Investigation log for St John's House Warwick

Investigation times: 9.30-0230hrs

Weather:  dry and mild

Well, what can i say? The evening got off to a very interesting start before the staff and guests even arrived!!!

We turned up early. The site was still locked and so we waited outside the gates peering in at the place. The top floor light turned on (we didn't know it at the time but it's on a timer so nothing paranormal there) however Dave and Colin noticed it and then Dave turned away. However Colin carried on looking through and saw a lady walk into the downstairs school room towards the window. She looked out and smiled and Colin waved and gestured at her to unlock the gate. "It's ok "he said "shes seen us, she'll be out now ". We waited. Nothing. Kev nipped over the wall and banged on the front door. Nothing. We beeped the horn. Nothing. Why wasn't she letting us in????

The staff then turned up after 8 o clock. I asked them who was in there as they weren't letting us in. "no one "she replied. " I'm the first one here. It's all locked up and alarmed. There's no one in there ". We told her what had happened and she smiled.

Colin describes the lady as medium build, around 5ft 6 with grey hair brushed off her face.


We went in. We set up in the garden room out the back. The guests arrived and whilst we were doing the introductions, one of the guests picked up on a teenage girl who was around 16 yrs old. She was very excited with us being there and wanted to know what we were doing. She then went back towards the building.

And so the night began.

Firstly, we took everyone into the school room. Let's see who this lady was who Colin saw.

The on/off torches were turning on and off and we were hearing shuffling footsteps out in the corridor outside as well as loud taps and knocks in the room next door. We picked up a female in the next room. Dave picked up on a little boy in the room and asked him to turn the torch on and he did. Colin picked up that the female he was picking up in the school room was a nurse and was wearing a nun's habit. She was going him the impression of coughing a lot and coughing up blood. He had an iron taste in his mouth. Me and darran were getting the name of Isabella the teddy lit up when Dave mentioned the boys name as being Thomas. A Paul was also being picked up by one of the guests and whistles were heard coming down the corridor. I got the cane out and when i was rapping it on the desk and asking spirit if it was used on the children, the torch was coming on. Darran was picking up on the name of Baxter and another guest had the impression that the children are too scared to come too close as there's something that frightens them in the room. Kev was taking photos throughout and when he looked at them in the first break, one of them clearly showed what appears to be a white mass at head height, a gap and then what looks to be a forearm with a sleeve cuff before then having the hand. The hand seems to be reaching around the door jam with the index finger pointing down at something.


Everyone went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the study room upstairs, some guests tried theplanchette and had another boy called Thomas who is 9 yrs old. He drew them a flower on the paper and whilst we were up there we all heard two wails as though a child was crying. Thomas stated that he was sad. He's on his own.

Later on, another group again had the 9 yr old Thomas who has a friend called Paul. The year is 1888 and his mother is called Isabella. She was the lady who smiled at Colin through the window. One of the guests reminded him of his mum .he said that his mothers with him and shes pretty. He also has a sister he has friends in the school but they aren't with him now. His mother is down in the class room. He confirmed that it was him turning the torch on and off in the class room earlier.


Meanwhile in the school room, other guests again picked up on a little boy called Thomas he was at the school when he was 4. He couldn't remember if he was there when he was 3 but was no longer there by the time he was 5. A male guest had his head touched ..


In the military museum,one group tried the planchette which was moving for them and seemed to draw an A. Apart from that it was quiet


For the second vigil, we started off in the Victorian kitchen. The knocking block went off which was in the next room and the k2s went off. Dave was picking up on an Ann or Annie but apart from that, this room was quite quiet.

We moved on then to the costume museum. The K2 teddy was lighting up and again, the knocking block went off which was still in the middle room. The other K2s were going up to red and the tri field monitor was also going off. Around 4 times, me and Colin saw a white mist come from above the fireplace towards us at quite a speed. However Kev and others who were sat at the other side of the fireplace couldn't see it from their end. Dave then also saw it happen. It wasn't any lights from traffic as the blinds were pulled down and we weren't facing the road. You could hear traffic going past no light was being reflected on any of the walls. Batteries were draining on the Mel meter, K2s and also Colin's digital recorder. Batteries which were only just put in 2 hrs previous and were brand new.

Everyone then went off again to conduct their own investigations.

In the school room, on the board, a teacher was coming through but wouldn't give a name, only initials of O G C. They said that the year was 1862. And wouldn't give correct answers. I sensed it was a spirit that me and darran often make connections with who usually makes things up or messes around first to grab our attention before assisting in bringing spirits through. However after that, we had that yes there was a teacher there and they confirmed that the year was 1862. This teachers name was Peggy. Also in the room is a 3 yr old boy called Thomas who is happy.

In the cellar: one guest picked up on a spirit using a pendulum. However this spirit didn't want to communicate and wanted them to leave


For the third vigils, we firstly went upstairs to the fusilier's museum. Colin was getting footsteps on the back stairs. A female was picked up who wouldn't give any information other than that her name was Gladys. A guest picked this up and then "Newbury ". We don't know if it was Gladys Newbury or she had connections with Newbury. Darran was then getting the name of Metcalfe.

Myself and darran heard a low "mmmm"... a guest was getting the words told to her on several occasions " speak to me only with thine eyes" and was getting a cold spot next to her.

A loud metallic tapping could be heard on the stairs outside...

We then took everyone up to the study room and Thomas was again there and was turning the on/off torches on. Darran could hear footsteps behind him in the stairwell and a guest picked up on the name of Maggie.


Finally, we took everyone down to the cellars. A few of them were picking up that possibly the cellar was used at same time as a mortuary. They sensed bodies.

One guest went into the far room alone with the door shut and was picking up the same thing as well as the flat coffin trolleys. She picked up that people with top hats also worked down there. Another time then came through to her with males doing heavy manual work down there hauling barrels and the like. They wore flannel shirts with the sleeves rolled up. One of these males had a beard and worked for a Mr Malcolm. A female would also come down here to visit. She would come to see her husband whilst he was working and would stand by the door holding her baby. She wouldn't go right into the cellars and never went there at night.


EVPS picked up are

School room,  theres a strange sound when no ones in there which sounds like a childs murmer. Also when we are in there during the first vigil, the whistles we could hear have also been picked up . when we are doing the first vigil in there, i ask them if they could turn the lights on and theres a small childs voice picked up saying "NO". Again when dave asks their age, he says " are you 7? Are you 8?" straight away again, a childs voice says "9". Dave actually heard this being said as he then mentions it to the group . when i ask whether the cane was used across their knuckles, again, a childs voice says quietly " YES".

Main Cellartheres the sound of something either being moved or knocked. Also later it sounds like someone is moving around in there when theres no one down there. Later on, when the group are in there doing the vigil, theres a little giggle but its too high pitched to be one of the guests

Small cellar:  when we are all in the main building upstairs , again, like the main cellar, theres the sound of someone moving around in there. However no ones in there and you cant hear anyone come down the stairs, it doesn't seem to be an echo from above but actually in the room

In the military museum: theres a series of metallic knocks when we are all in the garden room doing the introductions at the beginning of the night. Some of them quite loud . nothing else happens throughout the night

Clothing exhibition we are all upstairs in the military exhibition when theres the loud sound of what sounds like a doorlatch. However Kev who was sat near the door to the museum at the top of the stairs, did hear a noise from downstairs so it may be what he heard. No one is moving around down there so don't believe that it was staff as they were in the office