Investigation Log of Skirrid Inn Saturday 2nd December 2017  


Investigation times:  10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and cold


Once everyone had arrived and were ready, we started off by taking everyone to the graveyard up the road.  On placing the equipment on top of one of the graves the on off torches started to go on and off on request. It was the same male that we had spoken to last year. He had a mistress called Peaches. One of the guests had the name Thomas comes through to her. On pulling back the ivy, we found that the males name was Thomas.


We then went back into the pub to warm up and let everyone do their own investigations.

In Room 3, guests on the board picked up on a female called Francis. She worked at the inn another guest as she was standing just outside the room heard a womens voice coming from the bathroom. However on checking no one was in there.

Other guests then got a male on the board but he wouldn't tell them anything

Meanwhile in room 2, some guests smelt a fousty musty smell and others were feeling sick. The air was feeling very heavy in here. The K2 dolly was going up to amber and others were also going off I the corner of the room guests felt that someone was lurking in the doorway and not coming in

We then regrouped and started our second group vigil. We firstly started off in Room 1. In here Deb picked up on the name of Malcolm. K2 ted was going off and he was also being touched. I went to sit on my own in the bathroom and was picking up on a male called peter. The k2s continued to go off. A male in the room stated that he was a judge. He wouldn't tell us anything else. There was then a loud thud from the stairwell outside the room. One of the guests hear d sigh behind them there were taps coming from outside the room and then a female voice.

We then moved onto Room 2. In here, we picked up on a female who had been hung for something that she hadn't actually done. She had been innocent. Again we heard some loud thuds from downstairs despite us being the only people in the building by that time. The REM pod then went off. The torches were being turned on and off on request. A female was in the room but wouldn't say anything. There was then a loud bang from downstairs in the bar. This was also picked up on the EVP

Everyone again went off to do their own thing

In the main bar, some guests on the board had a spirit who gave the initials twice as being "B F". They stated that they were quite young and had both worked and died here. They weren't happy that we were there and asked the guests to leave. He stated that there were a few spirits there, some friendly and some not. He doesn't wish to hurt anyone. He stated that there were children there a Christopher and also his brother. They are mostly upstairs. This male isn't happy and wishes that he could leave. He can't stand people disturbing him. He states that there are 6 in the bar. Not all of them are friendly. This male wouldn't pass any messages.


Lastly we firstly started off on the main stairs. As we all stood on the stairs and landing the doors downstairs leading to the main bar were creaking open and shut slightly. The red torch which was on the shelf halfway down the stairs then came on and ted who I had earlier hung from the noose, started to swing slightly .he was then touched as the light went off on his head. Darran then turned on the spirit box and asked for spirit to contact us. A "TED" then came through on it. As well as a female voice heard. We couldn't work out what she said though at this point. Ted stated on being asked that he could make a noise in the snug area downstairs. Deb was picking up that he was a regular and that he would sit in the second bar stool in from the back of the snug towards the front. We could then hear sounds of someone moving around downstairs and then a child's voice came through the spirit box. Darran asked ted "are you still here? "The reply was "YES". Again the female voice said something. He stated that there were two of them in the snug. He had died in "82"

Everyone then had a quick 10 minutes. In the snug, some guests tried to continue to speak with ted on the board.  However they communicated with another male instead who wasn't happy. He stated that there were 6 spirits there at that time and that he wasn't happy and didn't want us there. He said that there was a female there and a boy called Christopher who usually stays upstairs. Christopher is 10


We then started our last vigil in the back bar. Not a lot was going on in here. However there was a strange noise that sounded a bit like someone gasping for breath or a sneeze. This seemed to come from the main bar area. Whilst we were in here, we could hear noises from the main bar so we went around into there instead

In the main bar we could hear tapping coming from behind the bar (not water dripping etc). Guests felt as though someone was blowing on their heads and hair and another had a draught on her hand. There was then a rustling sound from the back bar. Emma and deb saw a shadow which seemed to keep going in front of the guest stood opposite them as she kept fading in and out as this shadow kept going in front of her. This guest was also felling as though she was being touched and another had blowing in her ear. Darran then heard a female voice say something from the back bar. Me and Darran and one of the guests also heard a loud rustling coming from behind the bar. I wasn't sure if it was clothing or packaging. It was a strange one.


EVPS picked up

While we are all upstairs in the bedroom there's the sound of a stool / chair being rocked on the stone floor of the bar.

In room three when we are all downstairs, there are two whistles heard in the room quite clearly.

Again in room 3, overnight at around 6am, there's the sound of someone sitting down in an old wooden chair. (Was there one by the side of the bed? I can't remember) as you can hear it creaking as they settle in it.

Room 1 - when we are doing the group vigil and Darran had the spirit box on I was talking about picking up a peter and just after I say the name, a female voice comes through very quickly saying "TILL WE MEET AGAIN "I even played it back on a slow replay and it was still very fast the way she said it. It was easy to miss.

Main bar- Darran again has the spirit box and I ask spirit to say their name. The reply is "CANT." I then ask them if it's because I'm asking them to say it louder to which the reply is "YEAH". Just after that I ask them if they used to work here. I can't decipher what their reply was. However they then say "STOP ".

As for video footage, a lot of dust but nothing of any evidential value