Investigation log, Feathers Ludlow 4th Feb 2012

Weather:  Snowing

Vigil time: 10pm - 5am

Before we even started the night, whilst setting up a table tipping table in room 212, as I (Leanne) lifted a small side table and carried it across the room, a ceramic teapot, flew off the dressing table and smashed on the floor!! Was this the sign of things to come for the night?

It was a small group and so we decided to do things a little differently in that we did 3 vigils with the group only splitting them up the once so that we were able to cover using a lot more of the tools with them . They also had time to go off on their own to do their own lone vigils.

Vigil 1:  Darran and Leanne led a quiet session in room 211 (this is the room whereby historically, females have been pulled from the bed during the night) which was also our room for the night. We were getting positive K2 hits and a male named Richard came through. Prior to us starting the vigils, unknown to myself, Darran and Lorraine had both gone into the bathroom and could smell smoke as though there had been a fire. The females in our group felt uneasy about the bathroom and Richard whose energy wasn't the most pleasant ever experienced didn't assist it as he told us "whores" to leave (delightful) anyway, feeling brave, I decided I would go and sit on the loo in the dark and almost instantly, the whole right hand side of my face felt like it was on fire. The other half of me, felt ok.
However there was no radiator anywhere near that side as the only thing to the right was the bath which at times, you could just make out the outline of and at other times, the room would darken becoming pure black and so you couldn't see anything. I then sent Louise into the bathroom (not telling her anything) and after a few minutes, she came out and had experienced the same as I had. Richard (the male spirit) didn't like females in the room at all as it was HIS bedchamber. He especially didn't like the fact that Louise and one of our female guests were lying on the bed. He made their legs feel tingly although Lou then had the feeling of a heaviness pushing down on her from the legs up almost pushing her into the bed. She states that she couldn't move at all. She then opened her eyes and had the sensation that a ceiling or something similar was just millimetres from her face and she felt trapped. (we then had a spirit energy come through showing us a little girl who had had some of the building fall on her trapping her ( possibly during the fire we are not sure). the whole bed felt to the both of them that it was pulsating. We all had the feeling of our top halves being hot but our legs being cold.

Meanwhile, next door in room 212, Paul picked up on a "Mr Potter" who had died from a fall after becoming dizzy. He gave the feeling of having high blood pressure. A female named Margaret also came into the room who didn't like females being in the room as she is extremely jealous of them. Her husband had had affairs and so all women are a threat to her. Children also came into the room one being Lottie who was playing with other children in the building. A little boy didn't really want to interact but did manage to touch a couple of guests in the group. Lottie meanwhile was able to light up the lights on command on the K2 and hold onto female guests hands. One male guest felt heaviness in his legs and a white light was seen to shoot across the floor. The glass left on the table, moved across it.

Second Vigil: we had the guests stand in a circle holding hands in order to gather the energy as well as using the rope. People had the feeling of sickness, cold, hot, and footsteps could be heard from above (being room 211 our room however, no one was up there as we were all in the writing room doing the vigil) the steps were walking to and fro across the room. Previously in the writing room, on two occasions, Darran and Paul had heard the toilet flush in the room and the sound like the cistern refilling and again, no one was in the room.  People felt their legs go cold and felt tingling all over. An American military came known as "Herb" came through. He turned the K2 lights to amber when requested.

The third vigil, we conducted as a group in front of the fire in the James 1 room doing a quiet callout. Various persons in the group began suffering various symptoms such as being freezing cold despite being in a warm cosy room. Others had the feeling of headaches, aching sinuses like they were suffering from sinusitis. The feeling of sickness. So much so that unusually for me as I never get it to such a degree, I had to leave the room as I had an overwhelming feeling that I really would be sick if I stayed. I didn't return to the room (just started packing up the base room)

Lone Vigils: everyone went off into various rooms using various tools of the trade in order to see if they got anything.

Two guests picked up on a little girl called Laura in the base room.  On the backstairs at the rear of the base room, I picked up with the pendulum a little girl called Clarissa. She liked us being there and was happy.

In the writing room, a Phillip came through as well as a Royalist soldier who had died in his 70s. He felt attached to one of the female guests as she reminded him of his wife. There were 4 spirits picked up in the room. Some had a negative feeling but no one felt threatened at any time. On being asked if Margaret from upstairs was in the room, the planchette went to the male in the group. Phillip was holding the negative energy back. Later in the same room, a Betty Jenkins came onto the planchette. She and her husband Charlie had a tempestuous relationship where they were always fighting. He went off to war in 1916 to Belgium. Betty had worked at the hotel. When asked if Charlie was with her, she gave the impression that she didn't care if he was there or not. The one person that she missed was her little boy Frank who had been 3 yrs old when he died of a chest complaint. She died in 1930 when she was 64.

In the James 1 room, a George Henry came through. He was a chief of the police  in Shropshire and didn't like the fact that women are in the police force as officers now (certainly wouldn't like me then) he wanted us women to leave the room as it was mostly a meeting room for the men where they would play cards / smoke etc. it wasn't a place for women. He used to frequent the hotel in the 1840s which was a happy time for him. He passed in 1871. Although the room was lovely and warm courtesy of a burning fire in the hearth, our legs were freezing.

Once the rest of the guests had either gone home or gone to bed, we decided to go back into room 212 ( Paul and Lorraine's room ) to have another team session of table tipping where we picked up again on Margaret, Mr Potter and the children in the room. Shadows came across the door jam and footsteps could be heard outside the door although no one was there. The bed felt to Paul that someone was led or sat behind him as his body felt as though it wanted to go into a dip made by someone on the bed.

As for EVPS, in the writing room, the EVP machine although having full batteries, decided that it would turn itself off on 2 occasions. However, these occasions coincided with the vigils that we held in the room. When no one was in there, it worked perfectly. As soon as a group got in there, it would turn off. On the first instance, just prior to it turning off, you hear very faint footsteps. So unfortunately we haven't captured ANY of the vigils on this EVP.

As for video footage, we have a few orbs captured especially in the bedrooms however the most unusual is an orb which appears when Paul and Lorraine are asleep in bed. It starts over the bed and works its way over the end towards the floor and then comes back up again getting bigger as it comes towards the camera however, the whole time it's moving, it's also flashing and getting brighter with each flash.

It was a really interesting night. The rooms were fantastic with a fantastic atmosphere. We're looking forward to going back again in April (hopefully minus the snow)

Lorraine captured a photo in the lounge area which on the small screen of her camera appears to be the apparition of a man with a beard,
leaning next to the fireplace, however on the larger screen of the laptop, it
becomes less clear and we're not sure whether it IS an apparition or not.
Darran will upload it onto the website to let you decide for yourself.