Investigation Log of Skirrid Inn 29th November 2013

Investigation times - 9.30pm-3.00am

Weather - cold and breezy

Before we started and were ready, Fiona stated that when she came around to the front of the building, she had the feeling of immense fear and picked up on a young boy, early teens around the mid 1500s. He had come to the Inn seeking help and was scared. Instead of receiving help, he was killed outside.

For the first investigation, we decided to take everyone up to the graveyard nearby. We had some interesting results. The first tomb that we stood round, we had the K2s going off on top of it. One of them would appear to go completely dark and then it would flash up again. However it wasn't a flattening battery as, as say the left side of the circle said that they could see the light, the right side had it blocked out by something and vice versa as if someone was placing a hand in front of it. Darran picked up on a Henry Morgan and a little boy called William. I picked up on the surname of Purnell. One of the guests could feel energy behind her but it didn't feel nice and so she wasn't going to turn around and face it.  Colin was then "drawn "towards another tomb just tucked in by the side of the building so we gathered around this one out of the breeze. The K2s were now going up to red (we had three of them) again there was no reason for it. No mobiles and in the middle of the graveyard nowhere near wifi etc. Fiona had her hair tugged and another guest had a particular spot on her left arm feel very warm despite the rest of her being freezing cold. The K2s were answering our questions in relation to William and Henry and would light up on command. The torch also turned on on command and then dimmed when asked to switch it off again.

Now frozen enough, we returned to the pub to have a warm up before everyone went to do their lone investigations.

On the stairs, just at the bottom of the stairs, we were having good K2 hits but then the dowsing rods would cross on the bottom stair as well. One of the guests had rods also and on walking down the corridor before the stairs, in a certain spot they would cross. As she walked backwards, they would uncross and then cross again. She was stood outside the door saying "the Well "so we assumed that it was due to her being near water. However on closer inspection later on, me and Colin discovered that this so called "well " was in fact an old fireplace which had been covered by a door  and not a well at all !!

In room 2, the planchette was moving and guests had a female on it that had had a little boy. She was scared of her husband. She was then trying to draw a flower. Other guests at the other end of the room near the toilet area picked up on a former landlord called Frank. He had murdered a friend of his but then ended up with a similar fate, being killed himself. He was tall with blue eyes and brown hair. He was only 26 when he died.

Rob went in there and picked up on two males ( later on, despite no one telling Darran what rob had picked up , he picked up the same males ) one male had brown britches on and although wasn't a noble, gent, wasn't exactly a pauper either. Rob saw him to put a purse like bag of money onto one of the bar tables and then picked up that the second man who was in a black cape and a judge's wig picked it up. He had the colour red come to him in relation to the purse but not that the purse was red, possibly that the red stood for the colour of blood as in "blood money". He then picked up a picture of Prince William. But then dropped the prince only getting William. A female voice came to him who was becoming quite agitated with him and saying "more " to him as if there's more to the William as in Williamson / Gwilliam . However the female died at the hands of the male in the wig. It was his fault.

In room 3, guests using a pendulum picked up a female in the room with them. They were getting K2 hits also and also had a small male child aged 7 and called William. He had followed the guests back from the graveyard.

Colin then went into the condemned cell for a couple of minutes on his own with a recorder and when he started to speak, it sounded like an impish / childlike giggling over the top of him. When he asked if there was anyone in there with him who wanted to speak to him, you can hear a "yeah "on the recording.

For the second investigation, we initially took everyone into room 1. There was a female in the room and Lorraine picked up the name of Mary. She is afraid of her husband and she had a baby boy (Darran picked up that this baby had died of cot death but she had been blamed for It. there were good K2 hits in response to questions being asked of her. In being asked if she remembered Millie, she replied yes. Millie is a Great or Great Great aunt of Paul who was the sister of Fanny Price. (Look up the history of Fanny Price at the Skirrid).

The K2s were all going up to red and then a light which looked like a torch glowed even though no one put a torch on. Colin put the Ovilus on and on Paul the male spirit in the room a question, it immediately said "F. OFF ". Charming. The Rem pod alarm then went off and kept going off as if something was touching the Arial on it despite no one being stood by it. At one point it set off onto its highest alarm setting of blue. Lorraine then heard a faint female voice. Rob was picking up an angry male energy who didn't particularly like female. Fiona then went into the bathroom with another guest and the ovilus then said "BITCH". We weren't sure if it had said bitch or witch (Fiona does like her potions etc so you could call her a bit of a white witch ".) So we asked spirit through the ovilus to confirm if it had in fact said bitch and if so, to light up the Rem pod alarm. It went mad and lit up to blue again. 2 guests could feel a draught between them. Colin asked if William had anything to do with his wife's death and the ovilus said "NO". In the bathroom meanwhile, they were getting a few K2 hits at the same time the Rem alarm was going off. Paul and a couple of the guests heard footsteps creaking the floorboards outside the room as if someone was about to open the door and come on in. as everyone was in the room and no one else in the pub, it was strange. Darran was picking up on a former landlord called George, and Julie who was sat on the bed could smell roses. The name of Alice then came through to Darran and felt something touch his back whilst Loraine had something touch her head.

We then all went next door to room 2. We were getting K2 hits but not as many as we were getting in room 1. Darran was picking up on a sheriff with britches on and a frock coat. With him was another male wearing a big black cape britches, black shoes and socks. This male is a judge. One of the male's names is Henry. He also picked up on a Stafford but isn't sure if that was his name as in Henry Stafford or whether he came from Stafford.  Paul kept getting "Carl "over and over in his head. And then a guest had Carlisle come to them. This was just afterwards so was there a Henry Stafford from Carlisle?? There was then a flash of light on the stairs and the strong smell of cigarettes. Darran picked up on a Christopher. The smell of perfume was then picked up and getting closer ( later we discovered a plug in air freshener on the other side of the room but when I pulled it out, it was empty , no smell and the socket wasn't even turned on so it wasn't that ). Darran then picked up on a female energy and at the same time Rob got the name of Maggie. Maggie comes across as being sad and weeping. A few of us all then heard a whimper. One of the guests and Dave then saw someone cowering down in the room and voices could be heard coming from elsewhere in the building. Almost as if it was coming from room 1. Darran then picked up on the hangman who was giving off a strong smell of tobacco smoke and that he had also either been a butcher or a farmer. He was stood just outside the room.

 Fiona picked up that around 1250, the room looked quite different with a vaulted ceiling. The room was bigger and smelly and dirty. She got a male energy who was quite a malevolent fella when alive.

Everyone then went off again to do their own investigations.

In room 3, Ange picked up on a male child called William (same as other guests earlier) he had been a stable boy who had died from the plague at a young age of around 10 yrs old. He is buried in the graveyard nearby. Ange could also smell straw and had the sense of people cowering.

Again in the condemned cell, Darran and Paul did a quiet vigil whereby the smell of baked potatoes was smelt by them.Paul was getting the feeling of spinning and felt dizzy. Darran picked up on a male called William who was hunched up in the corner. He gave the impression that he was mentally impaired. He had throttled a 12 yr old girl whilst trying to have sex with her. He didn't do it on purpose, but h e didn't know what he was doing. Darran picked up then on a James Morgan who was tried for stealing cattle. Paul had the sense of a male who was some kind of fighter or boxer. Another male in there was caught trying to steal meat and potatoes. Margaret was also picked up.  

In the back bar, some guests were using the pendulum and picked up on a female energy who was hung ash people believed that she had killed her child but she hadn't. Fanny's husband killed the baby but she got the blame. Frank the landlord was picked up again. He had shot a man over a woman and gave Bethan the impression of pain in her shoulder. His friend, who was also a friend of the victim, then turned on Frank and shot him. Franks buried in the graveyard nearby. The male he killeds name began with "N" and was older than Frank.

In the bar, there was a smell of hyacinth. It was really strong but in the end we thought that it may be an air freshener or similar. I couldn't find any such air freshener but it was just so strong and stayed around too long to really decide anything different.

The last investigations were in the main bar and one behind. A female called Anne was picked up who was into her herbal remedies and potions and was called upon by the locals as the local healer. She's in her 70s, a bit of a bar fly and smokes a pipe.

Darran picked up on a male energy as was Paul and Fiona. He was a bit more educated than the rest of the locals and made his money out of collecting "taxes" and debts from people. He's not a very nice energy and was making Paul and one of the guests feel sick to the stomach and giving Fiona a headache. Paul and Fiona were touched. The energy of a little boy was then picked up. There were good temperature fluctuations of around 6 degrees. A couple of the guests saw a bright light on the floor behind the bar which moved quickly but no one had turned on a torch etc. Alex picked up on someone who may have been stabbed and had pain to his arm / shoulder. Dave saw a small shadow going across the room which he believes is that of a little boy who is around 9-10 yrs old.  Julie felt something icy cold up against her. Alex then began to get pins and needles in his leg and foot despite him having nerve damage and not having any such feelings in that particular area in his body for over 7 yrs. Paul then turned around and saw a male sat on one of the chairs behind him. He wasn't particularly tall and wore a white butcher's cap.  Julie again had the feeling of someone around her but that it was a young boy. Her body then went cold and tingly and she had the feeling that he was trying to hug her when she was talking to him. The K2 started to flicker and she was getting the feeling of sadness. Darran picked up on the name of Charlie. She then felt the same feeling on her face as if he had given her a kiss. Guests were getting the strong smell of tobacco and Alex picked up on the name of Tom

Colin, who was stood in between both bars, heard a male say "YEH "from the back bar. There were also knocks and taps coming from the men's loos.  He also saw a shadow going across the wall in the other bar when no one had actually moved in there at all.

When I went back into the restaurant to clean up our stuff, I was in there on my own. No one had left the bar, and the restaurant door was open into the back corridor. All was quiet from the corridor and all I could hear was the faint voices of the team in the bar. As I was pottering about, I then heard running water. I couldn't work out where it was coming from as I had emptied the urn into the bucket. So I followed the noise into the ladies loos where I found that the taps were now flowing at full rate into the sink. So I turned them off. They hadn't been doing it a few minutes before as I would've heard it so who turned them on??

EPVs picked up.

Unfortunately, nothing was picked up in the back bar or room 3. As for the recorder in room 1, although turned on and stated that it was recording, it actually didn't record anything.

In room 2, when we were in there conducting our investigation, whilst we were talking about the smell of perfume, a male's voice can be heard saying a long "YEEEHHH". A little while later, a few of us hear and it's actually picked up on the recorder, the faint sound of a female crying.

In the main bar, when Dave picks up on a hangman, straight after he mentions it, a female voice is heard faintly. Once all the guests are gone and Colins in the bar talking to Darran, he hears and sees one of the chairs move. A slight noise of something scraping is picked up on evp.  Later once the pub is empty completely ( oops I forgot this recorder and left it at the pub by mistake) there's various sounds of tapping and now and again it sounds as if someone's flicking a pen end in and out as you hear it clicking

As for video footage, not too much was picked up apart from a couple of orbs here and there.

Another interesting night at the Skirrid. Till next time….