Investigation log
Ragged Cot Minchinhampton 28th Jan 2012

Weather: cold but clear

Vigil times: 11.30pm - 3am

We decided to do things a bit differently at this location. It would appear that a lot of the energies and spirit activities occur outside the actual building both on its  grounds and surrounding road and fields. Therefore firstly, we took the group to the outbuilding in order to do a group vigil in a circle. Whilst this was going on, I felt a male presence behind me being a little boy around my legs. The guest next to me felt him also and felt him tugging on her pockets. A female was behind Dave and Paul but then straight after an old soldier in a helmet drew very close to them touching Dave on the back of the head at which point he thought he would pass out and had to leave the room. He then went outside to be sick. Which is unusual for him ) However whilst sitting outside, he looked across and saw a male with the appearance of a thick set 16th century highwayman, wearing a black cloak standing at the other side of the car park looking back at him. As he looked at him, the feeling of nausea went away.

Other guests during this vigil felt hot and cold and would become freezing cold as well as extremely hot.

On Paul joining Dave, he too could see the male and they were able to ascertain that his name was actually William Wentworth but was known as John. He carried a type of sword which was a different shape to normal, ornate and with a maroon sheath. His "woman" was called Elizabeth however, he would hold up the carriages with "dark Annie". She would do the initial work in stopping the coaches and then he would rob the occupants. They would then stay at the inn, changing their identities each time. He had lost count of how many people he had killed.

The group then split up in order to do their own lone vigils. In the cubby near the main bar, a male called Thomas came through to two of the guests as well as a female who wanted to cause harm to a female guest.

Upstairs, a woman with a stomach complaint ( which later we found out was due to a miscarriage) came through as well as a male who came through on the planchette.

 A female then came through in the outhouse who had died of natural causes. She used to work at the inn. Also in the outhouse, a little boy came through on the planchette who was no older than 8 yrs old. He had died from an illness. He liked to play and the planchette was going round and round wildly which can be heard on the EVP.

First Vigil:  Paul's group initially went into the outhouse in order to carry out a quiet vigil. However, it was now very flat. So, we went into the snug. Whilst there, we heard the glasses hanging in the bar hangers rattling. I then went into the actual bar itself with a pendulum. William came through who was a former innkeeper at the inn. He wasn't sure why we were there. He didn't want to come forward and speak to us as he was wary of us and why we were there. (Which seemed to be the general feeling of the night as a lot of the spirits seemed to be hanging in the shadows.)

Sarah meanwhile was upstairs doing the energy rope. One male guest began to cry for no apparent reason and began tingling. Sarah's ears were tingling and Karen had a little boy touch her leg and the back of her neck. The rope rose up and began twisting.


During the second vigil, Sarah's group went out into the car park to again to the rope. A woman on a horse came through in the field next to the pub as well a lot of soldiers. One guest heard a little girl laughing and saw her skipping. It was very cold out there (2am in January - yeah we're hardcore!!!!!) but we were still able to get the energies built up and move the rope.

In the courtyard, Paul became aware of two males duelling.

In the bar, Annie came through who was 89 when she died in 1899. She had worked at the inn for 25 yrs and had started there as a maid. She had given birth to 10 children however only 4 survived. She had 4 by the innkeeper and the others were born after meeting males who were "passing through".

Upstairs during Paul's second vigil, they heard a snorting in the room but no one knew
where exactly it was coming from. Afterwards on going out into the car park, Paul was attempting to take a photo of the field and at the same time, there was a snort like a horse right in front of him which startled him. There was no horse there and the camera refused to take the photo. He checked the whole field with a bright torch. There were no animals in the field at all. The same thing had happened out on the road earlier in the night when Sarah took guests up with dowsing rods. The rods had a positive reaction and they had the sense of a carriage coming along the road. The cameras froze and again wouldn't take any photos of the road area (but then were absolutely fine when she got back into the grounds of the pub) Later, Dave and Paul again went out to the road and could hear a horse galloping down the road past them but again, there were no horses and the cameras refused to work.

As everyone began to leave, 3 loud bangs could be heard coming from the outhouse. On Paul running in there, there was a mist in the room (unfortunately he didn't have his camera) as well as the air being thick.Noone was in the room.

During the night, batteries were draining on cameras and cameras at certain points just refused to take photos.

The EVPs picked up a few taps and noises as well as a snort like a horse at one point (no horses around) but apart from that, it was pretty quiet.

All in all, a strange but interesting night. As there has never been such an investigation at this pub before, any spirits remaining within, were cautious and wary of us and didn't want to come forward very easily and therefore it was a draining evening. However, definitely an interesting location.