Investigation log of St Briavels Castle 12th January 2013

Investigation times:  20.15 - 0500hrs

Weather:  cold, sleeting on and off

This investigation was a team one rather than public and carried out in conjunction with south Bristol paranormal and was a good social get together with fellow investigators which we love to do for a change.

While setting up our kit, Darran noticed a couple of orbs flitting around in the main building. Myself and Lorraine went to the Constables room which was to be our bedroom for the night to make our beds.  This room is over the other side to the main building in the tower. We shut the main door to the tower to keep the chill out a bit. To get to the constables room, you have to go along a passage, turn left, along another short one and up some windy stairs so it's not near the main door at all.  It was cold out but not windy. Whilst we were in the room, the door opened a few inches by itself. The door is on a heavy door closer and naturally wants to close once opened. We put it down to a draught but then it closed and opened again.  We decided to see if it would do it on request. We sat there for a few minutes and when asked, it would open, close, open up further on request, half close, reopen etc as we asked it. Lorraine went onto the stairwell to see if she could feel any particular breeze whilst I stayed inside. She stated that she would feel icy cold but with no
breeze but this iciness, would go in turn with the door activity.

We put cameras in the hanging room / chapel / solar room and prisoner room ( we would've also put cameras in the other tower but couldn't get a connection to the wifi L)  digital recorders were also placed in the hanging room  / chapel / oubliette as well as us carrying one around with us. Other trigger objects were also placed around and about in varying rooms. 

Oubliette: The BTG team stuck together along with Corey who was from SBPG. Firstly, we went into the Oubliette (over in the tower, ground floor underneath the constable's
room.  Trigger objects in here were a double cat ball (bell rings when moved) spirit light. We did a quiet evp session in here and could hear scurrying and scratching on wood. We couldn't see anything running around etc and couldn't find anything that would cause it.
There were cold draughts moving around the room and flashing lights were seen. We also heard the sound of giggling like a child and a bang on the stone steps outside the room as well as voices talking. (We were the only ones in the tower building itself) the ghost box came up with the words believe and court at this time. Darran felt his jacket being tugged and Lorraine picked up on the energy of a little girl called Emily. Corey felt as though someone was behind him and although he felt frozen on his back, his temperature measured higher on his back than his front. Shadows were then seen darting back and fore behind Corey along the wall / bed towards the wardrobe and then back again towards the
wardrobe. The warlike talkie battery died after only being switched on 4 minutes and my camera batteries died after taking a couple of photos. The spirit of a Stephan or Stephen was also picked up and gave the impression of being French. He came over with the court when the two families married. He accompanied the female who was to marry into the family and was part of the household.  However he was thrown down into the Oubliette to "shut him up "he had a brother who was in the military. The K2 was going mad when Darran was talking about it. Corey's energy reminded Stephan of someone he knew. Paul's necklace was pulled around his neck.  We started talking about the ball etc and the words on the ghost box came up " strange - ball" and then " bottles - smooth " there were some half drunk bottles of lucozade on the side which were plastic.
We asked him if he could move one of the bottles, he didn't but we all heard the distinct noise of the bottle being squeezed (that crinkling sound they make) the words "stone - project - catch "also came up. We asked him to throw a stone and we would try to catch it for him however he didn't. 

Hanging room: Our second investigation was in the hanging room and the guard room next to it.
There was a trigger tin toy / motion sensors set up in this room. Earlier in the night, Karin's group had heard a male's voice say "YES "in answer to a question. This is caught on EVP When Karin and James then went into the guard's room to fetch something, whilst in there, the middle bunk beds against the wall adjoining the hanging room, shook violently for no reason. They couldn't get it to happen again and there was no reason for it. It wouldn't shake when you walked near it (floorboard vibration), no one else was in the room and there were no draughts. They also saw the shadow of a man between the bunk and the
wardrobe in the guard room lean around as if to peer at them from the guard room into the hanging room where they were. 
Also it appeared that the camera placed on the small table on the floor was moving as the view on looking through the viewer was moving from side to side. Also the candle on the same table was doing the same. It was as though the actual table was rocking.

When our group went in there, in the guard room, there was a knock on the floor between me and Corey. We couldn't get them to repeat it. Paul picked up on a large male with big arms. A light orb was then seen over the middle bunk beds (these had shaken violently earlier in the night when Karin's group were in the room) Darran was picking up on a John and Paul had the feeling of excitement. The ion meter switched on by itself. Other names picked up were Edward Gaskell and James Mortimer. Taps could be heard coming from the
other room. Therefore, we went next door into the hanging room. Lorraine was feeling very hot and felt panicky and I was feeling very tight cheated. Whilst Darran was talking, there was a noise heard under him but we can't say what it was. Taps again were also heard along the floor in front of the doorway which would've led out to the gallows. We then tried some scrying which we hadn't done in a couple of years. Paul went first and his features began to change and he appeared older, his jowls dropped and he had a scar coming across his cheek which was sunken underneath it as though flesh was missing under it. His face looked fatter and his eyes took on a milky appearance. Darran then took a turn and his face began to fade out of view. He became gaunt looking and had black eye sockets beginning to take on a skull like appearance.

Later on in the night at around 4am, we all went as a group (those of us who hadn't gone to bed) back to the hanging room and guard's room. There were a couple of flashes of light in the room and taps in the room. One of the boys decided to go into the hanging room on his own to see if anything was happening in there. Whilst in there, he heard a loud growl and could see shadows in front of him. So me and Karin decided to go in there to see what we would see. Whilst in there, there was a knocking noise on the floor like a footstep just inside the door. We could also see a shadow at the end of the bunk bed that I was initially sitting on but then moved to sit next to Karin to the side of the bunk in the doorway leading to the gallows. Again, we could see the end of the bed fading in and out as though something kept standing in front of it. At one point it seemed to come closer as Karin had the feeling that she wanted to lean back as if something had come up into her face.

Chapel:Our third investigation was in the Chapel. This room doesn't have a particularly nice
feeling to it. Previously in the night, Karin's team could see shadows passing under the doorway but on going out to investigate, there was no one out there at all. The K2s were both going mad and going up to red at the same time in response to questions being asked. The name Francis was picked up. Paul felt as though he was having his nether regions tickled again (first time was in Bodmin jail. They seem to gravitate towards that area of his body for some reason.) Footsteps could be heard between me and Lorraine when we were sat quiet. Darran then tried playing various chants and psalms being sung. During this time, Lorraine couldn't stop herself laughing. She can't explain it but just had the giggles.  We then tried the Ouija as "Francis "stated that he would speak to us through it. On going onto the board, initially it spelt out LXMX and then 2848. Apparently it was code for something but Francis wouldn't tell us what it was for.

Then the glass kept going to the word Hello. Darran believed that it was no longer Francis but someone else on the board messing around. Robert was picked up who Darran first came into contact with in the Hellfire Caves last summer. He tends to come through on the planchette. He was constantly stating "hello" and informed us that he hasn't moved on as Darran had thought but was still around and that there were 6 spirits in the chapel.
However he isn't stronger than those in the room. He stated that there was no monk or priest in the room however there is a male in the room called Joseph who dabbled in the dark arts. He was a guard and he enjoyed his job as he liked the executions. He is an evil person and there's more like him we were  informed. The board also stated that there were no female spirits in the chapel. William also came through who was 27. He was thrown in water after having his throat slit in the grounds in 1876 over love. There is a female
outside the room in the hallway but she is nothing to do with William. `

The whole group decided to then go into the solar room to do a group vigil and ask things to happen to me and Lorraine who went and sat in the solar room next door. ( sentencing room originally ) whilst in there, I felt as though someone was wafting a feather or light material across my face and Lorraine felt pressure in her ears as though they were about to pop as well as her hair being played with, meanwhile a lot of the group in the chapel
started to have their arms lifted. Another female in the group again started giggling for no reason. Their backs and legs were being touched.

Constables room:  on investigating the constable's room, we had good K2 hits and Paul felt his arm being touched. Although we again asked for the door to be moved, it didn't. Darran then started to talk about the servants and from outside the side door which leads to the derelict walkway joining the two buildings, we heard someone clap 3 times outside the door. We couldn't get them to do it again. The coat hangers in the wardrobe began to swing and Paul felt a strange energy when he sat on the bed to the right side of the window. When we later actually went to bed, Lorraine stated that she couldn't sleep with her body facing the wall (she was on the bottom bunk nearest the far wall by the
side door) as she felt a lot of energy coming from the wall, hitting her in the face and not letting her settle, however if she rolled over to face the middle of the room, away from the wall, she was absolutely fine. As it began to go a bit quiet, whilst investigating, we decided to move upstairs to the chaplain's room at the top of the tower. However although Darran had felt an energy in the room earlier on in the night when doing a walk around, this energy was no longer felt and the room felt cold and flat.

King Johns room( aka State apartment ) had a small teddy bear as a trigger object ( the King Johns room ) this room is stated to have babies crying in it overnight. Therefore, maybe some other child may be inquisitive enough to want to see what was on the floor and possibly move it. I drew around ted so that I would know if he had moved at all. By the end of the night, he didn't match up with the lines and appeared to have moved over 5 or so mm. not a lot but still movement.  One group during the night stated that they thought the teddy had moved and changed angle whilst they were in there. They may be confirmation of it. Another group had some K2 hits in the room. The EVPS were disappointing in this room however after 5 hrs recording; there is a strange noise somewhere in between a shriek and a hiss which is quite loud and near the machine. I can't explain this one. The heaters in the room would click on and off as they were thermostatic and we know the noise of this, but as for this hissing…………………..


Hanging room :  a male whispers yes in reply to a question of "were you hung? " and there is a strange popping sound when no ones in the room. Later on, whilst again no one was in the room or near, it the motion detector went off for around 5 seconds. It stopped, went on again for a couple of seconds, off, then again for a was almost as if someone
wanted to know what it was and was playing with it, putting their hand in the beam and back out to see the effect. HOWEVER, I think we may have debunked that one as when watching the video, around the same time you see a light scurrying around the floor, under the stool and zigzagging. It then disappears for a minute or so then comes back and carries on. We are now of the belief that the motion sensor was not set off by any ghostly hand but by a ruddy great spider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  The light had obviously reflected off it whilst it was having fun running around the room.

When our group were in there, Paul asks for a loud noise and a loud growl can be heard. Later on again there is another moan or growl under everyone's voices when a larger group of us are in the room.

There are also other voices that can be heard from the guard's room when we are in the hanging room. Also Paul asks spirit to touch the person they are drawn to. You then hear a voice say "John "there was no one called John in the room with us.

Chapel:  there is a strange noise which we can't work out at the moment after Paul asks something. Also there is the sound of a cat meowing even though there were no cats in the building and we didn't actually hear it ourselves.

Constables room:an hour into the recording, there's a loud bang on metal almost as if
someone's bashed a metal bed frame or the heater on the wall. It's much too loud to be the heater clicking as it's a completely different sound. I ask them to open the door for me as they had earlier in the night and a voice is heard to say "no ". Unfortunately, whilst we were in there conducting our vigil, the machine switched off despite Darran checking it a couple of minutes before and it having plenty of battery life left.

Oubliette: we have a couple of knocks after questions being asked as well as the sound of a
cat meowing. ( we didn't actually hear it when we were in there) there is also a sigh when Paul is talking and the sound of metal clanking  which Darran thinks could be the metal grate covering the oubliette as there's nothing else metal in the room

Video: apart from various orbs from time to time floating about and the not so ghostly spider, there wasn't a lot of activity caught on camera unfortunately

An interesting night, id definitely go back again