Investigation Log of Whitchurch Aerodrome Saturday 16th January 2016

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Cold / wet  


Once everyone arrived, we decided to firstly investigate thecombat zone area. Whilst in here, one guests nose kept being touched whilst another guest had her hood pulled on her jacket. There was tapping heard from another room and then a loud bang. We could here muttered voices from further away from us however it wasn't any of the guests. One guest dowsing rods were going mad but wouldn't give him any information. Two low hums were heard which sounded like they came from a male. After the first one, I asked them to do it again and they did. Shadows were also being seen in other areas. Lynne had the feeling of someone being behind her at the end of the corridor and didn't like that particular area at all the names of Michael and Anthony were being picked up. One guest picked up on the building at one time holding a type of school for pilots. Darran then walked into the main room and at that moment, Lynne pulled herself back as she went to walk behind him but saw two people directly behind him so wanted to avoid walking into them. There was no one there.

Everyone then went off to do their first lone investigations.

Main arena:  Olly too the thermal camera into the main area down by the boxing rings. He saw the image of a person with one foot on the steps to the ring and leaning on the ropes. He's not sure if he managed to capture a still on the camera of this. Later on, again in the same area but to the far corner of the arena, he picked up on a person walking on the camera. However this person then was seen to walk into the wall. He was too late pressing the button to actually capture a still of it.  Guests then using the planchette picked up on two people. One male and one female. The male was confused. Other guests on the table heard a whistle and mentioned it. They asked spirit if they had heard it too and got the response of yes. Spirit was drawing various circles on request

Main arena football pitch end: guests heard the sound of rustling like a crisp packet (we've had this in this area previously) and the K2 shot up to reading 156 from 0.

Upper end balcony: guests on the planchette picked up on 2 males in that area. Both were British. One being an airman.

Middle balcony: there were knocks being heard in this area and the K2s were going up to red. Guests picked up on a female in this area. She stated though that other spirits were also in the building

Combat area: a guest felt something on the back of his head.

Men's changing room:  one group using the board had a male come through who kept drawing a "P" but wouldn't say anything else. A female spirit then came through who stated that her name was FRAN and that she's sad and alone. She stated that she was born "LATER". when guests asked her if she had anything to question them on, she spelt out "WHY "  then " SHE WAS BAD " She wouldn't say why she was bad but that she had been there a long time. She told them that there was nothing they could do to help her. She's waiting for someone with the name beginning with P. she isn't married and has no children.


For the 2nd vigil, we again rounded everyone up and went intothe main arena, sitting in a circle between the two boxing rings. Both the 2 ted and the other 2 on the floor were going off. Darran was picking up on the name Jeremy and that he was a pilot. The on/off torches were also turning on. There were loud knocks heard at the far end of the football pitches and after I asked for spirit to give us a whistle, there was a distant whistle heard. One guest had the name of Roger given to them and felt as though they were being touched. The on/off torch was turning on when I asked it to and the same when I asked for it to be turned off. Darran then turned on the spirit box. I asked if any spirit could say hello to me and a female voice was heard on the box say "HELLO". I asked where they were from. This time a male voice said something that at this time is indecipherable. I then asked spirit for the torch to be switched back off. A female voice came through saying "YOURE JOKING ". Dad had the names of Buck and Chuck comes through to him. There was the sound of the springs being stretched on the ropes on the boxing ring as though someone had leant on them. At first we weren't sure what it was until I went over and pulled on them. It was the exact sound and had come from just behind where the guests were sitting in front of the ring. There were then taps on the metal weights by the wall. A couple of guests saw a ball of white mist in front of them


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own vigils.

Combat zone: I went into the area to check that the recorders were still running and when I went in, I shouted "hiya anyone in here? "So that I could see if any guests were in there and getting anything. A female voice shouted back "YEAH "I went through the whole area. No one was in there at all. Just me. I came back out and Darran was outside the room. I told him about it and he had also heard the female voice. He stated that no one had either gone in or come out whilst I had been in there. He had been stood by the bar the whole time.

Main arena: Myself and Olly then went into the main arena so that I could go and pick up the knocking block from the ring that I had left in there earlier. We were the only ones in the room. As we walked along the edge of the arena with the pitches to our right, we both clearly heard a male humming a tune as if he were about to start singing. No one was in there.

Upper end balcony: guests had the planchette move a bit for them but wouldn't give them any information. They were again getting high readings on the 2s and heard knocking behind them. One guest thought that someone was behind her but there wasn't. On asking if there was a spirit called Chuck, again the planchette went mad and the K2 results again shot up

Men's changing rooms:again a group tried a board in here. Again, they had the initial "P" and that this male had been murdered. He's not happy and stated that he didn't want the guests to leave.  The board then spelt out "STU". One of the guests in this group was called Stuart. Another spirit then came through who was connected with one of the group around the table. He stated his name and confirmed it on more than one occasion. He stated that he was sorry and was also able to spell out his family member's names and said sorry to them as well. He then said goodbye.


Once everyone was again gathered together, we started off the final vigils of the night in themen's changing room.In the right hand changing room, guests could hear knocking coming from inside the walls. The trifield was also going up as it was picking up more and more static and then the knocking block which had been placed on the floor in the corner of the room and not near anyone, went off. Darran was picking up on the name of Stanley. Again Darran tried using the spirit box. There was a male who said "HELLO "and when asked their name, stated "BRUCE ". There was then some indecipherable talking on there.

Meanwhile, whilst we were all here, olly had decided to go it alone in the main arena to see what he could pick up. He could hear some sort of muttered chanting or whispering. He captured an orb on the camera which then seemed to him change shape as though it was trying to manifest itself into a different shape.  In the soft play, he heard loud footsteps in the room but it sounded like heavy boots rather than shoes and out of the corner of his eye could see movement back and fore by the bar ( again, this had occurred previously when we have investigated here )


For the last vigil of the night, we all went up to theupper end balconywhere it's covered in camouflage. Some of the K2s were going off and some of the guests heard a whistle which has been picked up on the recorders. The on /  off torch also turned on but apart from that nothing much was picked up here.



Upper end balcony - whistles were heard and picked up on the recorders.

Men's changing rooms - lots of loud knocking and tapping's were heard. However there's no heating on and so nothing to be cooling or heating up in any pipes. Not sure what's or whose causing it.

Party room - when guests doing lone vigils ask for spirit to whistle, there's a faint one but they don't comment on it

Main arena boxing ring end - during the 1st lone vigils, a whistle can be heard but not a two tone one like we were doing. Later on, guests hear a gasp from further away than the group when we are in the circle doing a group vigil. This has been picked up.  Also, just after Darran mentions a previous fire and a walkway being halfway up the end wall, there are 4 hums heard which sound female. This is below our voices on a different sound level and so isn't one of the group. No one comments on it either.

In the combat zone. There's a very low voice again which sounds female. It's very faint and she either says something or says "mmmm" Darran needs to clean it up to see if we can get it any clearer.  Later on, the faint voice is heard again when I come in to check the recorder and ask if anyone's in there. I definitely hear someone at the same time too as next; I ask what they are picking up if anything. (Obviously no one gave me that as no one was in there bar me)


It was a really enjoyable night and such a shame that management have made the decision not to allow investigations in the future. It's a great building with a fantastic history with no doubt how many spirits that we may have been able to make contact with.