Investigation Log of Station Hotel Dudley 10th November

Investigation times:  10pm -3am  

Weather:  dry

Before we even set up Dave picked up on a Jeremy and then a Jimmy in the bathroom of room 217. In room 214, the room felt heavy and there was a stale smell of sweat which would come and go. Lorraine could also hear footsteps walking across the ballroom.

Once the guests arrived, we split them into 2 groups with Darran, Dave and I taking our group upstairs to the bedrooms. We started off initially in room 217. A Martha was picked up as well as Jimmy again. Dave picked up the surname of Clitheroe. There were K2 hits to questions. George was also picked up who wasn't a nice energy. He didn't want to communicate with Darran. The batteries died on the evp after 17 secs (brand new batteries)

We then moved onto room 214 were again the K2 was going off. On taking a photo, there is a mist between two of the guests sat on the bed. I took another photo straight afterwards and there is no mist. It isn't a reflection from anything and no one else took a photograph at the same time. A male energy was picked up by the window and the energy of a chambermaid walked past Dave.  Darran picked up on a male named Patrick who was answering questions via the K2. Taps were also heard coming from near the bathroom. We also had the feeling of someone being in the bath and the bath falling through the floor as well as someone hanging.

Meanwhile, Paul and Lorraine took their group down to the cellars initially to the barrel chute end. Here they had K2 hits and heard footsteps. Some guests felt very cold whilst others felt hot. The torch switched don by itself. George was picked up who answered questions via the K2. A Catherine as well as a child who was aged around 7. This child was very shy.  On moving into the chute room, they saw flashes of light and slight taps were heard. Paul picked up on a Stan who was a miner but of chalk or limestone.

The guests then went off to conduct their own lone investigations. In one part of the cellar, a little boy named Danny came through who was 6 yrs old. His mother was a chambermaid. He had died from an illness around his chest area. Believed to have had a heart condition. A female energy then came onto the planchette who stayed at the hotel. She was a singer.

We then went off to conduct our second vigils with our groups. Myself, Darran and Dave took ours down to the cellars initially down to the barrel chute end. Whilst here, myself and Darran picked up on the energy of a little boy who stated he was Thomas. He is 7-8 yrs old. He didn't want to come too near to us preferring to stay just around the corner. Darran then threw the cat ball around the corner and asked Thomas to move it if he could.
Despite there being no draught in that part of the cellar and the floor being even, approx a minute later, we heard and it's also been picked up on the evp a whistle and then straight after, the bell in the cat ball ringing as the ball is moved. We then moved on up to the far end of the tunnels by the heating pipes. Once up here, we heard 2 whimpers and Darran picked up on a Benjamin.  The energy of a 17 yr old girl called Emily then is picked up by myself who is wearing a long dress with white apron. She is of the time period of around 1810. She is very anxious and appears to be running from someone. We then pick up that the male energy George that stays down in the cellars is a bit of a sex pest chasing the girls and molesting them.

Paul and Lorraine took their group upstairs to the bedrooms.
In room 214, whilst a guest was sat in the bath, a small pebble was thrown in there. She heard it drop and land between her legs. It was nowhere near her feet and she had smooth soled shoes on so wasn't caught in her shoes. As I say she actually heard it land after she had been sat in there around 10 mins. There were K2 hits and taps heard. A James was picked up as well as a singer called Annie. She comes in visitation. Her real name was Nancy. Annie is her stage name. she is in her 50s and very slightly built with salt and pepper hair. Several of the guests had feelings of headaches and backache after several requests to spirit to put something on them. They were also shivery and tingling. One guest was touched whilst in the bathroom.

The guests then went off again to conduct their own lone vigils. On the stage, a Bill was picked up who was a night porter. He was married to Mary and was 86 when he died. A Marlene was also picked up who was a guest at the hotel. She comes in visitation. One of the guests felt another female presence and felt cold and had a pressure on the back of her head. The planchette started moving when dancing was mentioned. The female was in her 20s and married. Her husband went off to war however they had a long and happy marriage. The guest then became very emotional and began to cry. She couldn't explain why.

In room 214, some of the guests were experiencing sharp pains in the front of their heads.

For the last vigil of the night, everyone gathered in the bigger room in the cellars. The K2s were going off and there were good temperature fluctuations. Energy came too close to Darran who had to leave the room running for fear of being sick if he stayed. As the vigil continued, other team members began to feel sick. We then heard the sound of footsteps walking along the cellars outside the room. I went to the door and looked out. There
was no one down the cellars. I even then went out to check some of the tunnels but no one was there. The footsteps were picked up on the evp. Also picked up and heard at the time is a whistle clear as day. There were also moans and groans heard. Lorraine felt someone touch her arm and shadows are seen standing in the corner.

Once the guests left, the team stayed down the cellars for another couple of hours where we saw shadows to the left of the barrel chute. Dave / Paul also saw something dart out of the storage room and back in. however there was nothing there on checking.

Once we went to bed, Paul and Lorraine stated that they heard the cat ball move. However unfortunately, this wasn't picked up on the evp. However they both state that it was by the bathroom door when they went to bed. Neither got out of bed during the 4 short hours they were in it but when they got up in the morning, the ball was nowhere to be seen. I eventually found it right at the back of the wardrobe (under it)

In our room, room 214, Darran felt a weight sit on the bed as if a bum sat on it as as it did so, his feet were forced across the bed as If they had been in the way.

On him then going downstairs in the morning. He was the only one on the stairs and the only other person around was the receptionist 2 floors down who wouldn't have known he was on the stairs. However on walking down the stairs, he heard a female say to him "Hiya" as "she "walked passed him.

Evps picked up were, in the barrel room, a cough, a sigh, footsteps outside in the tunnel and a whistle.

In room 214, various knocks and banging are heard. Along the barrel chute end of the tunnels, a female moaning is heard as well as someone whistling and the sound of the cat ball moving. Along the far end of the cellar tunnels near the boiler end, sniffs have been picked up as well as the sound of someone shuffling around. A small voice like a Childs can be heard saying "mam" and the sound of footsteps like hard boots on wood can be heard.

On the video there are a few interesting orbs in the bedrooms as well as down in the cellars. One orb was outside the barrel chute room at the same time we heard the footsteps outside. Other than that, not a lot has been captured.