Investigation log of Station Hotel Dudley Sat 14th April


Weather: Cold and dry

Vigil times: 10pm - 3am

Prior to us starting the evening, we went for a wander around the cellars as a team just to decide where cameras would be placed etc and whilst down there Fran this time was either pinched or bitten by something as she had the imprints of teeth / nails in her arm which remained red for quite some time (I say this time as if you read the previous log from January when we were last there, Paul was attacked and covered in welts and scratches
in the cellars)

In the base room, Fran and Loraine picked u on a Mary Anne who was 43 years old. She would come to the station as she liked to dance there with her husband. She went there with her husband. She's at the hotel all the time but didn't like the team being there. She is described as being blonde with shoulder length hair. Her clothing could be heard swishing on the wooden floor.

Up on the top floor landing, Leanne got the feeling that she wanted to swing her legs over the banister rail and let herself fall.

When the guests arrived, we split into two groups with half coming with the girls and the rest going with Paul and Darran.

We girls took our group to the far end of the cellars next to the barrel Shute. The K2 meter was constantly going on and lighting up to at least amber and red on numerous occasions. A George came through who wasn't a pleasant spirit and was to do with the murder of a couple of girls in the hotel Mary Ann being one of them. People felt hot and cold in the circle. In going into one of the side rooms, a William came through. He was a little boy aged 5 who worked in the hotel alongwith his father. We then moved down to the far other end of the cellars, getting guests to take turns in sitting on a chair on their own in the dark at the far end whilst we stayed at the other end asking spirit to affect them in some way. They would feel a presence behind them and the feelings of being touched. Shadows could also be seen moving around

Paul and Darran took their group into the conveyor belt room. A Stanley who came across as being a lime miner from the 1840s was in the room. He was described as being rotund and wore a cloth cap. George, Emma/Emily were also picked up. Emily was 10yrs old. One guest at this time felt chest pains and heart palpitations. Cold draughts were felt and their legs were cold. Photos taken were capturing orbs as well as mists being seen and shadows.

The guests all then went off to do their own investigations for an hour. Two guests picked up on a little boy called Thomas. Elizabeth a woman came through and showed one of the female guests that she was raped and at the same time, the guest who was sat down at the time felt her legs being pulled apart. After being raped, Elizabeth was killed. Karen (guest) had the feeling of anger come across her and began shaking and felt pains in her neck as well as her arms being held down. (Story has it that one of the murdered females was killed, pushed down the barrel Shute and decapitated)

Edward also came through as well as a Mary. They got the feeling that that particular room may have been used for meetings between males and Masons became apparent.

In the restaurant, Paul and Lorraine picked up on an Emily aged 7. She was taken away as her mother had died. She liked us being there.

For the second vigil, us girls took our group again down to the far end of the cellar where again we had good K2 hits and Mary Ann came through. Lots of tapping and footsteps could be heard coming from above even though only the receptionist was now in the building as all other staff had left for the night.

In one of the small side rooms, Fran did a planchette with a couple of the guests and picked up Emily. She was thrown down the Shute as well as being raped and murdered. She was around 15-16 yrs old.

In Room 214, Mary Ann came through again. She was very pretty and was in her 20s. She wore her dark hair in a bun and was a chamber maid. She was affecting Lorraine and tickling our heads. She was putting feelings of sadness onto Lorraine. The K2 was also having good hits. One guest had her nose touched. One of the male guests went into the bathroom and had the feeling that someone was held under the water and drowned. He felt cold on the back of his head and down his back (earlier in the evening, myself and Darran
had felt the feeling of falling when stood in the bathroom. Story is that years ago, the building caught fire and the top floor collapsed onto the floors below).

Behind the stage, guests did a planchette session and picked up 5yr old William who drew them a house and tree. He likes colouring.

In room 217, on another planchette, guests who picked up Mary Ann, had that she was unable to read or write. They also picked up William again the little boy as well as a friend of his named Yeop (pronounced Yeep ) who went to school with William. Yeop wrote bye on the paper. Yeop had another friend who had links to the hotel whose stepfather drowned him in the bath.

A little boy named Jonathan (mostly called that by his mother when being told off) but known as "Johnny" came through. A male energy also made his presence felt by giving Fran and Lorraine the feeling of being pinned against the wall.

At the end of the night, some of guests came back down the cellars with the team to do a quiet vigil and picked up on footsteps, heavy breathing down by the barrel Shute and whimpering. The name Jeremy was picked up and the fact that he beat up a little boy. A WWI pilot was also picked up with the name of Lawrence and the word " incoming " said and repeated coming to our mediums. Reginald was also coming through who was like a tramp. George came forward to Paul telling him that he wanted to "cut his jib" (nautical term for the triangular sail between the mast and jib boom. Phrase used during the 19th
century. May be an allusion between the shape of the sail and the triangular shape of noses but isn't authenticated.) So in other words, he wanted to relocate Paul's nose by the sound of it.

Once the guests left, the team went down to the far dark end of the tunnel with the lone chair. By this time it was nearly 4 and getting quiet. Apart from shuffling, tapping and a couple of footsteps it was pretty quiet although Darran did feel a male presence behind him as he sat on the chair. We then went up to room 217 which had good K2 hits and the double bed seemed to vibrate when the girls sat on it. By this time, it was nearly 5 and so we decided to call it a night and went to bed. Myself Darran and Fran were in room 217. Fran couldn't get to sleep as she had 3 spirits coming to her whilst she was in bed being a female, a little boy called Tyler who kept tickling her laughing and a WWI soldier called Harry who wasn't happy as she wouldn't roll over to face him as she was tired and he kept telling her to roll onto her back and calling her rude and ignorant.

The camera footage picked up a few orbs but nothing spectacular. As for the EVPs, the ones in the cellar had footsteps and lots of taps. The one in the ballroom picked up two taps near to the machine which was placed on the stage as well as a clearing of the throat. The Machine in room 214 picked up taps as well as noises that I can only describe as sounding like one snooker ball hitting another once you've hit the initial one. In room 217, throughout the night there were sounds like someone was sitting or fidgeting in the wicker
chair that was in the room as it was creaking quite a lot.

Again, another brilliant night at the Station. Can't wait to return in November