Investigation Log of Skirrid Inn Saturday 12th January 2018   


Investigation times:  10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and cold


Once everyone had arrived and were ready, we started off by taking everyone to the graveyard up the road.  On placing the equipment on top of one of the graves the on off torches started to go on and off on request. Thomas came through again who we have spoken to before. However, it was also his son Ken who spoke to us. Ken was the illegitimate son of Thomas and his mistress called Peaches. Thomas was married to Violet. However Thomas and violet then brought Ken up as their own son when Peaches died. They were lighting up the on off torches in response. Then then could see a white shadow behind the guess in the corner. However just after that, Jess cold see another male between two of the guests. She states that this male was wearing a flat cap and was just stood in between two of the others. One of the guests was then touched on her face and another became boiling hot.

We then went back into the pub and everyone went off to do their own investigations.

In room 1, on the board, guests had Margaret who stated that she was 76. Her husband was called gwillem. A little girl then came through. She stated that she was only 4. She didn't want to speak to anyone and wanted to be left alone. Robert, darrans guide then came through onto the board, by letting u know it was him by giving various wrong answers. He then started to bring through the guests relatives.


On reconvening, we started the 2nd investigations in room 1. In here, again, Margaret came through tiring the torches on. K2 ted was then touched. She said that she was with her son Thomas her husband Gwillem isn't with them. We asked Margaret if she could touch someone on the face and straight away, one guest was then touched on the face. Again ted was touched and his lights were going up to amber. The on off torches were also going on and off on request and we could hear various taps and shuffles on the stairs outside. The rem pod then started going mad, so much that we ended up turning off the alarm on it. One guest began to feel sick.

We then went next door into room 2. In here, again the K2 ted went off. There was a faint noise of a female or a child's voice outside the room. The guest sat next to me had her leg touched as though someone was poking it. She stated that her legs were freezing but when Darran put the temperature gauge on her, they were actually 8 degrees hotter than anywhere else. I picked up on a male who was killed in a motorbike accident. Darran was getting the name Craig. I then had the name of Elsa come through but nothing else with it. Darran immediately came up with Linda who is one of the guest's grandmothers

There was then a loud bang heard from downstairs.


Again, everyone went off to do their own investigations of the building.


We then got together again and started a group investigation on the stairs. Here, a George came through. I'd put K2 Ted in the noose and he started to sway gently. Morgan was then touched on the shoulder where he was on the landing. Darran then asked for 2 taps to be made and we got two knocks in response. Morgan then saw someone coming up the stairs from the bar area towards us holding onto the bannister as they came up. They then came towards the first turn in the stairs near me. At this point, Darran had turned on his spirit box and started talking to George. We asked "George, is that you?  "In response was a "YES". I asked. "Are you in the bar?"  Response "NO". Darran then asked "tell us where you are" response "STAIRS". Darran then asked "whereabouts on the stairs, are you by the bedrooms? "  response "TOP "  I asked if he was stood on the stairs in front of me at the top of the first set of stairs before the bend on the landing area by me and as well as saying "YES" the on off torches which were on the shelf on this bend in the stairs, turned on. Both torches then came on and we heard a faint voice.  We then asked, "Do you like us talking to you? "We had a "YES" another voice then came onto the spirit box as well as George. However we can't work out what was being said.


Finally, we started in the bars. In the back bar, it was quite quiet with not a lot going on. Darran heard voices just behind him between the main and back bar however not a lot else was going on.  So we decided to move into the main bar. In here, we did a circle. Old Mary came through. Some guests stated that they were feeling very anxious and threatened. This was the only time that they had felt this way all night. They felt that Mary wanted to scare people with her presence more than anything. Jess described her and stated that she was standing between her and Morgan and described her as being short, elderly with curly hair. Jess then burst into tears for no apparent reason (last year, in the same spot, we had Rich do the same thing. there was no reason for it, just sobbing). Morgan meanwhile started burning up.

We then decided to call it a night. It was an interesting night with a lot of interesting things for the guests and personal messages for them as well which a bonus is always.


Not a great deal, however,

Room 1, during the 1st lone vigils when no ones in the room, the camera starts to sway from side to side ever so slightly. There's then the sound like something being dropped in the room near the camera but you can't see what's done it as the camera is focusing on the bed and it must have happened behind the camera. There was also a loud tap

Room 3, we are all downstairs at the time, no one is upstairs however it sounds as though someone has just sat in an old wooden chair which creaks when you sit in it .

Main bar - during the vigil, I ask a question and there's a breathy chuckle that can be heard. It doesn't sound like any of the guess.

Not long afterwards, there's a female voice which sounds like shes either humming or singing. This is just before jess states that she can see an old woman