Investigation Log of SS Great Britain Bristol 13th February 2014


Investigation times:  6.30pm - 1130 pm

Weather:  wet

Before the night started,Kev saw a shadow dart past in front of him up in steerage when no one was up there. Also Diana picked up on the name of Taggart in the Hayward Room. Michelle was also having her hair played with whilst sat in there.


We split everyone up into four groups so that we could get started on the investigations.

Our team went to the Promenade Deck first. We had the torch turn on by itself and then the alarm went off on the knocking block. We had the K2s going up to red and the Rem going off at the same time. We were able to communicate with Capt. Gray through the K2s who confirmed that he was there with us. We were also getting him to knock for us as well in answer to questions. Darran asked for 2 knocks in confirmation and got them. As well as Gray, we also had a steward stood at the far end of the room. His name was John and was in his mid 30s. He was also knocking for us. Darran picked up on a female energy and I had the name of Grace with her. She was in her 20s. Wendy's dowsing rods kept crossing over and she felt her legs go cold. Darran picked up that she had a little girl with her called Mary who was only 6 yrs old. She was stood right in front of Wendy. On trying the spirit box, Darran asked spirit their name and it replied -PHIL.  He asked "were you a passenger? "   - "YEAH ". The geophone which was placed right down the other end of the room then started to go off. Captain gray stated that he was ill but wouldn't say what with.  A whistle was then heard.


The other teams picked up on the Promenade deck; Kev had the feeling that Captain Gray was hit over the back of the head. He then had the feeling of cold water on his face. Kev states that he believes that Capt. Gray didn't actually commit suicide but that he was hit before being bound up and then being thrown overboard out of the window.  Others felt that there were 2 little boys in the room as well as a little girl. Some tried table tipping and had good results. Others heard someone say "HAHA" behind them as they came out of the surgeon's room. A Peter also came through who was a ship hand and was 36. He took over when Capt. Gray went overboard. Others tried a planchette and communicated with a little boy with the initial M.  As well as these, the spirits of a 1st officer, and a musician were also picked up as well as a boy aged between 14 and 16 who worked with the horses. He was killed. Another little boy called Billy was only 8 yrs old when he was crushed between pieces of cargo. A female was also picked up by the name of Susan. She had sailed with her family. Another interesting thing is that a separate team tried to use the glass to communicate and got information from it again that Capt Gray hadn't jumped but had been pushed / thrown overboard by someone else. Therefore, two separate teams had the same information.


We then took our group up to steerage and the cabins / bunks. Again, the little girl Mary seemed to have followed us there and was within the bunk passages. Lorraine had the feeling of tremendous sadness as though a lady had lost a baby. Meanwhile, Colin could hear a baby crying from the other end of the bunks. Lorraine picked up that the ladies name was Elizabeth and the baby who had only been around 6 months old had been named Edith. Elizabeth wore a long blue washed out dress. The baby had fallen ill. I was picking up on the name Thomas Callaghan. Louise suddenly began to feel very sick almost like seasickness and felt she needed to lie down. As she said this, all the k2s went up to red. Darran then had a male energy behind him which was a little boy. Darran felt that the feeling of sickness that Louise was feeling wasn't seasickness but another illness such as typhoid / typhus.  Darran then picked up on another male energy; this one was very negative and gave the name of Richard. He was running away from something he had done in Bristol, and was a bare knuckle fighter. Lorraine then started to feel really sick as well. The rem again started to go off and there were whistles when Lorraine asked for them.  Again we started to use the spirit box firstly asking their name and getting "ADAM". Then "ME". When Darran then asked "is your name Richard? "He had the reply "YES". Monika had feelings of fear and anxiety when she was walking in between the bunks.


The other teams investigating in here also saw black shadows moving around in between the bunks.  Two others sat quietly down the far end on the floor. As they sat there, they distinctly heard footsteps walking right up to them before stopping. Monika had an Owen on the spirit box who worked maintaining the ship.


Others going into the galley picked up on a spirit who had worked in the galley. A piece of coal was thrown in front of them when they entered the galley


The third investigation we took the team on was again in the steerage but below decks where they kept the animals and luggage etc. Louise instantly picked up on a horrible accident occurring in the area whereby someone's head had been spliced by metal. Tapping could then be heard coming from below us. The K2 was going up to red. Dave picked up and had confirmed by K2 hits that another male called John had been killed in an accident and had been badly injured. He had been in his 20s when he died after being kicked by one of the horses that he was tending. We then heard the sound of metal like a ships bell being rung. Again we had an Adam on the spirit box and we also had the sound of a small child. We also picked up on an Elliott who was 17 and worked for the shipping company. His mother also worked on the ship. Whilst he worked in the engine rooms, his mother worked as a chambermaid up on the first class deck. Monika picked up that his mother was called Helen. Again K2 hits confirmed this. Darran picked up another accident whereby a male was caught up in machinery. Colin could hear movement coming from below us as though someone was moving around down there even though there is no way of getting down there.

The rest of the teams had a young dark haired man aged 17-18. A shadow was seen by Lyn who later found out that his name was William and he confirmed it for her elsewhere on the ship using the glass. Lyn felt very sick when she walked to the other end of the metal gantry way


For our final investigation we took the team to the 1st class dining room where I picked up on a Charlotte. Monika saw a shadow of someone walking across the far end of the room in the musician corner. A male then came into the room from the other end. Darran picked up on his name being James.  We were getting good results with the K2 Teddy. We asked if there were children on the voyage and again had good K2 hits. James wasn't happy that we were in the room as it's reserved for 1st class. Loraine then thought she saw a little hand by the teddy just as the K2 went off. The square IR lights on the far camera then went off as though someone had walked in front of it. Some of us then heard a female humming. Louise and Eve then felt cold draughts around them and Wendy had the bottom of her legs go cold. The camera then started to go in and out of focus as though it was trying hard to focus on something.

The other teams when conducting their investigations in the dining room picked up on the following. Karin states that for the first time ever, she saw a male who she believes was Brunel himself stood at the far end by the Cello. He took off his hat. She also picked up on a little West Indian boy dressed in silks and wearing a turban, he served the 1st class passengers. Using the Ovilus, they all introduced themselves and the Ovilus then stated "GRAY ".  Then someone else had something tugging on their trousers on the bottom half of their leg and the feeling of coldness of their leg. A William was also picked up who had died in 1945 of scurvy aged 19. He states that George was on the throne at the time. Also Mark was picked up who worked in the rigging. He used to like the stormy weather when the ship would roll from side to side. He stated that when they ran out of proper meat, they would start eating the ships rats if not caught by the ships cat. Also in the room, Capt. Gray again was picked up on the planchette. He didn't want to talk about a female who was sad at the end of her life. Others could smell a strong scent of roses

EVPS caught:

In the steerage, cabin bunks area, we had the sound of whistling picked up as well as the sound of a baby . Lorraine also has a male voice saying " MY PAIR OF SHOES"

On the promenade deck a low female voice can be heard but it's not clear what's being said. Later I asked if we aren't the type of people who should be on the promenade deck. We have a "NO "in reply. Lorraine asks spirit if they became ill and there is a very distinct voice picked up that says "DEATH" It's not Darran / Colin or Dave and is a male voice we don't recognise. A female also whispers yes.  Also when Darran asks spirit if they are able to see us, theres a laugh in reply.

In the 1st class dining room, when I ask to be served my food and ask if they are going to let me go hungry, a faint "YEAH" has been picked up in reply to my question.  Me and Darran also heard a female humming, and this was also picked up on evp. However the Evps after a little while, all ended up draining, the normal ones we use, the H4 and also lorraines which is unusual. Prior to them all draining a female voice / child and baby have  also been picked up

In the galley, there are 6 taps on metal in quick succession followed by a faint whistle when no one's anywhere near there. Later on, whilst two other are there on their own, a male whispers over them but they don't comment and therefore didn't hear it but it's a males echoey voice. When Karin states she needs the loo, there is a male who whispers something huskily. Also later on, you hear the piece of coal landing on the floor in front of other guests.

In steering downstairs by the animals, the sound of the ships bell which myself and Darran heard, has also been picked up as well as someone saying "HELLO"

As for video footage, we have a few interesting orbs and shapes around the area especially in the 1st class dining room and the steering berth area.


So in conclusion, a really interesting night and different things to ponder on as in did Capt. Gray jump or was he pushed?  Staff working on the ship and history inform us that the belief is that he jumped however, spirit seem to be telling us otherwise. Maybe we'll never know for sure, but what we DO know is that the ship is very much alive with the spirits of those who worked and sailed with her. I know that I for one would love to come back again and investigate some more. !!