Investigation log Stanley Palace Chester 15th Sept 2012

Investigation time - 10pm - 3am

Weather: - dry and clear. Slight breeze in the early hours


Before we had even started our night and were setting the equipment up, we were experiencing strange goings on. Paul went upstairs to set up one of the cameras near the piano. As he walked across the room, he felt a flick of water land on his face. He looked up at the ceiling to look for a leak/ drip etc and couldn't find anything. As he carried on setting the camera up, he then saw a shadow of a person, walk past him out of the corner of his
eye. On finishing setting up, he then went to walk back along the room. Again, he felt the water. This time, he put his hand to his face and it was wet. Again he looked around and there is nothing to suggest a leak. Everything was bone dry. Darran was meanwhile downstairs checking the camera angle. All was fine. Paul came down stairs, looked onto he lap top and the camera was now pointing up to the ceiling. He went back up thinking that maybe he hadn't tightened it properly, however on getting there, he had to physically force the camera angle back down as he HAD tightened it. There was no way that it could've moved by itself. Something had to have moved it.

Dave was also seeing shadows in the far room on the ground floor when no one was walking past the building. During the night, this had a strange atmosphere and a few of the guests didn't particularly fancy going in there. There were strange paraffin type smells and it was very cold by the doorway with a heavy feeling to it.

On the guests arriving, we decided to keep everyone together due to the nature of the building and a lot of potential noise contamination. (there was enough coming from outside due to it being race day and everyone out in the local pubs).we initially took everyone upstairs to do a séance and Darran picked up on a Henry. Later on in the night, the name seemed to get longer and was either Edward Henry Stanley or Henry Edward Stanley. Henry was in his 60s. A Margaret was also picked up but she was more a child's age. She
hung around by the stairs and wouldn't initially come forwards. Paul's ears started ringing. Darran also picked up on the name Jenny.

One of the guest's legs felt very cold although the rest of her was hot. She also got the impression of a crib in that location and a small child / baby. Cold draughts could be felt despite all the doors being shut and there were large temperature fluctuations occurring within a matter of seconds. The camera batteries which were also brand new kept draining and dying.

We then moved around the corner down at the far end of the room past the piano and all stood in a circle hands held and calling out.

A little boy peter came through. He seemed playful. He kept playing with one of the female guests by touching her. At one point, she felt that someone was right behind her. She could feel their energy on her back. Darran took a photo of her. The rest of the photo is in focus including her legs but the further you go up her body, the more out of focus and distorted
her back and head becomes. By the time you look at her face side on, it appears that there's a second face overlapping her own. It's a strange photo which we
will hopefully put onto the website.  Guest's
arms were also rising above their heads and also behind them and had to be
physically pushed back down by the team. Lots of taps, and creaks could also be
heard behind us outside of the circle. Guests felt cold, others hot and some
started to sway a lot. One had to leave the circle as she felt sick. Once out
of the room, she recovered almost instantly. Lorraine was in the centre of the
circle with me and heard a male whisper "ha ha "in her ear in a menacing way. Darran
had the impression of a monk in the room whereas Dave then picked up a male
energy state that he taught the people of Chester about "the hellfire" from the
house. He gave the name of Samuel.

Paul picked up that the building was once known as Blackfriars

Guests then did a planchette in this room. There was a spirit of a child that came onto the table. His energy was very weak but gave the impression that he had sandy coloured hair. It became apparent on our questioning that he didn't even realise he was dead and was very confused. He couldn't understand why he could see people coming to the building but they couldn't see him. He couldn't see his family but missed his mum. He stated that he wanted to be with her and was happy to listen to us and do as we told him. He was asked to keep spinning the planchette if he could see a white light. He did, he was then advised to walk towards it and keep walking until he saw his mother. He was told to stop the spinning once he could see her and go to her. He did and the planchette stopped spinning. 

Two of the guests then sat around the corner upstairs by the office with two of the team doing a lone vigil. As they were sat on the steps outside the office, they could also hear knocking coming from the other side of the door in the office. No one was in this room as I had gone in there earlier with the caretaker, come out, he had locked the door as there was no public entry to that room ( the only room that we were not allowed to go into ) and
the caretaker had left the building before we started investigating. No one was in the room.

 A George was also picked up here. He was a pleasant energy wearing a long dark green coat and had salt and pepper hair. Although he appeared smart, he also gave the impression that he lived a lot on the streets. He wasn't attached to the building. Another male energy then came forward who wasn't a nice energy at all. He came across as being very stern but at the same time, gave Darran the feeling of such anger that he in his own words "wanted to rip Pauls face off". He has only experienced this twice before on investigations. Darran was not being given his name. He didn't particularly like us or want us to ask him to do anything. The male guest with him, felt sick. At the same time, I was directly below them on a planchette with some guests. The planchette initially tried to make out that there was a child's energy on the table however, I soon picked up that this was not the case and that a male energy was actually on the table attempting to trick the guests. He was continuously doing a figure 8 and so therefore I demanded that he leave the
table. At this point is where Darran had the feeling of ripping Pauls face off. Later on, he got so annoyed (the spirit, not Darran) that the planchette physically flew off the table towards the fireplace.

Other guests were in the base room with K2s and dowsing rods. The rods were crossing indicating spirit energy and they were answering questions via the K2. We were able to establish that Margaret was in the room and that she was happy for us to be there. She also stated that she was a child. It's believed that this is the same Margaret that we picked up on upstairs.

For the second vigil, we all went into the front main room at the base of the stairs. We could hear popping sounds as well as tapping on the parquet floor. It was light enough in the room that you could see that no one's feet were moving. Edward was picked up. One guest felt her back being touched and seconds later, Paul who was sat in front of her on the stairs, had his hand touched. Darran also picked up on a sheriff. 

Charlotte was also picked up on the stairs and on looking towards the porch area; a shadow could be seen in front of the other room door at the other end standing in the porch way outside the kitchen by Dave. When I went to this area, although I couldn't see the shadow myself, I could feel its presence around me and the porch area became very dark.

We then went into the base room which was the carpeted meeting room. This room had a nice feel to it. There was no noise contamination in here and a nice room to investigate. We had positive K2 hits in this room. An Amelia was picked up who turned out to be one of the guests grandmother who has recently passed. A shadow walked passed Darran. As there were no outside windows in this room, we quickly acknowledged that this wasn't the shadow of anyone outside. Again on being asked questions and to answer yes or no via the
K2, spirit did for us. Once guest could feel extreme cold and as though something was standing behind her. The group were holding hands and again, then started to rise. There were a lot of different energies in this room. Three of them being children. They were cousins and would play tricks on other people living in the house. Paul's leg was pulled and others could feel themselves either getting cold or itchy. The names Ann / Charlotte and Elizabeth (Betty) were coming through. In the middle of the circle, more than one person could see something move across the floor in front of them which appeared to be rat size (I hasten to add, there are no rats in the building, but that's what it looked like)

The last vigils took place in the far end downstairs room and then moved back upstairs where taps and shuffling could be heard coming from the staircase. The laser grids both died after only a few minutes use despite them both having new batteries in them.

Unfortunately, the EVPS didn't pick up a lot due to the location of the building and noise contamination from outside. Video footage brought up a few good orbs but other than that, not a lot collected as a lot of car headlights were shining through the windows