Investigation Log of Skirrid Inn Saturday 26th September 2015

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and mild

Once everyone was settled, we firstly took the guests up to the cemetery up the road where we did a group vigil. The on/off torches placed on a tomb were going off and the name Henry was picked up as well as a John and a Florence. Some guests suddenly felt their ears go freezing cold and then burning hot. Another guest felt she was being touched and some of the guests whilst holding hands had their hands going up in front of them. The trifield meter was also building static.


Everyone then went back into the pub to conduct their own vigils

In bedroom 1, guests tried the board but it was slow to start. Therefore they tried the planchette. A male came through who stated that he visited the building when it was a coach house. He was a farm worker working with horses. His name began with an I.

Another came through stating that he was a judge when it was a courthouse. He doesn't like women. He had a good life.

In bedroom 2, guests on the board had a male who didn't want to tell them his name but stated that e was 66. He wouldn't say anything about his family life. Said he was there when it was a court. He was a judge and sentenced a lot f people to death as he believed that they were all guilty. He doesn't believe in god but believes in the devil. He stated that he didn't dabble in the dark arts. He also hung women and stated that he would affect one of those around the table. The room then went a lot colder than it had been and this spirit decided to affect Huw, one of the guests. This was because; he's easier due to a weakness. He wanted him in the room on his own. He stated that another guest Steve was harder to affect than Huw as he's fit and well. He said that he would like to hang Huw.

He hung men women and teenagers. He liked his work.

The group with Darren B then were speaking with the hangman via planchette. He wasn't happy as he was sleeping with his boss's wife. His boss was the judge. However, another male came in and caught him in the act. He was afraid that this other male would tell his boss. This male wasn't a bad person but it didn't stop the hangman wanting to hang him for knowing the truth. This male doesn't like following orders. This males name is Christopher. He stated that in order that they may not be hung by him, women would agree to have sex with him. However it did them no good.  He would also help to get rid of and bury the bodies of those hung.  Huw then felt as though someone had gotten onto the bed next to him as the bed moved.

We then went with everyone up to the bedrooms to conduct the 2nd group vigil.

In room 1, the K2s were going up to orange and a few of us heard a low "MMMM". Darran was picking upon a female energy. Creaks and knocks could be heard coming from the main stairwell. Kevin stated that earlier on in the evening, whilst sitting in the bathroom, he had the name Cecil Seymour comes through to him.

We then moved onto room 2. In here, the K2s were again going off and so were the torches. We could hear murmurings of conversations coming from downstairs even though no one was down there and apart from the group in the room, the place was empty. Guests could hear knocks coming from next door in room one. ( however on listening back to the EVPS of room 1, at this time, there was no knocking coming from the room so it must have been coming from out in the stairwell or downstairs ) a male called Christopher made his appearance who was a judge. He liked to rape women to keep them quiet. He's not a nice man. He likes a woman who can give as good as they got. I was goading him and as i was getting "near the mark "with him the K2s were going up to red. He wanted the females to stay in the room with him and for the males in the group to go

Again, everyone went off to conduct their own vigils

In the back bar, a guest heard a chair next to her creak as though someone had just sat in it. Darren B had a tap on his head and a guest had her head tickled. The K2s were going mad and another guest had her hair touched whilst another's jacket was touched. Yet another guest had her back stroked. Darran then joined the group and asked "ARE YOU THE ONE WHO KNOCKS THE DEVILS CUP OFF THE FIREPLACE?? " At this you hear a "tink "like a coin being dropped behind the bar next to them. No one was behind this bar until a couple of minutes later when i appeared. I found the 5p on the floor. It hadn't been there 20 minutes prior when i turned the chiller off. It hadn't been on the bar either

For the final investigation, we took everyone firstly to the back bar. Knocking could be heard coming from upstairs as well as conversations in the room above which would have been room 3. Again, we were all in the bar. The knocking block which id placed at the bottom of the stairs, went off. K2s were also going off

We then went around to the main bar area. Darran was tapping out shaven haircut and stopping just short of the finish. Knocks would finish it from upstairs. Again, murmured conversations including a woman's voice were heard as well as loud taps.  Was picking up on the name of burgess.


EVPS picked up

Back bar, not long after i had set it up, there was a whistle heard near the machine even though no one was in the bar and we were all upstairs doing the investigation of the bedrooms. Again, whilst everyone was doing their own investigations on the second one. When darran and the guests heard the 5p drop onto the floor, this has also been picked up by the recorder.

As for video footage,

We had a couple of orbs in room 2 but the most interesting footage is the cable which was attached to the staircase going up from outside bedroom 3 up to the next banister. There's a camera facing downwards as well as one in room 3 which shows the bottom of the stairs. On two occasions, this cable is tugged on. On watching the footage of room 3, you can clearly see that no one's outside the room on the landing and tugging on it. Also watching the footage from up above, you can also see that no one's there. The shadow on the wall also just shows the shadow of the cable moving. It doesn't show any other shadow of persons pulling on the cable itself or being on the stairs

All in all, an interesting night