Investigation log of Westbury Pool Westbury 28th February 2015

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  windy and damp


Once everyone arrived, the team took them all to do the first vigil downstairs in the Men's locker room. This vigil started with noises being heard from the shower end of the changing room. It also sounded like there was someone walking around the poolside barefoot. Pool staff were with us in the vigil and no-one was elsewhere in the building. Noises could also be heard coming from near the toilets like someone was walking around. Again, no one was there. One guest then felt as though spirit was standing right next to him. Another guest thought she heard a very faint and distant "hello "being said.

Kev and a couple of the guests could hear a faint conversation going on. It was a two way conversation but very muffled so they couldn't hear what was being said

Dave then asked spirit, if they were in the room, to make the curtain move between the locker room and pool side. The curtain billowed out as if caught in a wind.

A very gentle cool draft could be felt at knee height but there were no vents at that level or windows open. A few guests were feeling very hot even though the temp the same within the room. Also guests were being touched and felt as though their hair was being stroked.

A male was picked up in the room but would not come into the centre and remained on the outer edges of the room possible his name was William.

A male whistle was heard either in the changing room or just outside.

The knocking and tapping continued during the vigil, Kev picked up on a Male named Tim/timothy aged 13-14yrs very slim blonde hair with a side parting , who worked in the mill. He had very pale skin

Towards the end of the vigil, two of the guests where feeling very hot and uncomfortable to the point of feeling ill. Rather than them leaving the circle, it was decided that everyone would end the vigil there and go off to do their own vigils


A few guests tried to use a board in the ladies changing room but could not get it to move. It was trying to move but was sticking.

Others in the old health suite upstairs were doing a board session with pool staff. First they had a female named Ellie or Eleanor. Pool staff had spoken with her before. She is looking for her children who died very young and was still searching for them. She was only 16/17 years old when she died in 1900. She was married but said she was unhappy and that her husband was bad. She then seemed to step back and another female Glenda came through from 1930's.


Everyone regathered and started the next vigil poolside. Everyone could hear banging as though locker doors were being shut in the the ladies locker room.  However, everyone was around the poolside at the time no reason for the noises. A few very light whistles heard but unsure from where it came from.

Everyone then moved upstairs to the staff offices. It was quite quiet up here however there were a few strange lights seem not sure from where but being on the 2nd floor no reason why light would be coming in through roof windows. Dave went downstairs to look for Kev and thought he heard him poolside. However, there was no one there. Kev was actually upstairs and not walking around the pool as Dave thought.

Again, everyone went off to conduct their own lone vigils

A few quests doing a planchette on the balcony had a little boy Walter he was aged 6 and drowned in the pool. He was trying to write but could only manage "W" asked to draw a picture and tried but only a spiral pattern seem. Walter wanted help, wanted to see his mum, we moved him on to the light but asked that he kept visiting the pool which he would.  

In the ladies locker room, some guests heard a whisper. When they asked spirit to confirm, again they got another whisper.


Guests in the men's changing room couldn't quite get the energy on the board to have any movement however two other guests, one of them whistled and asked spirit to copy them. There's a whistle in response which has been captured on the evp. Another guest felt her hair being stroked.


Again everyone met up for the 3rd vigil this time in the ladies locker room.

This vigil started slowly with the teddy lighting up, K2 and vibration at same time, always the 3 lights on the teddy K2 going off in same pattern, no reason for it checked area with another K2 no interference to cause effect. We were getting a child in the room and they were setting off teddy on command.

Darran then set up the knock off torches near the teddy. Again torches being turned on, on command. A few bangs heard up by the ladies lockers/shower area and also sounds coming from pool area. A few guests felt their hair being touched. Walter came back through with his mother who darran was picked up as being either Mary/mary Ann.  Guests could hear a faint sound of a music box being played. They were setting off torches in response to questions however on one occasion, one of the guests thought she heard a faint "NO" when asked to turn the torch on. It was ascertained that it was a little boy called Walter who was turning the torch on and off.

Lights were seen flashing near the ceiling but there was nothing around to cause it.

 It then started to go quiet and guests getting very tired so ended the vigil



Upstairs in the staff offices, there were a couple of incidents where there were faint noises which sounded either like a faint sniff or faint dragging / rustling of cloth.  There were also various knocks and taps.

In the gents changing rooms, during the first vigil, whistles can be heard coming from elsewhere. When darran asks spirit to confirm if their name is Timothy a "MMM" has been picked up. When he again asks them to reconfirm, there's another faint noise. Later on when everyone was poolside, taps and knocks can be heard coming from the gents changing room. later on when  no ones in there near the end of the night, a locker door slams.

In the ladies changing room, again, there's whistling however no one picks up on it or says anything about it. Again, like in the male changing room, lockers are heard to bang shut


There were a couple of strange light anomalies in the men's changing room and a strange shape which appears on one of the benches. A light glowed against the wall a couple of times around twenty past 10. This was when everyone was upstairs doing the intro. It's nothing coming in from the window and nothing really explains what it is as there's no reason for it.

Another interesting night at the pool