Investigation log of Victoria House Leamington Spa 18th March 2017

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Mild and dry

We were already picking up on things when we had a walk around before the night started. In the basement we picked up that it was used as a mortuary. Also, both Darran and Jayne at separate times but in the same place picked up on a male who walks the ground floor. He's not very happy and has a head injury which is bandaged.

Once ready, we firstly started upstairs in the main lodge hall. In here we did a circle. One guest picked up on a female called Laura who was in her 60s. Believed she had mental health issues. She was carrying a teddy bear but it looked as if she had been wringing it out. The names of George / Pietre/ Hans were also picked up. I picked up on a female called Annabel. Darran thought she was either a nurse or something similar. A male was picked up who is British and gave us the year of 1945. He's quite angry. He's nothing to do with the lodge but was there before. This fella is also covered in bandages. There were knocks and taps from the far corner by the piano. The trifield and debs camcorder both completely drained and we were hearing groans. Jane picked up on a male who was stood in front of three female guests. These guests could feel him one felt boiling hot and the lady next to her would be freezing cold.


We then went into the smaller lodge room on the same floor.

In here, the K2 bear was being constantly touched and going up to red. I asked if anyone was in the corridor and the torches which I placed just outside the door in the corridor flashed on straight away and then off again when I asked. Jayne then had a bad headache as did others in the room and they were getting sharp pains in their right eyes. People were feeling that their legs would be freezing cold and their top haves hot. Shadows were being seen in the doorway of the meeting room opposite on the other side of the corridor. Jayne picked up on three males who were walking around together in a group. They were just as curious of us as we were of them. Darran picked up on a Czech male called Andrea. Jayne was getting connections with Arthur Conan Doyle (he himself was a freemason)


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations

In the basement, one group on the board picked up on a male who died in 2000;he wouldn't tell them his age but said that he wasn't happy but is lonely he was happy to talk but didn't want us to film him. Darran was getting that the building also had a bit of a darker history to it whereby things have gone on here which aren't really spoken about.

In the main lodge, there were loads of energy lights being seen by guests and again loud taps b the piano. Taps on wood could be heard as well as a growl and then K2 ted came on a couple of times.


When everyone came back, we started the second investigations in the ground floor committee room, K2 ted was going up to red a few times. Guests in the circle were swaying back and fore like they were drunk. We decided to sit down in circle instead. People were getting tingles and crawling skin. Darran picked up on a female who was here very early on. Around the 18th century. She was either a nanny or a wet nurse

We then went out to the main stair case. The torches came on request a couple of times. There were a few metallic thumps coming from the entrance to the basement which had also been heard during the lone vigils. There seemed to be constant mumbling going on that we could hear. The knocking block which id put on the basement steps also came on. Jane was getting a feeling of despair. We picked up on a spirit was isn't happy here and feels trapped. They are being stopped from crossing over though a couple of the guests could see a shadow on the next floor landing by the doorway leading to the lodge halls. Whispering could also be heard. K2 ted was also coming on and knocking and banging was also heard going up the stairs towards the top floor.


Everyone then went off again to conduct their own vigils again.

In the committee room guests on a board had a male spell out FRERF twice. When they asked for a date, he gave 1324 twice. Others could hear thuds from the far corner of the room and then there was a dragging noise and loud thud.

Other guests had a female spirit on the board who stated that she wasn't a patient or worked there/ a male was also then picked up who says that he means no harm. He was born in 1324. He's quite grumpy and doesn't like people being in the building

In the smaller lodge room, guests on the board had a female on there who was messing them around. She was called Ellen and called one of the guests an "ass". She also kept going to the letter A. as she wasn't making sense, the group asked her to leave to give another spirit chance to come through. Another female then came through and spelt out one of the guest's names as she wanted to speak to her. Jane then had her mother come through to her and she was answering personal questions correctly to Jane as this was going on, the inside of the glass was starting to mist up.

In the cellar guests picked up on a Richard who died in the 1800s in the building. He states that there are 7 other spirits with him. He was 46 when he died. There's a negative spirit in the cellar as well as a little boy called Oliver. Richard is Oliver's father and he protects him. Guests had seen a shadow on the stairs and in one of the cellar rooms; he confirms that it was him.


We finished the night off in the basement. The knocking block went off on the stairs. Darran picked up on a George and torches were coming on. Darran picked up that this George either had something to do with the building of the building or it was built for him. He was also getting the dates 1845 and 1855. K2 ted and the other k2s were also going up to red.

We then went up to the other end of the basements towards what we were calling the mortuary end. At the same time, we left three up in a room off to the end of where we were originally. Jane sat on her own in a creepy little room off the wine cellar and Geoff went and sat at the bottom of the stairs to see if he could work out where the metallic knocking was coming from. This is what they got.

Jane was picking up two or three of the males was a butler type person and the other an orderly. However they both were dodgy as they liked to spy on the females in the building. The butler liked watching the females and children in the building and the orderly liked to watch the nurses when it was used as a hospital. The third male had a big black bushy beard. She picked up that it's not a nice room with a nice energy and picked up on the name of franklin

The group of three were being touched and kept on seeing red flashing lights. One of the gents had his ear being touched and as it happened, the female with him saw a white flash of light go down his right side.


On the steps Geoff was getting the metal banging.


Meanwhile, in the morgue, all the K2s were going up at the same time and people were again unsteady on their feet but this time, rather than swaying forwards, they were swaying backwards. There was then a high pitched squeal and a thud. I ran out to ask the others doing their own vigils if it was any of them and it wasn't and they also hadn't heard it.  Darran was picking up a little boy.



EVPs picked up.

In the main downstairs committee room there's various knocks and bangs when no one is in the room and then the sound of something being dragged across the floor.


As for video footage, annoyingly, the cctv system although it looked like it was recording, actually turned itself off and therefore, we have no footage.  Good excuse to go back though …