Investigation Log of Skirrid Inn Saturday 5th December  2015

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Cold  / wet and windy

Once everyone was settled, we firstly took the guests up to thecemeteryup the road where we did a group vigil. The on/off torches placed on a tomb were going off when we asked about Thomas and were also going off on request. K2 Ted was also going off. One guest felt as though something was applying pressure through her shoulders and into her chest whilst another stood on the other side of the circle was also very tight chested to the point of it actually hurting her. A couple of others heard a cough behind them and Kev saw a shadow moving between the graves


Everyone then went back into the pub to conduct their own vigils

In bedroom 1, guests had a male on the board with the initials ACH. He's 34 and died of an illness. He wasn't in pain.  He had a girlfriend who was very pretty and was called Violet. She had brown hair. He didn't want to marry her. She left when he died with her family. He can't find her and looks for her. He likes it when the pub is quiet but when it's noisy, he goes up to the graveyard. He gets lonely and likes it when people come and speak to him. He states that 4 spirits reside in the pub. He knew fanny and liked her as he could have a laugh with her. He worked in the pub One guest had a stabbing feeling in her ribs and they didn't like the feeling in the bathroom in this room. This male stated that there was another male stood behind them in the room

In bedroom 2, guests on the board had a male who didn't want to tell them his name or the year. He was there when it was a court. (Funnily enough, we had exactly the same when we came here in September if you look at the prior write-up). He said that he would stay in the room overnight and that he was going to watch me undress for bed later on!! Once i left, he informed the group that he only wanted to speak to me. He stated that he was an ex landlord from the 1800s. He recognises Colin from the team. He was 25 when he was a landlord and is still the landlord here. He's upset that we are here talking to him and not buying a pint.

In bedroom 3: guests made contact with 2 females. Fanny Price was one of them. She stated that she like us being there and didn't mind speaking to us. The other female was from another time period. She lived there and had four children. She didn't know Fanny Price. The temperature dipped very low and there was a light flash in the corner of the room


We then went with everyone up to the bedrooms to conduct the 2nd group vigil.

In room 1, the knocking block which i placed outside the room on the landing went off twice. The Trifield also went up and two whistles were heard. On the thermal camera a heat source was picked up being Kev and Dave as though someone was led across the bed. However the begging and parts of the bed around their legs and where you would expect heat were still showing up as cold. A shadow was seen on the stairs and landing as it went very dark out there. We sent two guests to sit in the bathroom but apart from temperature fluctuations, not a lot happened in there

We then moved ontoroom 2.Just as we were getting settled in, we heard 2 women laughing coming from downstairs and a loud bang. Dave and olly went down to check thinking someone was downstairs. However myself and two guests were the last to come up when we came up to room one. We can confirm that when we came up, all doors were shut firmly to the bars and the back door locked. However when they went down, the backdoor was now unlocked and wide open. The glass door between the side bar and restaurant was also wide open (you need to push this with force to open it as it sticks) Dave went into the snug just to check that no one had gotten in whilst we were upstairs and felt a cold breath on his neck.

Whilst we all went into room 2, and after they checked downstairs, we sent Olly into the condemned cell on his own with a digital recorder. Whilst in there, he states he saw a shadow coming up the stairs and turned his torch on to look. He then turned his torch off again. He then felt two fingers on his face under his nose which traced a handlebar moustache onto his face. He turned the torch on again and saw a large black mass right in front of him. It's at this point that he bid a "tactical retreat "up to room 2 to join the rest of us. Meanwhile in room 2, a couple of screams were heard by darran and Collin. The on off torches were turned on and when we sent Phil into the lobby area between the toilet and the main bedroom, he said that there were definite footsteps heard in there with him. The light pull in the bathroom was also swaying from side to side despite there being no draught and him not touching it.

Colin was picking up a Maggie (on looking through previous investigation logs, she was picked up in 2012 on our first ever visit) and a couple of us heard a low whisper just after he stated that she is quite a strong spirit. Then just as Kev was over the other side of the room telling a guest that he had the feeling that there was a spirit in Fanny's room (room 3), Colin happened to point his camera out of the hallway and into room 3 and caught a shadow moving from one side of the room to the other basically confirming the feeling that Kev was having. Again, like before, shadows were being seen out on the landing and stairwells

Again, everyone went off to conduct their own vigils

In the snug,guest on the planchette had a male coming through for them who used to deliver the prisoners to the upstairs court. He liked riding horses and would ride the horses that would pull the prisoner carrying carriages. His name was john. He was strangled to death. He didn't know his killer however they were caught. He knows fanny Price but doesn't like her as she had a temper. He confirmed that there is another spirit upstairs. He was able to push the planchette to the guest around the table who also likes to ride.

In the condemned cell, darran and olly sat in there for a few minutes to see what they could pick up after Ollys previous experience. They picked up on the name William and saw a shadow in the corner of a male rocking back and fro crying. Olly was feeling an emotional pain and very sat. He was also getting bad headaches. Cold burst s of air were also being felt. They asked a question and heard a breathy "NO "coming from behind Olly.

Room 3- guests had a female on the planchette. She wasn't a landlord but worked there. She didn't live there. She had been in the room sat on the bed when the guests were in there


Main bar -guests in the bar on the planchette made contact with a male. He wanted them to get him a drink. His name begins with an R. His favourite drink is Ale.


For the final vigils, we started off in Room 3 (Fanny's room)Colin heard a woman shout and four guests sat on the sofa felt it move under them. K2 ted was going up to red.

We then went downstairs to themain bar. K2 ted was going up to red as was the K2. Dark shadows were seen moving around in the snug area. Darran was picking up on a female energy called "Old Mary "we also had that she had the appearance of being an old hag. We sent Phil into the men's toilet as people have reported strange feelings in there. He could clearly hear footsteps around him despite him being alone and his jeans were also being tugged. Colin saw a shadow moving in the snug from one side to the other and was picking up the name of jack. One guest saw an orb float past her.  We then sent a couple of females into the mens loos. They were touched whilst in there. One of them having her neck and head touched and her friend at the same time, seeing light behind her whilst it happened. It wasn't torch light and we had all moved onto the snug, leaving them in there to come out when they were ready

We then finished off in thesnug.We could hear footsteps above from room 3 as we usually do as well as a metallic sound coming from out on the stairs. Nikki picked up on a William turner and Phil heard a cough. Some of the guests could smell a strong smell of tobacco which darran described as being "shag ". 2 guests in different areas of the room had their heads touched and when darran tried the spirit box, it kept turning itself on and off after a few seconds despite there being brand new batteries  in it.

All in all a good night with a really great group. Lots of fun and laughs.


EVPS picked up

Room 1- there's a loud exhalation of breath when Colin asks spirit to make 2 taps. Also when we are in room 2 next door, there's the sound of males having a conversation but it's not us in the next room as its closer than that. Either just outside the room or in the entrance way to the room. Later on, when darran says he can hear music in room 2 when doing the vigil in there, music which sounds like guitar music can be heard which goes on for a good couple of minutes. It sounds like it would if it were drifting up from downstairs when the music is playing in the bar however as we know, we were all in room 2 and no one was in the bar as everything was closed.

Main bar- there's the sound of someone moving around in the bar whilst we are conducting the vigil upstairs in room one. We hadn't left anyone down there. You then hear the doors to the restaurant opening which is what we heard from upstairs as we thought someone was down there. However there are no footsteps heard and no one WAS down there. You then hear a faint male voice in the bar before you hear Dave and olly then come down the stairs to see what the noise is from downstairs as we all go into bedroom 2.


Snug / back bar     you hear us shutting all the downstairs doors to the restaurant and the back door before going upstairs to do the vigils in the bedrooms. Which proves that they were all shut and locked before Dave and olly came down and found them open

 Darran then asked for a whistle.however just afterwards, just as he's about to open his mother to ask me what I'm doing ( mopping up water from the wine cooler ) there's a whistle from elsewhere in the pub

Room 2 -theres a slight hum when no ones in the room and later on, a sound like a loud water drip which doesn't make sense

It's such a shame that we didn't have cameras running at the same time down there to capture what exactly opened those doors.


As for video footage, unfortunately we don't seem to have captured anything apart from a couple of orbs during the night. Apart from that, nothing on this occasion