Investigation Log of Westbury Pool Westbury Saturday 3rd May 2014


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am  

Weather:  dry and mild


We had some interesting things here last year and were praying that we weren't going to be disappointed this time. We weren't.


Once everyone arrived and were settled in, we decided to do the first vigil in the ladies changing room. On getting a séance started with everyone in a circle, after a couple of minutes, the knocking block alarm went off. Darran was picking up on a little girl called Georgina as well as a male named Robert. We were having the K2s going off and guests heard whistling again as we had last time. Some heard a loud exhalation of breath. We sent a group up to the other end of the changing rooms near the toilet end and we could all hear tapping from in between the two groups around where the lockers are. The current manager of the pool, also called Georgina, was getting the feeling that whoever was in there, felt that there were too many people in the room and that we were invading their space. Paul picked up that there were actually two males in the space and that one of them was very shy. Darran also picked up on an Edwardian lady. Some guests had cold legs and on all holding hands and asking for spirit to raise our hands they went around the circle raising everyone's hands one after the other. Guests felt that they were being touched and Darran was tapped on the back whilst Paul had something tapping the top of his head. Myself Georgina and one of the guests went to sit around the other side near the changing benches. As she sat down, Georgina ended up with a wet bum and as I went to sit on the bench opposite, I had the same. The benches had been dry before. The drain in the middle of the room, although dry when we went into the room, now was wet around the drain as though someone had poured water around it. We then started to investigate the floor with torches and as we were going around this area, little wet patches were appearing on the floor. It was bizarre and not something we've experienced before.  Guests could then hear water, and on going down to the toilet end, the taps were now dripping quickly. This hadn't been happening prior and guests had been stood just in front of the basins ten minutes before and so would have noticed. However Georgina states that staff have had similar previously with all the taps starting to run at the same time for no reason.

Meanwhile, Kev was up on the balcony doing a quiet evp session alone. As he looked towards the meeting room and corridor to the stairs, he saw a shadow person walking along the corridor and turn left, walking into the meeting room.kev quickly gave chase but on getting into the room, there was no one in there. He then came back out and on doing so, as he walked back onto the balcony area, just in the corner; he saw just a forearm, going around the corner. Again, nothing was there.

As this was going on, Colin was up another floor again in the office. His video camera kept turning off for no reason.

All the guests then went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the men's changing room, some guests tried the planchette and made contact with George. He drew an initial G on the paper and underlined it. He informed them that it was he who fell from the balcony and died.

Up in Georginas  office, Dave picked up on a female energy. One guest felt hot and another was touched on her back. Some guests on the investigator board had a female spirit communicate who stated its she who comes to visit Georgina when she is working. I then joined them and she gave the first letter of her name as being A. I picked up the name Annie but she didn't confirm this. I then left the room and Paul joined the session. She then started spelling out A, N and stated that she is called Anne. She stated that she was beaten and murdered by a "bad man "and wanted her murder to be investigated as he was never caught. His name began with J. She didn't particularly like men as she's a bit scared of them. She gave the year as being as either 1900 or in the 1900s as she just hovered over 1900. She prefers it now that the pool is being run by Georgina and didn't like it when her predecessor ran it

Poolside, although Callum (duty manager) Dave and Kev saw a shadow person poolside walking along, Callum and Dave also saw a shadow in the water as if they were swimming.

In the female changing room, Kev picked up that the ground under the building and in that spot particularly i.e. the changing rooms used to be something to do with the mill that was nearby. Other guests then picked up on the little girl Georgina who stated via the K2 and pendulum that she is 5 yrs old. She was whistling on command


For the second investigation, we firstly went up into Georginas office where we communicated with George. He liked talking to carol, answering her questions via the K2.


Funnily, just before we had this, Callum had gone outside for a cigarette with a guest. However on trying to get back in, his key which he's never had any issues with before wouldn't turn and he couldn't get in. It didn't matter how many times he tried, it just wouldn't unlock. It wasn't until someone came downstairs and stood by the doors by the inside that they could get back in. HOWEVER unknown to them, they were being watched by a couple of local Bobbies who assumed, Callum was trying to break into the building and therefore unsurprisingly, there was a knock on the door shortly afterwards. Callum had the job of trying to convince two police officers who are suspicious at best, that there was nowt dodgy going on "honestly officer ".


A small group of us remained upstairs on the investigator board. The officers by this time had come up to the office to check things out with us and Georgina as we were on the board. Spirit was giving us some answers but when we asked who they wanted to speak to the reply was "G.H."  When we asked again, again it came up as "G.H.". (Unknown to us that these were the initials of one of the officers) on asking more questions, spirit gave us the following information. The spirit was male, his name was Nigel. He had issues with his surname giving us a JURE -S - T. ( we aren't sure about this ) he gave his collar number as being 7 0 however the second time, he pointed it between 70 and 80 on the board so that the glass actually covered 7 0 8 . He worked out of Westbury at the station on the corner. During this conversation, one of the officers who had his whistle tucked into his pocket on his TAC vest had his whistle just jump out of the pocket in front of us. His face was a picture I must admit as I cracked up. He died between the ages of 60 and 70. On asking "NIGEL "If it was him who had done it, he stated yes. When we asked what he wanted G.H to do, he went to "INVESTIGATE" on the board. G.H. asked if Nigel wanted him to investigate about him, he stated yes and "INVESTIGATE "again. Therefore, the officer states that he is interested in finding out about this mystery Nigel. Throughout this Georgina started crying for no reason. She didn't know why but she just couldn't stop crying. On asking Nigel if there was anything he wanted to say, he moved the glass to say GOODBYE.

However what G.H DIDNT tell us until afterwards on returning downstairs was that when he first entered the building, on standing in reception, he was poked in the back. Georgina had been poked in the back the day before whilst up in her office!!



We then took everyone down to the men's changing room whereby the torch was turning on by itself. Whistles again could be heard and movement could be heard coming from around by the showers. Shadows were seen moving across the walls despite the group being seated and not moving. Taps could be heard and we were getting good K2 hits. Paul picked up on a Harry who had had a heart attack, and Darran had a little girl Georgina as well as a Robert. Guests were having their hair tugged lightly. The curtain leading to the pool then moved slightly although I don't know if this was caused by a draught (possibly). Darran then found a piece of black material on his leg which wasn't there when he entered the room. Nothing in the room was made or contained black material so he doesn't know where it came from. A conversation could also be heard between females however there was no one outside and everyone was in the room at the time. The torch then turned on three times on request before the knocking block went off on its own.


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the women's changing room, they again could hear whistling at the same time Lisa took a photo of Shirley. On taking the photo, an orb appeared just in front of Shirley but on the floor. It was so clear though it looked as though she had shone a torch onto the floor as the light on the tiles was so concentrated. However Shirley hadn't shone anything. I can vouch for this as I was stood watching having her photo taken. Out of the 5 photos taken in quick succession, only one had the orb in it.  They also had the changing room curtain billowing out. Others picked up that George plays with little Georgina and they are friends. Others felt emotional and sick

In Georgina's office, a guest picked up on the name Michael. Another guest's camera turned itself on for no reason. Again a female came through giving her first initial as A. Another female came through of a female child. She couldn't spell her name.

In the mens changing room, guests again on the planchette picked up on a male energy who gave the initial "J". He is alone. He doesn't mind Georgina the manager being there and sees her when she is in her office. Later on, another group including Georgina did the planchette. They ascertained that it wasn't George who poked her in the back the day before. He also doesn't notice that Georgina says hello to him every day. As they then went to leave the room, a couple of them then saw the planchette move slightly by itself. One of the guests then felt someone touch her back.  


Lastly for the final vigil we took everyone initially poolside. On the spirit box, a females voice could be heard saying something a couple of times but we couldn't work out what was being said as well as a childs scream. A male voice then came through stating his name was "NIGEL".

Strange lights like flashing torch lights were also being seen however no one had their torches on and shadows were being seen up on the balcony.

Everyone decided that for the last half hour, they wanted to return to the ladies changing room. Again we had whistling and on doing a circle séance again, it went all around the circle that everyone's hands were being lifted. Shirley kept being pushed sideways. It was little Georgina who liked her energy. So we decided to use Shirley as a human pendulum in the middle of the circle which we haven't done in ages and had the following results. Georgina likes talking to us and likes to play games. She's not sure about Paul but likes Shirley. It's George that whistles.

Meanwhile, Georginas (pool manager) right arm, went stiff whilst up in the air. Darran tried to push her arm down but couldn't and she couldn't do it herself. She began to get pain in it. However she then felt that little Georgina was actually cuddled in under her arm. Darran and a couple of others put their hands under her arm and could feel the sticky energy under it. Try as she might, she couldn't put her arm down as she felt that Georgina was still cuddled into her under her arm. It wasn't until we told her to tell the little girl to let her put her arm down and we got her to take a few paces back, that she finally managed it. As a finale, we asked Georgina to do something to say goodbye and with that the torch turned on by itself.


EVPs picked up were

Poolside, at one point it sounds as though someone actually touches the recorder although no one approached it as you can't hear any footsteps. Also not long after there is a clear whistle

Georgina's office - there is a loud inhalation of breath. However no one is upstairs as they are all in the men's changing room at the time. Later on, during the 2nd lone vigils a guest asks spirit if they want to talk to them. A female voice is picked up saying "YES" quietly. They couldn't have heard it as no one commented on it

In the women's changing room, a loud exhalation is picked up which guests hear as well. Later on, someone whistles a tune and Darran walks out to ask if anyone's been whistling. They hadn't. There are more whistles picked up during the last vigil and when Darran asks George if he's had enough of whistling, a quiet "YEAH" is picked up.

In the tunnels underneath the men's loos, there are various knocks and taps and tunes being whistled. There is also a woman's voice picked up and it sounds as if she says "IS THAT CLEAR? ". Later on, a man's voice can be heard but I can't work out what he says. There is also the sound of footsteps down there and someone fiddling with something. However we are all off elsewhere in the building conducting a vigil and so it's not any of us who is causing the footsteps

In the men's changing various taps and bangs have been picked up. when Colin is in there on his own, he asks " I bet you haven't had anyone talk to you for a long time. " his answer is a long "OOOHHH ".When conducting the group vigil in there, a long groan is picked up and an MMMM just after spirit had been turning the torch on

Video footage picked up was a few interesting orbs poolside, one being right on the edge of the pool which just stayed there a second or so before disappearing. There was another in the male changing rooms as well as one in the ladies changing rooms that came around the corner from the doorway and then changed direction to come towards the camera


What a brilliant night and unusual night.  A question for you to ponder though. Spirit can be very clever, was it spirit who stopped Callum opening that door?

On doing so, was it spirit who made sure that on doing that that they knew officers were nearby? Anne had already stated on the board that she wanted her death investigated. Were those officers supposed to turn up thinking that the place was being burgled, come in, so that spirit could inform them, officer to officer that this murder needs investigating? Is this what Nigel meant when he wrote investigate? Was he maybe the investigating officer in Ann's death and failed to catch the killer? Does he want the officers now to look at the archives to try and find out more?

Sorry, that was more than one question, it was a few, but hey... worth thinking about.