Investigation Log of Station Hotel Dudley Saturday 29th March 2014


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and mild

Before the guests, Lorraine was in the kitchen getting water for the urn when she noticed a shadow walking along the far end of the room. Then when both I and Lorraine were outside the front porch area talking, we both heard someone near us clap. I went around the corner and there was no one there. I also looked out onto the road to see if there was anything on the road which maybe a car had run over, but again, nothing was there. Paul also felt a male energy in room 214 whilst he was in there alone. He described him as being in his 50s, around 5ft8 tall and very slim. He had short hair on top which was cut over the ears but shoulder length at the back

Once everyone arrived, we took everyone down to the cellars and conducted a group investigation in the old barrel chute room. In here, we picked up on a male energy who answered questions on the K2s as well as the teddy bear K2. He was a singer who visited the hotel and stated that his photo graces the hotel entrance hall. Guests could also smell the smell of tobacco. Paul was feeling a cold draught although no one else nearby could feel it. One guest picked up on Bing Crosby's name. Others then could smell tobacco as it started to go around the circle.paul picked up on a male in his 60s who wore a flat cap and was called Bill. He wore braces. It turned out that it was one of the guest's granddad.

There were cold breezes felt by guests. Darran then turned on the spirit box and when Darran asked them to use it to say their name we had "BILL "and then "ANNE "or "STAN". We then got a small hello so when I asked to have it said again clearer; we had a "HE. . . LLO" a lot clearer and a lot louder. Another guest could feel her face being touched and the name James.  Then the spirit box came up with the name of "SAMUEL "followed by "MUMFORD" we asked if this was his surname and it said "NO".  Paul then saw a shadow going across the room. The energy of a little boy was then picked up. When we asked for a bang from them, there was a knock from behind one of the guests.

Then everyone split up to conduct their own lone investigations

In the gas room, two different groups of guests had some good information told on it. The first group, had a male energy come through called Ewan who informed them that his body was found in the hotel, he had died there following an accident. He was 29 when he died in 1919. He was visiting the hotel and was drunk. He fell down the stairs. It was an accident and no one else was involved. He had 2 children a son aged 9 and a daughter aged 2 whose name began with an E. He's happy and not stuck at the hotel but is there in visitation. He no longer has family living in Dudley

In the small room in the cellars, on a planchette a group of guests picked up on a female called Victoria. She didn't like her name to be shorted. She was a singer at the hotel in the 1870s. She came from Ireland and is 17. She's happy.

In the boiler end, on the board, a male energy came onto the board and kept saying hello but would only speak when females were on the board. Wouldn't say anything when a male joined the board. One of the guests then felt she was being pushed back and fore and then the knocking block alarm went off. Needless to say, the bid a hasty retreat at this. Another group asked spirit to make a noise and the knocking block alarm went off. They asked spirit if he wanted to speak to them and he said no and wanted them to leave.

In room 214, guests had their pendulums moving. One male guest apparently saw something in the room but wouldn't tell the person who was with him what it was but just wanted to leave the room.

We then all split up into 2 groups with myself and Darran taking one half to investigate room 214 and Paul and Lorraine investigating room 217. Paul got the name of Arthur come though and Lorraine had a bad chest as though Arthur had suffered from chest problems. There were taps and some hits on the K2. A female energy of a little girl was also picked up.

In room 214, myself and Darran had a female in the room. We had K2 hits and one guest had her leg touched and not long after someone tapped me on the head. Another guest had her lower back touched.  Some of us then heard a groan. Then we all swapped rooms.

In room 214, there were taps on request and Lorraine felt as though she was falling when she stood in the bathroom and had to leave. They also had good K2 hits. Guests were feeling really cold

Meanwhile in room 217, myself and Darran group had the teddy touched a couple of times as the light went off on his head and we heard a whistle and a couple of taps. Other than that, it was quite quiet in here.


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own lone vigils

In the gas room in the cellar, a group of guests on the board picked up on a female called Lorraine. She was 19 and married with 2 children both boys aged 2 and 6. Her husband was good to her. She died in 1913 from Spanish flu. She is also at the hotel in visitation. She was able to spell out the names of the women sat around the table.

Again in the small room with the planchette, a Victoria was picked up. She had come over from Ireland with her family but whilst she was happy and stayed, they went back. She had two older sisters. Victoria worked at the hotel as a chambermaid and lived in lodgings elsewhere in town. Stated that she was having an affair with a married man who worked at the hotel. She was pregnant and ended up telling his wife.  She doesn't realise that she's dead

On the stage, guests using a pendulum picked up on the first Victoria who had come through in the gas room earlier I believe as she stated she was a singer.

For the last vigil, Paul and Lorraine initially went to the barrel chute. The torch turned on for the first time in the night. A male's groan can be heard. Lorraine picked up on an Elizabeth. John in the room heard a sigh; others heard a whistle and one of the guests picked upon the name of Sarah. Guest was poked in the back

Darran and I went to the boiler end of the cellars. A male's presence was felt but he didn't want to come close to us. We had the teddy touched a couple of times but apart from that, it was quiet.

Everyone swapped over.

Darrans group down the barrel chute end had a guest see a shadow and footsteps were heard

Meanwhile Paul and Lorraine's group heard a couple of whistles and taps and picked up on a female


Once we went to bed, things didn't end there. In room 217, Lorraine kept feeling a female energy in the room and ended up with a bad night's sleep as this female wasn't really letting her go to sleep. Meanwhile, Kev who was in room 214 with me and Darran and actually only 3 ft away from me in his bed, had his pillow tugged from under his head. It wasn't me I promise!!

EVPS / digital recordings picked up were:

In the gas room in the cellars, a whistle is heard when no one's down there and when guests are talking, a male voice is heard to mumble under them. There were only women in the room at the time

In room 214, there's a strange sound like something coming unstuck. It's almost as if you had a door that sticks and that sucking, sticking sound you get when you open it. However the door was fine and everyone was downstairs at the time it happens.

In the boiler end of the cellars, footsteps could be heard walking at a fast pace. Also the knocking block alarm goes off for no reason and nothing is heard before it. This is when Kev made his quick exit from the other end of the cellars.

In room 217, males heard to cough when no one is near the room.  There is another noise later on like something coming unstuck but I can't work out what caused it.

As for video, a few interesting orbs were picked up especially in the small room with the book case where people were picking up on Victoria. There's also a good one next to Paul by his legs when he says he feels cold on our first vigil in the barrel room. There's another one in the boiler end but apart from that, quite quiet