prisoner's cell, there were 10 others with her, all women. Not all of them were innocent.  She stated that her baby would like to play with the ball and a teddy bear and so I went downstairs to fetch them and put them onto the bed for her. She stated that he was trying to move them for us however although he didn't manage this, he managed to turn the
torch off. She then became very wary and gave the feelings to guests of crying (one actually started to) and that she was scared. She stated that Gwillam was in the room and standing behind Darran. She didn't want him there. She said that he should "go down".

In the back bar, tapping could be heard as well as footsteps. Paul felt as though someone was tapping him on the top of his head.

At the end of the night, the group went into room 2 where again, a Margaret was picked up. She was tapping in response to questions being asked. A male energy also came through who was making people feel cold and Darran picked up on the name Stanley. Shadows were seen to be going back and fore by the door and there were flashes of light. However, no one was on the landing outside the room. Whenever Jason mentioned fanny Price, the K2 would go off.

On the EVPs, in room 3, two loud bangs are heard and then the sound of dragging. However, at the same time, one of the guests had been sat downstairs beneath and had heard these thumps. He informed Darran who came upstairs to check but no one was in the room or nowhere near. This is confirmed on the EVP as it isn't until a few minutes later when you hear another guest come into the room in order to conduct a lone vigil.

there were some good orbs in the bedrooms as well as some which seemed to travel along the floor. strange lights were also showing by the fireplace in the back bar.