evidence log from previous investigation

 Investigation log Station Hotel Dudley 21st January 2012

Time of Vigil:  10pm - 3am

Weather:  Dry with slight wind

1st vigil,
Sarah and Lorraine: in the cellar room with the chute. Guest's felt cobwebs in their hair, others grabbed around the waist and arms felt heavy. Also they had the feelings of pins and needles as well as being hot and cold. One had to leave the circle and another left the circle after feeling sick.

Darran and Paul:  in the cellar alley, had the K2 meters going off well as well as taps and bangs. A little boy was picked up holding onto Daves hand. Another  felt cold draughts.
An Antoni De Silva was picked up who had been locked up for murder in the 1850s / 60s. He was not guilty. Described as having a long scraggly beard, scruffy clothes and gave the look of a dishevelled tramp.

In the gas meter room, a boy called William followed Dave around and they had good K2 hits. In the corridor boiler room, a Robert was picked up who gave off a negative energy and was affecting the K2. An item was thrown which sounded like a stone (after the group had asked them to throw something). A Mary was sensed but she left on the arrival of Robert. Camera batteries drained as well as on the laser grid. A child's voice was also heard as well as pigs squealing!!  this part of the cellar is thought to have been used as an abattoir at one time ( their own butchery for the building that was on the plot prior in the 1800s) all our mediums picked up on the smell of fresh meat / blood.

Lone Vigils:one guest went to one corner of the cellar and picked up on an Eliza aged 12. Eliza played with the guest's hair and back of the neck. She had been hit by a barrel coming down the chute in 1872. Another guest was pushed in their back and was freezing cold, shaky and was kicked in the leg. Others had feelings of being drunk and became very giggly. One male guest felt a woman next to him and a date of 1974.She was touching the tip of his left thumb and his head felt . One lady felt very cold around the waist and legs but the rest of her body was hot. Another male was very hot and had a headache as well as pressure and pins and needles to the forehead. A squeaking noise was heard on their way into the room. Charlotte (Lottie) a street urchin was also picked up as well as a Mary Anne.  In room 213, one guest using the pendulum picked up on a female chambermaid who had been murdered (Mary Anne).

In the coal room, one female guest was moved more than once and in the room next to this room, others picked up on a couple called Louisa and Charles who was a Solicitor from London. They had 4 children, Louisa / Sarah / Amelia and Michael. Charles had travelled to Dudley from London, met Louise who had a senior position in the hotel and married in Dudley having the reception in the hotel. They like people visiting as long as they are polite to them. On a ball being thrown to the children, it was returned to the guests. A book moved on request and it was sensed that someone was standing in front of the bookcase.

Room 213: The T.V. turned itself on and off on command. However unfortunately, this wasn't captured on film.

Second Vigil: Sarah's group did the energy rope. One guest was touched on the eyebrows and others were swaying and felt hot. Blue lights were seen near Lorraine in the centre of the circle and a glass candle holder shot off the chair behind Sarah and landed on the floor unbroken. Guests felt very hot and had to leave the circle.

Darran and Paul were near the Barrel Chute in the cellar and had the lights going off. Shadows and movement could be seen as well as a shape of a woman on the stairs. K2 hits were positive and candles were being moved. Mary Anne came through again and she had lots of "male friends" A George had killed her following a "careless whisper " being heard. Henry had married Mary Ann and she fell pregnant. She was then murdered. George then came on to the plancehtte and was a very angry man. Didn't mean to kill her. A pentagram was drawn on the planchette and at the same time and loud bang was heard down the corridor as well as the feeling of being very cold. Around the same time, Dave had the feeling of a little boy squeezing his hand and then later noticed a small amount of dried blood around the base of his nail which hadn't  been there before.  Paul then went back to the base room and red scratches and a large red welt came up on his neck and finger marks on his face. (Photos have been taken.)

Other photos taken in the cellars have brought up an orb on the slope where they had seen a movement at the same time Tapping and a loud knock as well as pigs squealing and children moaning.

Another peculiar thing happening was that at the end of thenight when Dave was getting undressed, he had a large blob of what looks like ink on his chest as well as on his tee shirt on the same place,. However, the jumper he had been wearing all night on top, didn't have such a stain on it at all. Again, he had a large streak of it going up his arm but none on the jumper sleeve. He hadn't been using or near any pens or sny other such item which mayve caused such a stain.  On discussing it at the breakfast table with Paul and Lorraine in the morning, Lorraine had had the same thing on her face which she had washed off but whilst speaking to Darran, he pointed out that she had another streak of it on the back of her hand / wrist. Again, it couldn't be explained.

As for video footage, unfortunately, we didn't have a camera set up in the cellars and Darrans hand held wouldn't charge so we were reliant on normal photos being taken. However on the "haunted Corridor, " there was a lot of activity with various orbs, streaks of bright lights, flashes of light and strange shapes going to and fro, up and down the corridor. In room 213, again a lot of orbs and lights. Also orbs going across the bed while Paul and Lorraine are in bed. In room 217, flashes of light, strange shapes which were more than the normal orb as such reflected in the mirror as well as coming towards the door. Lots of normal orbs going to and fro also.

EVPs picked up on a very faint childs moan in the cellars as well as other sounds that sound like someone blowing through a straw ( only way I can describe it) . also squealing on one occasion like a pig.

Room 214. Some taps can be heard as well as at one time a sniff. Footsteps can also be heard but they sound like they come from upstairs and through the ceiling . Later on, the sound almost like a table being rocked can be heard.