Investigation log of St Johns House 17th September 2016

Investigation times:  10pm - 3am  

Weather: dry and mild

Due to the layout of the building, there were two separate groups, one being another paranormal group doing their own investigation, and then our group.

Firstly we into thebasement.K2 teddies head was touched and another 2 k2s were going mad in the doorway leading to the smaller cellar. The knocking block which had been placed onto a stone step so there were no vibrations, went off twice. K2 Jennifer doll was going up to red as well as teddy. A couple of guests felt the cold between them and one guest had her head touched. Other guests saw shadows walking around among them despite no one in our group moving.

We then took everyone up to the military museumon the 1st floor. The end room lights were on when we went p there despite all the other room lights being off. The lights are on a sensor so only come on when someone enters the room. There was no reason why the lights should have been on in this room. We all sat down. There was a loud bang from the end room with the lights on. The red torch was coming on and going off again when I asked them to turn it off. Darran then tried the spirit box and twice a male's voice came through. We could pick him up saying "HE WHO ……." But couldn't pick up the final word/s. we asked one more time for him to repeat it but again, still couldn't pick up the last bit. Female speaking French then came through on the spirit box. Jennifer doll was going up to orange. Darran asked that if a spirit was in one of the rooms, could they turn the lights on in that room. Straight away, the lights went on in the room next to us and there was a loud tap. Darran then heard a whimper.

Meanwhile, the second group came down to thebasement


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

Kitchen. -A group had a male who had been speaking to them upstairs join them again in this room. A female who also died of shock came through to them. The male from upstairs, died at 45. He had 5 children but no wife. His initials a VD. He's quite happy. He didn't like being recorded though. He gave the initials of VD. He was there when the house was used as a hospital. He stated that although there are many spirits in the building, they are all friendly. He states that he isn't that nice a person. He has killed around 40 people. This was in the war gut wouldn't say which war he was talking about.  

Mark took 2 photos in theschool room. The first one came out completely normal, the second, taken straight after the first, had an image next to the camera. It seems to have a face to it and is around 4ft high, possibly a little boy

Top floor classroom- a group had a spirit in her who lived in the building. He was higher up the chain than a servant. He was an estate manager. He died on the estate

School room downstairs- a low cry under our voices when we are speaking also when the knocking block went off, Darran heard something and a guest said they heard a child, theres a little noise

Kitchen- strange female husky voice says something very quietly when I ask about the spirit box

Military museum- one group picked up on a male who had lived in the house. He's happy; he was married and had children. Name possibly Isaac D. another group were seeing shadows and were getting taps in response to questions being asked. When one of them asked if the spirit was a soldier, the light turned on.


For the second vigil, we firstly went into thetoy museum. Darran picked up a Rebekah. (I don't want to spell it as Rebecca, each time I think of the name, it comes up with this spelling in my head). He also picked up on a colonel. This male didn't want us there as he doesn't like people nosing around the building. He then picked up the surname of Mathers but can't say whether its colonel Mathers or Rebekah's surname. As soon as he said this name, K2 ted lit up. There were taps and groans being heard in the room and we could also hear footsteps coming from the foyer area of the building as well as coming up the corridor. Darran then picked up a nurse walking down the corridor towards the school room.

We then moved into theschool room. In here, Jennifer doll sat on top of the unit went off. Other K2s were also going off. Darran picked up on a little boy called Andrew who's aged 6. He also picked up on a female. Darran couldn't get a name but I had the name of Elizabeth or Lizzy. We both got that she's blonde and is 26. It was her duty to be here. Footsteps were then heard above us in the end room of the military museum (the one where the lights had been on earlier.) Kev went out to the foyer to check the CCTV to see if the other group were up there. However on checking, no one was upstairs and yet we definitely heard footsteps above us. The cameras were also going in and out of focus a guest felt her head being touched and then had a cold feeling across her lap another guest felt really drained in this room. Olli picked up on a child in the doorway of the toy museum, watching us across the corridor. On him saying this, the knocking block which was just at the top of the steps in the toy museum, went off.


Everyone then went off for their own investigations again


In thebasement, a couple of guests had their torch going on and off on request. They could also see shadows moving around them again. K2 teds head was also being touched. The guests said goodnight and the torch and ted both went off at the same time. One of them had a very cold chill whilst standing in one particular spot. They found that when they were talking between themselves, the activity would start as if to grab their attention. Another group then went down and also had the ted go off and had cold chills in the same spot that the other guest had them. On trying the board, it said goodbye before confirming that there was a female spirit in there with them and that she's happy.

Top floor classroom- one group had the sense that there was someone hiding under the table. They could also hear taps in the room.

For the final vigil, we firstly started in thekitchen.K2 teds head was lighting up and a couple of the guest's k2s were also going off as well as Jennifer dolls which was over the other side of the room.

We then moved into thedress museumin here, the red torch kept turning itself on and off on request. Darran picked up on a Jacob who was an orderly in the building when it was used as a convalescence hospital. He is tall and skinny built. Ted was touched as well as the Jennifer doll.

Meanwhile, in thetop classroom, the second group, found the atmosphere very heavy in this room. On the board, they picked up a male spirit called Steven who was 26 when he died. The year is 1473. He had had a deformity in his face and had had a head injury and therefore was mentally impaired. He had a nurse who looked after him called charlotte aged 36 who he thought was pretty and stated that she looked lie one of the girls in this group. She was married to a horrible man but Steven also loved her. He pushed her though out of the upstairs window killing her. Her husband got his revenge by killing Steven. The husband was called Nicholas Roach.

Finally to finish off the night, our group took everyone up to the frontupstairs classroom. We had the torches turning on command as well as K2 ted lighting up. Darran picked up on a little slave boy called Thomas. One of the guests, whose mobile had been turned off, suddenly started chiming. The alarm was going off at 0256hrs. There was no reason for it, she hadn't set any alarm and especially for that time of the morning and as I state, she states that it had been turned off at the beginning of the night. A young female then came through who stated that she went to school there. She's happy and turned the torch on on command. It turned out that this is Rebekah from downstairs. She doesn't particularly like men and would only answer to the females in the group. The battery which had been over 90% charged when we went into the room, drained to nothing and turned off. Rebekah stated that there are other spirits in the room with her who are friendly and that they were standing in the corner of the room. She liked us being there and had been following the group around the building. She confirmed that it WAS her who Olli had seen earlier on standing by the toy museum door. However she stated that at that time, she wasn't allowed to leave that room to join us in the school room downstairs


EVPS- strangely for some reason, after only 4 minutes of recording, the recorder in thedress museum, switched off. There's no reason for it. No one went into the room, the batteries were brand new and I turned it on once we had finished and its recording normally and still has a full battery. Obviously someone didn't want to be recorded!

Basement- we were getting various taps and knocks and rustles however during the last half an hour of the night whilst we were all upstairs either in the museum or the top floor classroom (i.e. no footsteps from above so no one on the ground floor ) there were various noises in the basement that started. These ranged from items being dragged along the floor / items being moved / footsteps / items being dropped as well as a ripping sound. It definitely sounded as though someone was down there may be working or definitely doing something. It's not the staff as no one actually enters the basement

Military museum- some loud thumps and bangs and taps when no one's up here. Also the sound of footsteps within the room. It's either in the very end room or the room next to it (Ryan room) as the recorder was put into the end room.

Later on, when one of the other groups is in there, they comment on a throat being cleared. This noise has actually been picked up as well

Video footage -not a great deal, we had a couple of orbs throughout the night. A nice one in the dress museum which moved very slowly along the front of the display cabinets and then another one which coes from the school room corridor into the foyer. In the military museum, the end room sensor light switches on, around a minute before we all go up there to do the vigil. We also see that when we were in the school room downstairs and could hear people walking about above us, that Jones'ys group who were up in the military museum were actually all sat down in the middle room where we had been. None of them moved

Another interesting night