Investigation log of Station Hotel Dudley 22nd June 2013  

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  dry and mild/ breezy

As we were setting up the cameras in the cellars, Darran and Dave saw the shadow of a little girl in the boiler end of the cellar tunnels. They could work out her shape standing in the doorway. She would then seem to walk towards the camera but on doing so, would turn into an orb which got smaller, the closer she got to the camera. Then she would move back again into the doorway and regain her bodily form.

Once the guests arrived we took them on the first vigil into room 214. One female guest in here had her head touched. The K2s were going up to red. Dave picked up on a Charlotte. There were sudden cold spots and then people would start to burn up and the temperature would fluctuate over 10 degrees within a couple of seconds.  One minute like a sauna and then comfortable. Darran picked upon the name Richard one guest felt a male stood next to her who was very tall and seemed to be standing over her. He wasn't a nice energy. A little girl called Emily then came through and was turning on the torch. On being asked via the spirit box to say how old she was, the reply came through as "2 ". Darran then asked if
spirit could give their name, the reply was "PETE" Dave then asked any children in the room if they knew who he was. "DAVE "was said on the box. As they began to ask other questions the room suddenly became almost unbearable with the heat and the heaviness as a George came through. Straight away they heard the words "GET OUT "then "LEAVE "on the spirit box. He has a very deep commanding voice. When one of the male guests asked "do you want us to leave? "Another male voice which was softer came through the box stating "CARRY ON ". Other conversations via the spirit box were when Dave asked a spirit called John to confirm that it was john speaking by saying the number three. Just after he said "THREE". Then a Child's voice is heard to say "6". Darran and Dave ask them to say hello. Just after, two separate voices, a little child (boy) and an older male
simultaneously say "HELLO". Dave then asks the spirit of Emily how old she is. A little voice comes through saying "2". On asking her to confirm her age again, the reply is "WHAT?"

The guests all then went off to conduct their own lone vigils. In the scrying room in the cellars, some took it in turns to scry. One male had his facial features change so that his eyes were closer together. He had a moustache and a higher wider forehead. He also had a prominent chin and looked late 50s. His eyebrows where thicker and his lips were thin and turning downwards. The guests stated that he had a "snooty "appearance.

On a female trying she had a curved fringe and looked a lot older than her 20s looking more in her 60s. She had sunken eyes and looked troubled about something. Her head had a pointy appearance and she had tired eyes which were heavy. On the third member of their group trying it, she turned again into an older male. She had sunken eyes and a narrow moustache. This male had hamster features but with thin lips and prominent chin... this male was older. His lips were sunken as if he had no teeth. His nose was also upturned.

Elsewhere in the cellars, one of the guests had a family friend give him a message on the planchette by spelling out her name, the initials of one of his relatives and also sending a message just for him. She did this on two separate occasions, telling him the same thing both times as if to confirm what she was telling him. Another guest had a relative come through who had passed in 1977. This left the guest shocked.

In the small room with chair and candle, one of the male guests sat in there on his own and had his head touched and his face stroked. In the same room, the torch turned on for a female guest and the candle would flicker on request although there were no draughts.

Coming out of the gas room, another guest was pushed by the backside out of the door of the room.

Again in the scribing mirror, one of the gents tried to have an imprint on the mirror and came across as being a male in his 40s from the 1930s / 1940s era. He had a slim face and moustache. He was very proud and seemed to be wearing a cravat. He gave the impression that he was a member of the aristocracy. He lived nearby and came to have a drink at the hotel. He was giving us the feeling that he was a merchant banker.

In the boiler end of the cellars, the knocking block alarm went off twice when no one was up that end of the tunnels. On both occasions either I or guests ran up to find it however I didn't see anyone who could've touched it. Other guests tried the investigator board and had the initial S given as well as a 6 and 0. Another head her head touched a couple of times whilst down there. There were also various knocks and taps which weren't the
pipes cooling etc.

In the gas room one guest was touched, had her hair stroked as well as her ear.

For the second investigation, we took everyone down to the chute room initially. The K2sw were all going up to red simultaneously. A jack came through who worked at the building on the site before it was the station hotel. It was an abattoir. He gave the impression that he worked there as a labourer rather than a butcher.  He was in his late teens. One guest picked up on horses and straw. (Which was good as the morning after, we found out that people would take their horses with them as it was used as a coaching house and the hotel had a livery for them).  A "Geoff "then came through on the spirit box. One of the guests then had her head touched on the side and the spirit of the little girl Emily replied "YES" when asked if it was her setting off the lights.

On then taking them to the gas room, again the K2s were going off up to red and sprit were touching the guests. The Ouija board was going around in the circles and we worked out that that it was a child on the board and couldn't spell.

On the guests again going off on their own vigils again, one female guest felt fluttering in her hair in room 214 and on going down to the gas room; she then had pins and needles in her legs.

Another female guest is heard to refuse to go back into room 214 as she didn't like the feeling in the room. Others were getting the planchette moving but spirit wouldn't engage in conversation on it. Instead, they tried speaking to spirit through the K2. Spirit didn't like one of the male guests sitting in the chair but would allow the females in the room to sit in
it. He didn't think it was right that a male would leave the ladies standing. At the same time, one of the female guests in this small group had her head touched. Spirit wanted the male guest to get out of the chair.  The spirit which was male and the same spirit who had been standing over the same female guest earlier in the night during the first vigil, wanted them to stay with him.

At the barrel chute, two guests asked for various things to happen and they did. On asking spirit to blow out the candle, it flickered. On asking for the K2 to light up, it did. Spirit also moved the pointer on the investigator board when asked.

In the gas room guests were getting good action on the planchette. This is the conversation they had.

"Can you tell us your name"? …….. "Y"?

"Is that your name? " ………… "NO"

"Give me the letters of you name"  …………. "Y"?

Do you know what I'm asking?  "YES"

 They ascertain that spirit has two messages for one person in the room and pointed the pointer to that person. On being asked who the message is from? It spells "J  ... A.L.L.E.N. one of the guests knew a J. Allen. On being asked if they have a message it spells "M.A.P. …A.T….B...W"

Is your message about a map? ……. "YES"

Do you know someone at the table? "YES"

Do you know her from work?"NO"

Are you a relative?    "YES"

Then the initials RG are spelt out.  This person had died when they were in their mid twenties. At this point one of the male guests thought the person was in the RAF. However another guest seemed to know who it was on the board. (It was strange that he picked up on RAF as we have a had a pilot picked up down there at one of our previous investigations at the Station)

This spirit had a message which they spelt out as being "H.O.P.E Y.O.U….F.E.E.L….L.O.V.E."

For the last vigils, firstly we took everyone down to the barrel chute. Here the torch turned itself on 3 times in a roll when Darran asked for it and then on subsequently turning it off. It would fade when Darran walked towards it but as he backed off, it would dim again. A young female was picked up who was moving a pendulum and again they had K2 hits. There seemed to be a little boy messing around whose name is Billy. He informed us that he was Emily's older brother. Both Emily and Billy see the spirit of George and they find him scary. They don't know Mary - Ann who we've picked up on down there previously.
An Elisabeth is also then picked up. Dave and Darran both see a white shadow on
the right hand side near the chute steps by the barrels.  A whistle is heard .it's not George and he refuses to whistle for us. Emily looks forward to the team going down there to see
her.  The small 360 evp which was place firmly on a tripod on top of a barrel then somehow fell over but fell over against the weight of us. We tried to reproduce it later but couldn't. On going through the evidence, we have found that within the space of only a minute, the
360 fell over as well as turning off. The torch turned on when Darran walked back from the 360, and on getting back to his camera found that the camera had turned off. Then the EVP machine that had been recording all night, turned off too. Obviously someone was playing games with us. !! As Darran was going back and fore he caught on the 360 evp a little girl giggle.

On then moving on down to the boiler end chute, lots of cold draughts could be felt and guests felt cold. A smell of someone who was unwashed was then smelt which was a potent BO smell. A sweet smelt was also smelt.

Once the guests left the three of us then went back down there just to sit quiet and see what or who was down there. In the barrel chute, the k2s were going up to red and we had it confirmed that Mary Ann was down there, we heard clicking sounds coming from the chute itself. And then a female softly saying " SSSHHHH " we could then hear a female humming quietly as well as women talking amongst themselves further down the tunnels. As we went to leave for the night, we then heard louder talking between two or three women as if they were chatting whilst going about their work, it was very distinct although we couldn't work out what they were saying.

EVPs caught:

In the barrel chute end, a female moan is picked up. On us starting the final vigil down there, just after Dave takes the guest down that end, he says something and then straight afterwards, a young female voice sounding only early teens says "WOULD YOU LIKE TO SIT DOWN??" This voice is a different pitch and doesn't match any of the voice pitches of the female guests in the area at that time.

In the boiler end of the cellars, the knocking block alarm goes off twice when you hear that no one is near it. There is also the really loud noise of the door slamming nearby however all the doors down there were left open. This was when we would've been upstairs during the first investigation in room 214. No one else went down there.  There is then the sound of a glass being moved nearby. The only glass near the EVP was the one with the candle standing in it by the table. There were also shuffling footsteps picked up

In room 214, there are various Knocks and taps as well as the sound of the wood on the chair in the corner by the dressing table creaking as if someone sits on it. When guests are in the room doing lone vigils one of them hears knocking coming from under the bed. This knocking is picked up on the evp. When the room was completely empty, there were various knocks, taps and bangs from within the room. There was no reason for this.

In the small room down the cellars which housed nothing bar a chair and a candle, there were strange knocks and taps within the room. There was also the sound of creaking wood as if someone had sat in the chair

In the gas room there's the sound of something being dragged along the floor.

As for video footage picked up, apart from the shadows mentioned earlier, we only had a couple of orbs and flashes of light in the early hours whilst the cameras were still running and we had all gone to bed.  

A really good and interesting night.