tettenhall towers investigation log

Investigation log of Tettenhall towers Saturday 5th September 2015

Investigation times: 10pm- 3am

Weather: dry and mild


Whilst doing the introductions to the group in the theatre we were hearing knocks and taps from the back of the stage as well as the team and some of the guests hearing what sounded like a Childs voice.

We first started in the theatre on the stage. I picked up on a Martha and we were getting good responses on the K2 when i mentioned this name. She confirmed she was with us and that she is 12. Darran was picking up on a male called Malcolm up on the rigging above us. A male was also seen in the window above the stage in the stairwell (this apparently has happened regularly previously) and his shadow was seen up there a couple of times whilst we were on the stage. Footsteps were being heard from the balcony and shadows moving along the walls. However no one was moving inside the building and on checking, no one was outside casting any shadows through the windows. On getting everyone into a circle, one guest had her legs go cold and others felt their arms go heavy. Darren B had a pain in his left shoulder. The knocking block which had been placed on the top of the piano on the main floor in front of the stage rather than the stage itself went off. Darran and Colin could both hear voices and whispering through their headphones, Kev and Colin then heard a "SHHH" from the room and then the torch was turning on and off and then was just flashing. Mumbling could be heard and when i asked out if spirit wanted us to leave, Kev swears he heard "get out "being said from somewhere in the room. He also picked up that the colonels surname mayve been Hughes


Everyone went off to do their own investigations:

In the doll's house, various taps and knocks could be heard and the EVP turned itself off on Colin. Sounds of a foot scraping could be heard and the K2s were going off.

On the balcony, KeVs batteries were draining and when i was in there on my own, i could hear footsteps on the other end of the balcony. Other guests could smell very sweet pipe smoke

In the main cellars, guests heard a loud bang which scared them and no one was nearby to have made the noise. Another group then went into the cellar and tried a planchette. A male came through who worked in the building and when they asked for a name, he gave the initial of what looks like an "A". Others heard a sound like a rope being pulled.


For the second investigation, we took everyone into the main cellars. Firstly, we went into the condemned cell. Some guests tried a planchette and made contact with an Isabelle who had been held prisoner before being hung here. An Annalisa was also picked up. The planchette then went dead. Darran picked up on a male being in the room in the corner. He picked up that this male was quite menacing and almost growling

We moved to the other end of the cellar by the steps to nowhere.   We tried the spirit box and the first word came through which sounded like "BASTARD" followed by "AGGGHH". A female voice then came through which sounded like she said "IZZY"

A male then came through and said "GET"............. "BURN YOU "......... then "COL" or "COCK "

The k2s were going off and then a different voice came on saying "OOH HELLO ". Some of the team then heard a cough followed by footsteps back around near the condemned cell.


Everyone again went back to do their own lone vigils.

In the colonels room- some tried a planchette and brought through a male who had 3 sons and no daughters. He likes women as you can control them. He's proud people are interested in his life.  He likes the theatre and doesn't like the school.  He wanted to speak to the group as they worked in a school for special needs as one of his sons had needs. His eldest sons name began with an O. He didn't live there but was sent away due to his needs.  Although he didn't want to speak to the males in the group, he didn't want them to leave either. He then drew them a flower. He wasn't horrible to his servants, he treated them well.

In the prayer room, a male was present. Darren B demanded a name and the board spelt out "Calm "before "C...E...M"

In the main cellars atthe condemned steps end, guests tried a pendulum but spirit didn't want to communicate and wanted them to leave. One guest had a very uneasy feeling in this part


For the third investigations we started up in the doll's house.

I put the knocking block into the far room which is reached only by a foot wide gap in the wall which unbelievably, i managed to squeeze through!!!  I put it at the far end towards the back wall and everyone else went and sat in the next room. The knocking block went off for no reason. We could then hear males talking. we thought that it may be Colin and Darren B as they had gone off to stand outside the Colonels room on their own however we then worked out that where they were was actually at the other end of the building and two floors down and so couldn't possibly be them. I knocked on the floor 5 times. A few seconds later, there were 4 taps back.

Darran again tried the spirit box. I asked about a Tilly as that was the name i was getting. The box said "YEAH". A male then came onto the box saying "AN ADULT ". Again a male came back on and either gave the name of "NATHANIEL "or said "LEANNE YOULL "(ill have to get darran to clean it up to make it clearer.)  The same voice then said "HAUNTED ". I asked if it was haunted when they were there and there was a reply which sounds like "A LONG TIME AGO ".

One of the guests then pointed to her leg. She was sat with her hands in her lap, legs crossed and didn't move her hands or arms as she didn't want to touch anything in the room due to the dust however, there was a perfect set of handprints on her leg. I was sat next to her and i can confirm that it definitely wasn't me that had touched her leg.


We finally took everyone down to the back cellars to the side of the stage in the theatre, taking the back stairs as the quickest route. In the first room, the K2 was going up to red on numerous occasions. I felt very heavy chested and had a headache.

On going into the room next door, again the k2s were going off. One guest felt really hot and a strange growl was heard which at first i thought was someone's belly but everyone stated that their belly hadn't grumbled. I then went freezing cold. I was at this point sat in the corner where an apparition had been seen only weeks before. A male presence was picked up. He doesn't like the way the building looks now as a school and they have ruined the whole look of the place. The k2s were going mad when darran was asking about it. We believe that this male was the colonel. He stated that his wife is also in the building and again the K2s were going off. One guest picked up on the name of Eleanor. At this the k2s went up to red.

Whilst all this was happening, Colin and Darren B were both in the main entrance hall by the colonel's room with various cameras set up in the area that they saw an apparition walk along the hall only a month before. As they were stood there, they heard a click. They didn't think anything of it but then at that minute, the camera light turned off plunging the area into darkness and the REM DD went off picking up on static and something being near it. As Colin went to investigate, the light turned back on again and the REM stopped. They think that the initial click was the sound of the camera actually being turned off.

A really interesting night


EVPS caught were:

In the far end dolls house room, there's the sound of an exhalation of breath as well as quite a few taps and knocks

In Mrs Jacksons room just above the main entrance, there's again lots of taps and knocks from in the room and at one point the sound of a female voice although it can't be worked out what is said

On the stage when we are conducting the first vigil, when I'm talking there's a faint female voice which sounds to say "yesss" which on a different frequency to anyone else in the group as well as a child that says "mmmm"

In the stage end cellars when no one is down there and we are all in the other main cellars at the other end of the building, there's noises like someone's walking around in there as well as moving around / shuffling and at one point it sounds like a key being turned in the door although as i say, no ones in either of those rooms


In the main cellars in the condemned cell, there's a sound like rustling of papers within the room when everyone was up in the doll's house. There's also a whistle heard as well

At the other end of the cellars near the condemned steps, there's a whistle heard

In the doll's house there's strange knocks and bumps and at one point when i know everyone was down in the cellars, it sounds like something is being dropped up there although no one is heard coming up into the room