Investigation of Westbury Pool Saturday 6th May 2017

Times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  Dry and mild


We started the first group vigil in the mens changing rooms. There was a creaking sound from the other area of the changing rooms and then the green on off torch came on when I asked them to light it. The trifield then started to go up and Shirley felt her legs going cold. There was a metallic rattle and then the red on off torch came on. We then heard a female voice come from the poolside despite us all being together. The trifield then went up to red. I asked for spirit to start running a tap or to make it drip. A minute later, one of the showers started dripping. I asked for a whistle twice and twice got one back from a distance (possibly poolside). Darran then put the spirit box on and a male voice said something. Possibly a name. I thought it said MATTHEW. Some heard footsteps then but it sounded like wet feet on the floor. There was then the smell of burning wood


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations

In the mens changing rooms, guests using the planchette picked up on a George. He states that he died when he was 32 in an accident. He is the one who moved the shoe to the middle of the floor when the cleaner had put them onto the bench to clean the floor. He likes to watch the women getting dressed and it's his favourite area of the building. He likes the staff members and likes to swim. He has no intention of leaving. He then wrote "bye "on the planchette

Poolside, guests picked up on a lifeguard and some connection to the blackboard on the wall. She was 25 and had a message from a relative of one of the guests.

On the balcony, guests picked up on a 6yr old girl. She has the initials R D and likes the K2 bear

In the upstairs staff room, guests picked up on a male spirit who was connected to the land in 1636 he mentioned something to do with pubs. Another male then was picked up called Charles who stated that he was a caretaker in the building during the 1930s. He had been adopted by an English family when he was a child. He was actually French. He had a 6 yr. old child.

We then took everyone to do the second group vigil, this time in the female changing rooms. Firstly we did a circle in one part of the room. Guests were all holding hands and their hands started to rise above their heads. A little girl called evie was then picked up and a couple of strange smells began to appear such as the smell of raw potatoes and then burning wood and lit matches. Again, George was picked up. There appears to be two Georges in the building. One believed to be a former caretaker who I shall call George 1 and then George the rapist who i'll call George 2. It would appear that we may have actually been blaming George 1 previously on previous investigations for his perving on the females when in fact, its George 2.

When I asked about him liking to watch females getting dressed, the red on off torch came on. He likes the fact that he can see them but they can't see him. He doesn't have much luck with the women as they used to find him leachy. Before coming to the dancehall / pool, he had spent time in prison. He liked the music and the dancing when the place was used as a dancehall. Darran could then hear music being played as though through an old radio.

George 1 then came through and stated that he still feels as though he looks after the place and still runs the building. One guest then picked up on neck and back pain as though they had a broken neck and picked up that a male fell from the balcony. The name Edward was picked up. Guests could then hear a metallic tapping and knocking coming from the lockers


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the female changing rooms, guests again picked up on evie the little girl. Shes 9. Another female was also present who's 16. George 1 then came through and stated that he doesn't like the new doors on the main entrance.

Other guests on the board picked up again on George 2. He stated that he had raped a female and that she shot him (didn't kill him though) he states that he's 48 and the year for him is 1968. He never worked at the baths but came to the dances. He regrets the attack

Later when myself and Darran went in there to check cameras etc, we firstly smelt almonds and then a strong smell of peach. There weren't any air fresheners in that area so we couldn't explain it.


In the mens changing room, guests on the board picked up on evie. She states that she died in 1938 at the age of 39. She didn't like one of the guests in the changing room


In the upstairs staff office, guests on the board picked up on Evie 9, Annie aged 6, and John aged 30 and again George 2. They found out after asking questions that evie had fallen from a height, possibly the balcony or similar. Annie had drowned in the pool. John died but not by accident. He had been pushed from the balcony by George 2 as he was more popular with the ladies than George. George stated that he wasn't caught for it. He doesn't like Colin the general manager as he never says hello in the morning when starting work like the female staff. He likes the female staff and spelt out Kate's name.

In the training room off the balcony, guests picked up a little girl on the planchette. She stated that she wasn't alone. Others then got someone on the board a male aged 12. He kept spelling out I Q U and then D P. he wasn't telling them anything and seemed to be spelling random letters. It's possible that he was illiterate


Finally, for the last group vigils, we started off in the training room just off the balcony. In here we did a circle. However it was pretty quiet in here.

We then took everyone upstairs to the staff offices. Up here there were some knocks and taps and the on off torches came on. By this time, I was packing up on the balcony counting equipment back into the bag and everyone else was upstairs still when I heard a succession of around 4 or 5 loud bangs. Kev then came down the stairs from the office and looked over the bannister as I went out to him. He thought that it had been me banging and I thought it had been them but no one else was in the building. We aren't sure where it came from but it sounded like it came from downstairs reception .no one was outside so god knows. But other than that, it was quite quiet.


EVPs picked up

During the lone vigils, me and Darran go into the ladies changing room to check the Evps and cameras etc. we are talking quietly between ourselves when there's a whistle. Neither of us hears it as we don't comment on it. Just as we leave the room, again, someone starts whistle but this time it's more of a tune

Unfortunately we had no other decent evps due to the noise from overhead air vents this time. ( they weren't turned off this time for some reason ) and therefore there was too much noise contamination. Its especially disappointing as we usually get a lot of whistles, voices and footsteps heard here . never mind maybe some other time

As for camera footage, again, nothing spectacular on this occasion