Investigation Log of Skirrid Inn Abergavenny 8th December 2018

Times: 9.30pm - 0230 am

Weather: cold wet and windy

Initially we tried to go tothe graveyardup the road. Although the rain had stopped, it decided at this point to blow a gale. Within a couple of minutes, we couldn't hear ourselves calling out and were trying to hold ourselves upright so quickly gave up and returned to the pub.

Therefore, we started our first vigil up inRoom 1.In here, the on off torches were going well. We picked up on a female called Mary who was a prostitute. She liked the men in the room. A little boy was also then picked up and the K2 doll and ted were going off and being touched. The trifield then stated to go off. A low whistle was then heard by a few of us and the name of Leslie Hoare. One guest picked up that there was a female in the room who was aged between 20 and 30 and was also setting the lights off. She didn't like the spirit box being used. Kev picked up on a female called Francesca Lynne was picking up a male who stole money from a customer.


Everyone then went to do their own investigations.

In room 2, Lynne walked in the room and thought that she saw someone walk from the side of the bed, into the back anteroom next to the bathroom. However the room was empty. Deb and Emma then went into the room to investigate. In this anteroom, there is a cupboard door. At this point, it was closed tight. They then went next door to room 3 quickly before coming back out and returning to room 2. In between, no one had gone into room 2. However now, the cupboard door was open


We then started our 2nd vigil, starting off inroom 2. The K2 ted was going off and being touched quite a lot. Edward was picked up. He worked in the inn as a landlord. Whilst he worked in the pub, he was aware of 3 people being hung there. The REM pod then started to go off. Darran did three knocks on the floor and asked for 3 knocks back. From the anteroom near the bathroom, there were three knocks returned. He did this two or three times and each time, whatever was asked for knock wise, was being returned. A K2 which was placed in there was going mad, p to 3 and a couple of people saw a shadow moving around in there. A child's voice was then heard. 

We then moved ontothe stairs. Scratches and scraping could be heard on the stairs and knocks were being heard coming from the prisoner cell on the stairs. The knocks were being done on me requesting them. The noose started to sway slightly and deb got a feeling that someone was stood in between me and her. Meanwhile, Alex stayed in room 2 on his own and he was still hearing creaking from the left side of the bed. It's the same area that Lynne thought that she saw someone walking into the bathroom.

Again, everyone went to do their own investigations.

In themain bar,on the board, a spirit spelt out GET OUT twice. It was a male spirit.

In room 2 inthe bathroom, others on a board had a male spirit who spelt out MKI and stated that his name was Michael. Other guests then tried and they had a male with the initial R on the board. They then picked up on Thomas. He's 6 and was murdered. He's scared of Judge Jeffries. Thomas hides in the cupboard near the bathroom. Thomas was arrested along with the rest of his family but he doesn't know what he was arrested for he felt safe with the guests there and wanted them to pray for him. Caroline's group then went in and Wendy was picking up a little girl with ringlets


For our final vigil, we first started off in thefamily bar,in here, we could hear groans coming from the snug area and dragging footsteps coming from upstairs in room three. There was also the faint sound of voices.

We then moved on around to themain barwhere initially, we did a circle. Again, there were the sounds of breathy groans and the sounds of muffled laughter which seemed to be coming from the stairs area. Again we were hearing dragging noises from upstairs and knocks. Darran was picking up on the name of Francis on the spirit box, a few words were being said but it was really quietly and we wouldn't work out what was being said. However, at one point, we did hear "OUT"  "GO" being said. K2 ted was again being touched and the REM went mad in the middle of the circle.



Evps picked up

Room 3 - during the night when we were asleep in other rooms, there were knocks and taps from the room

Room 1 - there is a lot of banging and knocking going on when we are all down in the bar doing the last vigil.