the ostrich inn

Investigation Log Ostrich Inn Colnebrook 5th May 2012

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Dry and cloudy

Even when we entered the building and went upstairs, we knew that we were in for a fantastic night. This building and its spirits weren't ready to let us down

As we set up before the guests arrived, myself and Lorraine went into the Blue room which is said to be the guest room where the former landlord Jarman tipped his unsuspecting victims from their beds into a vat of boiling water / oil in the kitchen below. We sat quietly for a couple of minutes and Lorraine had the feeling of being tipped backwards. Paul then went into the room and asked Mr Jarman to give him something to prove that he was
there. Jarman informed him that he remembers one of his victims very well whom he named as being William H. He remembered him as he thought it was hilarious that when he spied on him to make sure he was asleep, the man was still wearing his pointed hat. As he was tipped into the vat, he went into it, complete with hat. Paul then asked him whether all of his victims bodies ended up in the canal to which he replied no. it would appear that he used them in pies. !!

He would not communicate any longer and this was the last we heard from Mr Jarman for the rest of the night.

A George also paced back and fore in this room and Darran picked up a male with the name of Francois de …. (Couldn't get the rest of the surname)

On the top landing just on starting to descend the stairs, Darran had a rush of something going straight through him. This made him stumble. I was on the stairs below him and saw him stumble forward.

In the main music room, it became apparent that the room had originally been two rooms. We all felt queasy in this room and couldn't stop swaying as if we were on a ship. On asking the landlord Philippe, he confirmed that some of the panelling in the room did indeed come from ships.

Once the guests arrived, as there was a lot of energy   to be felt in the music room, we decided to start off the night with a group vigil. One guest also picked up on a George
and a John as did Lorraine. This same guest had to leave the circle within a couple of minutes as she couldn't stop shaking. Other guests felt extremely hot and clammy. A roman male was picked up and when Darran mentioned to him that he was Roman, the lights on the K2 went straight up to red and Lorraine heard a male exhale loudly behind her.

By the door area, there was suddenly a very strong smell of freshly squeezed lemons. This was smelt not only by the team but also some of the guests. It couldn't be smelt anywhere else in the room and there were no air fresheners. On leaving the room, the corridor also didn't smell of anything and on confirming with the landlord, not only did he confirm that his staff didn't use lemon scented cleaning fluids but also confirmed that he also smells
lemons on occasions.

Another guest picked up on a female named Georgie. She was sitting in the far corner of the room and wore a black dress with white collar and cameo at the neck. She had her brown hair in a bun. Another felt pinpricks on his hand as though a needle was being stuck continuously into it. (On turning the lights on and checking, he had a red circle on the back of his finger in the same spot.) Also the heavy ceiling lamps appeared to be swinging
gently. We then put the torch on the table and on asking spirit to switch it on, they did. A small boy came through named William who was approx 5 yrs old. He stated that he liked to play hide and seek and had a sister.

The group then split up to do their own vigils around the building. Some stayed in the music room to do a planchette and picked up that it was the early 1600s. A female named Rowan came through who was a governess. Thomas Neave then came onto the table who stated that he had a son named William who was 4 yrs old and a daughter Mary who was 15. Mary had been abused by a clergyman who was around the same age as her father. However, she became pregnant and Thomas didn't know until she had the baby. His wife, also called Mary however, did. She didn't tell her husband and it caused a rift in their
marriage. Unfortunately, the baby died when it was only 3 days old. Thomas, trying to protect his daughter, buried the baby in one of the walls in the building and wouldn't tell his daughter what had happened to her baby. She was heartbroken and shortly after, threw herself to her death in the canal behind the Inn. Mary Jnr now sees her baby in spirit but her baby doesn't see her. She states that her baby didn't have a proper burial and hadn't even been baptised. Mary however was buried in the local churchyard. As a result, her father located the clergyman and killed him by stabbing him. Thomas cheated on his wife after this due to their marital rift. He was having an affair with a serving wench. His son William drew a dragon on the planchette.

Interestingly enough, shortly after, when discussing this with Philippe, the landlord, he states that Mr Jarman doesn't like it when Philippe goes away from the inn for any amount of time and will stir things up or cause something to happen forcing him to come home early. A short while ago, when he was away, there was a major leak going straight into the main electric box. The plumber and electrician were called in and on going up into the loft
space, whilst crawling around and ripping up boards etc, were surprised to discover that in between the back wall of the music room and the wall of the adjoining room, they found a small tiny room measuring 1 mtr by 1mtr (yes you're reading correctly) with no way in or way out i.e. no door, however, in this "room" was a small table and a chair.  No one would have ever known it was there unless they had done the works that were being carried out.

Another William also came through who was an adult. He wasn't killed at the inn but comes in visitation with one of the persons who did die there.

In the blue room, guests also doing a planchette picked up in a 12yr old girl named Olivia. She loved drawing and on being asked, drew a heart, diamond, flower, sun, and house among other drawings. She told us via the planchette that she was alive during the reign of Queen Victoria. Victoria was a young queen and pretty. Olivia lived at the inn for 8 yrs. She had a brother who was 8 yrs old who liked to play marbles. After a while, she stated she was tired and didn't want to draw anymore. On being asked if she wanted to do some maths instead, the planchette did a very strong NO. On being asked her description, she described herself as being pretty with long hair, blue eyes and wearing a pretty dress. When it was time for the group to leave the room to move elsewhere, she was sad and stated that she would go into the next room with them.

Later in the blue room, a Tom was picked up. He gave the feeling of having Bells palsy to the left side of the face.

In the ladies toilet on the stair landing, Darran picked up on a Henry Morgan who was a textile merchant from Canterbury. He had a daughter called Emma. He was one of Jarmans victims. However, they didn't find his body. He is angry about what happened to him and people sometimes see him. He wanted to show the group the office area. He goes there as he likes Philippe's energy.

On the landing, Mary Jarman came through on the planchette. She died (was hung) in the early 16th century. She also gave Lorraine the impression of being hung. She stated that there there are 12 active spirits in the building being 8 men, 3 females and one child. Guests felt cold and dizzy on the landing and Paul saw a shadow walk past him. Darran
picked up a brother / father Jonas on the landing and had the feeling of there being a priest hole nearby. (Could this be the 1mt by 1mt room that was discovered?)

Paul went into the kitchen and had his leg touched by unseen hands.

In the downstairs ladies toilet, an Edward came through with the feelings of being a dead body being laid out ready for disposal. The toilet cubicles also gave off strange feelings of being dizzy as though intoxicated. One guest felt as though she was being pushed back up against the back wall, so much so, she was arched over the sinks with her shoulders wedged up against the soap dispenser and couldn't move.

On starting the second vigil, Darran and Leanne went into the restaurant with half the guests where they picked up on a female called Kathleen and had good K2 hits. James also came through who wore a black cape and top hat as well as a Peter who came across as being a barfly.

Meanwhile, Paul and Lorraine took their group up into the blue room. Richard came through to them and stated that in total, 6 spirits were in the room with them. The glass on the glass table as well as the planchette were moving simultaneously.

James appeared to be on the glass. He was the same James who had been downstairs. He liked the ladies and in particular one of the female guests with us. On jokingly being asked if he could afford her, he quickly moved the glass towards YES on the table as he was very wealthy.

James was infatuated with one of the former landlord's wives. Although she also loved him, he wasn't aware of it. However, she became pregnant by him; his wife found out about the affair and killed both his mistress and her unborn child. He stays at the pub and doesn't want to cross over as he's happy where he is and if he was to cross over, would have to spend eternity with his wife!! So would rather stay where he is.

In the restaurant, a highwayman called Gilbert Sullivan was also picked up. He was dirty, smelt bad and gave everyone in the bar the aroma between mildew and wet saddles. He had a moustache and was extremely drunk. While Paul and his group were near the rear toilets, they could hear rustling, footsteps up and down the stairs and the sound of someone working in the office. When he went to check, no one was there. James was also picked up he had fallen off his horse due to his drunken state. He was found outside and
brought into the inn. Paul then had the feeling that one of Jarmans victims, didn't land in the vat. It was misjudged and he fell next to it. Paul had the feeling that this male had tried to run away however was unable to due to not being able to stand up straight due to his injuries ( broken ribs) He also got the feeling that Mary Jarman wasn't always happy with what was going on but did as she was told. Edward also came through with a surname beginning long… and gave the feeling of pain in the chest (heart area). On the group speaking to the spirits and asking them to tap, they did on numerous occasions. If asked to tap twice, they would. It then sounded as though something was thrown however nothing was out of place.

As a last vigil, everyone went to sit in the stairwell as it is a very active area. However, by now, as it was very late, it was quite quiet by now and apart from some flashes of light being seen on the stairs, not a lot of activity was to be had.

Once the guests had left, the team did a quick half hour in the kitchen (we were aware that the landlord had had a very long day and was praying for his bed) and had the feelings of giddiness and being pulled back. Energies could be felt all around us and it was a strange feeling. Darran also saw the shadow of a tall male walk past one of the servers and towards the glass doors. Unfortunately, as we had packed up all our kit and it happened so fast, this isn't captured.

On video, we have managed to capture a few orbs and flashes of light. EVPs have brought up a few taps and bangs that we can't explain as well as a couple of whimpers and possible voices (which will need enhancing to see what's said)

All in all a superb night. My write-ups never been so comprehensive!!  Thank you Philippe for your hospitality and we hope to see you again later in the year.