Westbury Pool Westbury Saturday 13th April 2013

Vigil Times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: wet and windy

It was our first time at Westbury Pool and so we were interested to see what we would pick up. I only found out a couple of extra historical facts, the morning of the event so decided not to say anything to the rest of the team to see whether they would pick up on any of them.

Before the guests arrived, we did a walk around of the building. Lorraine picked up on little separate changing cubicles to the far side of the pool. They spanned the wall and were "women only ". Darran was also picking up on the names Albert and Stanley as well as a male in blue overalls and a flat cap. This male is the "resident ghost "who staff call George. Just before we started as Darran was finishing up setting up the cameras etc, everyone else was upstairs ready to start when Jim, one of the members of staff clearly saw that on the camera placed in the female locker room, it kept saying "activity " on it when no one was in there. He then twice saw a white mist going from one side of the room to the other. This was also seen by Dave. We were in for a good night.

For our first vigil we decided to go into the female locker room. Guests felt tingling on their heads and another was touched on the shoulder. The K2 was going up to orange and answering questions via it. Some guests were freezing cold in various parts of their body and one of the groups had her back and her bum stroked.

An Ella was picked up. Ella has previously come through to Jim. She confirmed this. We then after asking for a whistle, had a 2 toned whistle come back from the poolside area. After asking for 2 taps, we had 2 knocks and a faint female voice heard. On request, the K2 went up to red. Darran picked up that the building is now sat on the site of an old Mill. Lorraine picked up on an elderly gent sat at a large desk in the same area of the changing room

It wasn't particularly draughty but there were good temperature fluctuations and one of the shower curtains which id shut, started to billow on request. Jim heard a heavy breath coming from behind him.

We then sent 4 of the group up to the other end of the changing rooms, 2 in the toilet area and the other 2 by the gate entrance poolside. Meanwhile, we asked for things to be done to them. They could hear rustling of material and then we all heard a male voice but it sounded as though it was coming through a CB radio almost. Darran had switched on the laser grid and this was also being interfered with with something breaking up the dots of light.

The guests then went off to do their own vigils.

On the balcony some of the group decided to do a planchette. Robert darrans "friendly guide " came onto the table full of excitement when Darran came into the room so much so the planchette was spinning and flew off the table twice. We haven't had this happen for months. Eventually he calmed down enough to bring through a little boy called Barnaby who is Ella's little brother. He's only four years old but looks older.

The name William also came onto the board who was the male who jumped from the viewing gallery.

For the second vigil, we decided to go poolside. Lorraine picked up on old band music and dancing (strike one off the list as the pool in former years used to also be used as a dance hall during winter months when it was too cold to swim). Darran then also picked up on Soldiers being brought to the building and of a sergeant pacing back and fore. Also the impression of men signing up to go to war. (Strike two as it was also used as a billeting centre during WW1)

Lorraine then picked up on a little girl of around 6 yrs old who had drowned in the pool. Her name was Alice. Jim confirmed that there is something on record at the pool of a drowning of a small girl years ago. We could also hear more whistles coming from the changing room area as well as the balcony. Darran then saw an orb shoot across the balcony.

We all then heard a big bang come from the changing rooms. Darran again picked up on Ella from before in the changing rooms and that she is from the time of there being a mill on the site. She worked in the mill and would wind the cotton onto reels. We also had whistling on request and Darran saw a shadow on the balcony standing just behind the banisters. 

Again we sent a few off to go into the boiler room poolside with Jake the other member of staff whilst again we asked spirit to either do something to one of them or just to do something for us. Whilst doing this, I asked spirit quietly to hum for us. We didn't hear anything but a couple of minutes later, the group came out of the boiler room stating that someone had been humming in there.

The guests then went off to do their own vigils again.

In the ladies changing room, twice the alarm on the knocking block went off without anyone being near it.

Another guest caught a good orb upstairs in the meeting room. A lot of good orbs were caught in the pool or around it by guests and the team whilst we would take a series of photos one after the other of the same thing and would catch an orb in one of them. Others sat in the manager's office could hear banging around coming from the staff room next door. This was confirmed by Jim who states that it's a regular occurrence for staff. They also had knocks on request which were so strong, they could feel the floor vibrate under their feet.

We then took everyone upstairs to the staff and managers office and spread ourselves out between the two. Myself and Darran sat on the landing and stairs in between the two rooms. Darran brought out the ghost box to try.

On us asking if there were any spirits who wanted tocommunicate, we got the following conversation;

"HI ".

Can you tell us your name? "JOHN"

John did you work here? What was your job? "COOK"

John can you say ten for me? "TEN " ………. "JOHN"

Are there any other spirits up here? "YES"

How many spirits are up here? "FIVE"

Can you touch someone? "OK"

The geophone in between me and Darran went off. Darran had the name of John Fuller and then asked,

Can you make the geophone go red? "CANT"

Just do it again, "CAN'T". But then he managed it twice

Do you recognise Jim? "JIM "

Lorraine then asked, Can you say my name?  "WHY? "

Around this same time, a male voice is heard in the manager's room say "MMM"

The swimming costumes hanging up above my head but to my right then started to swing on their hangers. The geophone went off again. Again in the manager's room, they all heard a tap on the desk and a creaking on the floor.

Darran then heard a cough coming from the bottom of the stairwell but didn't see anyone there. We then asked "John do you like the fact that the building is still being used as a pool? "The geophone went off again and the K2 in the manager's office went up to red in answer. We then asked "are you the manager? "Again, positive response on the geophone and K2. In the manager's office, the planchette started to move and vibrate slightly by itself.

John stated via the planchette that he could also see ghosts in the building when he worked there and would see them in the changing room. He didn't speak to them and he didn't see the children. He then left the planchette.

We then for the final part of the night investigated the mens changing room where we had good K2 hits and the camera and phone batteries died within a few minutes of us being in there. We could also hear muffled conversations coming from the poolside even though no one else was in the building.  Lorraine felt her bum being poked up through the gaps in the bench she was sitting on. Some felt hot whilst others were freezing cold. A William was picked up and we had some good K2 hits with him as well as the smell of BO. Darran picked up on a Margaret who also used to work at the mill. Guests could also hear quiet music being played from the pool area.

EVPs picked up were:

On the balcony - a couple of knocks and taps. Nothing spectacular

Poolside - at the end of our vigil, we are all leaving the area and Darran starts to say something. As he's talking, you hear a small child say something. Darran will have to enhance it as I'm not sure what they say. Darran also picked up the same voice on his 360 .

Female changing room - some good stuff in here.  Even at the start of the night we were
getting stuff. At the beginning, you can hear my voice echoing from up on the balcony whilst I do the intro. However a female voice speaks over me. (Not one of the guests as none of them did) again, I'm not sure what she says but Darran will have to enhance it. A lot of whistles are heard which we actually comment on at times. A female voice also says "mmmmmm" whilst we are conducting our vigil. As we all leave the room, Darran says "did you hear that? "And states that he hears a little squeal. This is actually picked up on the evp as well. I can only describe it again as either being a very small child / baby or that of one of the old fashioned dolls that when you turn them upside down and then upright, they would make a noise. During the lone vigils, some of the team and guests ask the spirits to tell them their name "NO "is heard on the evp.  When we are all upstairs in the manager's office conducting a vigil and therefore no one whatsoever downstairs (we are 2 floors up) there's the distinct sound of rustling material and then the sound of dragging across the floor. Also then the sound of chains or keys rattling but then a couple of minutes later it happens again but then sounds as if they're being swung almost as if someone were to swing a bunch of keys on a keyring as they walk along.

Male changing room - couple of knocks and taps. When Lorraine states she had her bum poked from under the bench, theres a low male voice chuckling and also when the evp machine falls on the floor, same again.

Tunnel leading to underground boiler house - sounds of a male voice, and heavy breathing were picked up. Also someone is heard whistling a tune. There are shuffling footsteps strange knocks and a rattle at one point.

Managers office / staff room - a male clearing his throat  and then during the lone vigils whilst some of the guests were in the room talking among themselves, a male letting out a heavy breath can be heard over them however they don't comment on it so obviously don't hear it. There's lots of knocks and taps and then the sound of footsteps on the landing. Later on, there's a tap heard followed by a male voice saying " oooh "

As for video footage, some strange flashing lights were caught in the meeting room. Also in the pool area a couple of good orbs. The most active location was the female changing rooms where strange lights were caught as well as what looked to be shapes forming near the benches opposite the changing cubicles. Also quite a few times when no one was in the room, the curtains would start to sway back and fore despite there being no draught in
the area.

All in all, a really good night. Definitely different as we've never investigated a pool before and definitely a place that we will be returning to in the future. We got a lot more than what we expected!!