Investigation log of Westbury Pool 31st March 2018

Investigation times:  10pm - 3am

Weather: Dry and mild

Firstly we started off with everyone in themens locker room. We put K2 Ted on top of the lockers and his head lit up couple of times as though being touched. The trifield started to go up and we heard footsteps at the side of the pool. There was then a loud thud from above us which we were told only contained the attic area. I tapped out shaven haircut three times. Twice Darran and one of the staff members heard a very low vocal response finishing off the tune but state that it sounded like it was coming from out by reception. Darran started to pick up on a little girl but didn't get a name. However he was picking up on a James but got no other information for him

Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

Staff Room- guests were getting the planchette moving for them and heard a tapping noise behind them. Ellie was picking up on a female called Renée,

Poolside-Darran and jim were sat at the deep end of the pool ( reception end ) looking along the length of the pool to the other end and kept seeing a shadow going from left to right by the back wall. Jim was also feeling a breeze on his face and heard a voice next to him. one of the guests had also seen the same thing, describing only seeing the bottom half of someone walking across a couple of times however whenever Darran tried to take photos of that end, his camera wouldn't work as soon as he took photos of a different area, it was fine, but would just jam on that one corner. Other guest's poolside tried table tipping. They were going from very hot to cold in the matter of seconds.


For the second vigil, we started off in theladies locker room. On entering, there was water around one of the drains again in the centre of the floor. We had this last year or the year before. There's no reason for it. There are no showers in that area and no one had been cleaning. Also, on us setting up only an hour before, there were no signs of any water around the drain at that time. We had double checked that due to the water being there the year before. We got everyone in a circle initially in one part of the room and the knocking block started to go off which had been put in the other side of the changing room by the locker corridor. The torches next to it also came on twice. Therefore we moved everyone over to that side of the changing rooms. Typically, both stopped going off.  . Darran put on the spirit box and picked up on a "TIM "who was 13 and worked at the mill. He was responding to our questions. I then heard a male voice whisper in my ear (Jim had had the same thing happen to him earlier). However I haven't a clue what he was saying. The rem pod was then going off and seemed to be playing shaven haircut.

We then wentpoolside, a couple of us could see a shadow to the bottom far left corner. It seemed to be child height. Darran picked up on a male who was in the services. the rem pod alarm was going off in response to our questions, however  the way it was being done, seemed as though it was responding using Morse code. We need to replay it and double check it to see if it definitely is or not.

Again, everyone went off to conduct their own vigils.

Staff room -guests were having a spirit who was going to the initial "G" for them on the board and then kept going to Z V Z repeatedly. One of the groups had their hair touched and this male wanted to "hurt" one of the females around the table. We aren't sure who this male was, however he kept stating that he wanted to hurt those around the table.

Poolside -a group on the board picked up on a serviceman who gave his name as being Steve. He said his service number was 657 657. Jim states that the pool was given a photo of WW1 soldiers all lined up outside the pool before they went off to fight. Steve stated that he had been in that photo. He spelt out Dacqer. Whether he meant Dachau or Dakar he didn't confirm. However he stated that he died in the camp and kept spelling Dacqer . (Dachau DID exist in WW1, however was a munitions factory at that time. It became the first concentration camp of WW2. Dakar in the other hand was known at that time as British Africa and a lot of soldiers lost their lives there. )

Balcony side roomguests were getting a male "G" coming through. However he seemed to be messing with the group. First he was saying he wanted to kill them, and then tried to say that he was an 8 yr. old boy before trying to say that he was an 18yr old German girl. He didn't like the guests asking him certain questions. However he correctly answered the number of people around the table, and told them to go via a pendulum. He then stated to them that he had murdered 4 people. He had no remorse for what he had done.

Office -the male "G "came through to some of the guests again. He seemed to be stronger up in the office than he had been downstairs. He would only communicate with one of the female guests. Another of the females was getting her hand touched.

Ladies changing room - guestsdoing a human pendulum had a 13 yr. old boy and the year 1893. He stated that he didn't have any friends. He stated that another spirit called George was stopping him from leaving.


For the last vigil, we started off in thestaff room and office. We then heard footsteps at the bottom of the stairs by the balcony doors. However on kev going down there to have a look, there was no one down there. Darran picked up on a male with short dark hair and could only describe it as being an "Arthur Shelby "haircut (for those peaky blinders fans) he had his name as being john he worked as an over seer as part of the mill. The rem pod started to go off. He then set up the REM pod and asked "peter, are you here? " (We've had a peter up in the offices before) the response was "YEH "he then asked how many spirits were upstairs, the reply was "3 "

We finished the night in the side room off the balcony area. Clare was picking up on a female called Susan. Darran was picking up that this area had possibly been used as an infirmary part of the mil when people in the mill got ill, or went with injury.


These were quite interesting. A few things were being picked up when we weren't in certain areas. The best area for this ended up being the basement

StaffRoom -when everyone was downstairs conducting the vigil in the ladies locker room, there was a loud thud from the main office next door to the staff room up in the attic. It sounds like a drawer being maybe opened and then slammed shut.

Ladies Locker room- it sounds like someone is shutting a locker door. We are all in the mens locker room doing the first vigil so everyone is accounted for.

Mens locker roomagain, when no one is in here and we are all upstairs, there's the sound of someone turning the latches on the lockers. Also, there is a male voice heard in here but I can't work out what's being said.

Basement -we didn't do any group vigils down here. We only let people go down to do their lones. Therefore, when we were all together doing vigils, no one was down there. However we have the noise of someone moving around in the basement when no one is down there.

Later on, you can hear our investigation going on up above in the ladies changing room. You can just make out me doing the singing bowl at the beginning when everyone else was around in a circle. However at the same time, down in the basement, something is sounding like its being dragged around on the floor. Later on, again there's movement of someone moving around in that room and a male clearing his throat

As for video footage, there was nothing remarkable on there. A few bits of dust flying around but not a lot else unfortunately