Investigation log of Skirrid Inn, 3rd December 2016

Investigation times 10pm - 3am

Weather:  dry and frosty


Once ready, we firstly took everyone up to the nearbygraveyard. Here everyone did a circle around a particular area and we picked up on a male called Thomas. The K2 doll was lighting up as was the on/off torches on command especially when talking to Thomas. Lisa picked up peaches and it transpired that "peaches" was the nickname for his mistress. Emily then saw a male stood within the circle in front of Lisa and crystal who was quite tall. His face would glow. Lisa and crystal the heard a gasp behind them. The K2 in front of them, we could see glowing one minute and then going out the next as though something were walking in front of it this was where Emily had seen this man someone else then saw a shadow ut it looked more child height

We then went back into the pub and did an investigation inbedroom 1. In here, the K2s were all going off and we heard a whine. The name Mary came up with the husband of gwillem . shes terrified of him. We had that they had a little boy, only a toddler if that he died of asphyxiation however crystal picked up that it was more what we could now call a cot death however Mary was blamed for the baby's death

Stacey was then touched and picked up on the name of Ken. All the K2s then went off. A couple of guests went into the bathroom and came out stating that there wasn't a nice feeling in there.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own lone investigations.

In bedroom 2,guests had Thomas on the board who stated that he liked everyone. Lisa reminds him of his wife. He had a son called ken but wouldn't talk about his personal life weather it be about Peaches, his wife or his son. He stated that he was 49 and married. His mistress is Peaches and her initials were K I. He stated that his wife violet wore the trousers in their relationship


We started our next investigation inroom 2.In here, the knocking block which had been put downstairs in front of the condemned cell, went of twice. The room smelt strongly of sick even though it hadn't smelt like that earlier on in the night at all. We could hear thudding out on the stairs and the names of Steve and Daniel were picked up as well as footsteps coming up the stairs. There were also a couple of whines heard. One guest felt her scarf being tugged. I picked up on a male who worked there when it was a court. He wasn't a judge but was the judge's right hand man doing all his dirty work for him. We could also hear talking coming from downstairs


We next went ontothe stairswhich is somewhere that we'd ever been .there was lots of creaking to be heard including the bar door, opening and closing slightly. There were bangs on the wooden bureau at the bottom of the stairs too. A couple of guests could smell fire smoke, the k2s were going up too and  then a huge thump was felt by all those stood outside as they felt it through the wall. Emily got all tight chested and felt sick had to leave the area. A whistle was then heard. Shadows kept being seen up by the top stirs and landing we had k2 ted hanging from the hanging beam started to sway slightly and was touched as his sensor went off on his head . Darran was picking up on the name of George. Crystal then started to feel sick and had to leave the area.


Everyone then went off again to do their own investigations.

Inthe snug, guests on the board had a George come though who worked in the building when it was a court. . A female was then picked up but she wouldn't give her name other than it began with H

Room 1Charles was also picked up but he wouldn't tell you anything.

Bedroom 2,guests picked up on a James and the year 1903. He died in a riding accident. He stated that there are 3 spirits in the room who are friendly. Thomas was then picked up again. His wife was called violet. He stated that Ken was his love child with his mistress Peaches (real name Kate). Violet round out and was enraged. Violet killed Peaches and Ken who was only 3 yrs. old at the time. Crystal started crying when all this information was coming out. She doesn't know why .a James was also picked up

Main bar. The on off torch came on for Emily and Richard and Rich heard footsteps behind him. Darran and rich then both saw shadows in the bar.

Bedroom 3, Caroline was hearing thuds and footsteps in the hallway of the bedroom but no one was out there.


For the last investigation we firstly went intothe snugwhere we picked up on the smell of mens cologne. The K2 doll was going off and a loud knocking was heard coming from above us in bedroom 2. The trifield then also went up  

We finished up in themain barwhere everyone did a circle. An old lady was picked up sat on the bench by the mens loos. She looked like an old hag but wasn't. People thought she was a witch but again, she wasn't. I picked up on the name of Old Mary however I'm not sure that was her real name. Kev picked up on the name Ethel. Rich then started sobbing for no reason. He couldn't stop and said that he felt really sad but didn't know what had started him off. I asked spirit to raise guest's hands and they started to raise Caroline and Vicky's hands, firstly in front of them and then behind them the k2s were also going off on the floor and the table and shadows were seen moving around in the snug. The on/off torches on the bar also came on twice


Nothing was really picked up on the EVPs other than what we were hearing anyway however whilst we were all upstairs in room 2 doing the vigil up there, it sounds like something was dropped in the main bar.

Camera footage was also very quiet . we had a couple of orbs in the back bar but apart from that, nothing of any substance