evidence log from previous investigation

Investigation log White
Hart Calne 27th Jan 2012

Weather:  cold and damp, occasional showers

Vigil times: 1000 - 3am

First Vigil:
Sarah and Lorraine's group went into Room 12A in order to do the energy rope. On going into the room, a male presence was felt. He was mysterious and was laughing. During the rope, they could smell cigarette smoke and the smell of old dustbins. The spirits drew very close causing the guests to feel the following symptoms:  pains in their stomach, sides, wrists and hands, feeling lightheaded, feeling very hot with tightness in the chest as well as feeling cold . Their arms felt loose and their teeth chattered uncontrollably. Others felt like spiders were crawling on them and had tickling on the chest, stabbing pains in their stomach and the feeling of someone leaning on their shoulder. When sat down, they still could smell those smells and felt dizzy and had to lie on the bed. One guest felt she had to fend off a male named George and felt that something had happened in the bath with a female who was raped and became pregnant. A small girl as well as 2 males, one female and another child were also in the room. The room felt to some that it was spinning and felt as though the bed was turning. A Charlotte and a Megan came through.


Darran group were in room 2 (Monks Room)

Darran picked up on the energy of a male who was a man of the cloth either a priest or a monk named Father Jacob. He wasn't a nice energy and was very angry and in turn made one of the females in the group angry. A little girl was by the fireplace named Charlotte. She was running up and down stairs which were no longer there. Legs were feeling cold and were being touched. Others felt pain in their hands and numbness. They had good K2 hits and the ghost radar was picking up various words. The sound of a small stone was being thrown and the bin bag rustled. Shadows and mists were seen. Pinpricks of light could be seen as well as a child was standing by the fireplace. The ghost radar at this point gave the words, Law /judge / Hang / Concerned ( the pub had once been used as a
kangaroo court ) Darran then asked who was to be concerned and the word Pole came up ( Pole is Darrans surname) . Swirling lights would be seen by the fireplace and the feeling of ants crawling up legs.

During the lone vigils, a Susan was picked up in room 2 and a Charlotte and Jacob in room 12A. Darrans name was called out. In the room chairs were creaking and the bed felt as though it was again moving. The lamp then fell off the ledge. A John was present with his sister.

In room 21, a female was there who was a child. She was happy and happy for the team to be there.

Sarah and Lorraine then went into the restaurant where they had a Martha, Elizabeth and Clara come through. One guest felt unwell and had to leave the circle. Another felt that she was riding a horse and was holding the rope like reins. It got so she appeared to be riding faster and faster and was shaking the rope like you would a pair of reins. Lots of the guests began to sway and felt cold. One felt as though someone kissed her on the forehead.

During other lone vigils, in Room 1 which was the gamblers room, Susan again was present and there was activity on the planchette. They asked for the gambling man to come through and although one called Mo came through, didn't tell them much about himself other than he won a lot of money and lost a lot also. One of the guests was touched on the shoulder and the planchette made noises with no hands being placed on it. On being asked an age, it was as though they replied in roman numerals rather than numbers.

The toilet door then fell off onto one of the guests hitting her quite hard. It had fallen off the hinges. However the group couldn't work out how it had happened as those particular doors had hinges where you would need to physically lift the door in order to get it out of the hinge. The door was heavy and needed Darran to actually lift it (which even to him was a struggle)

In the cellar, the camera and other batteries drained on the K2. They could smell pigs in the foyer. George, Thomas and a Jacob were present.

In the Pool Room, guests did scrying in the mirror. One female appeared to look younger. A second guest then looked lie a young boy with "bum fluff" on her face. Her bottom jaw was shaking. On Darran taking a photo, an orb appeared on the lap of a guest as she stated that she could feel something in front of her. A Stanley was present but refused to come forward.

In the top room, a young boy was picked up who was mischievous. Another older one came through. at this, the younger at this began cowering from the older one. There were good K2 hits.

On the landing, they picked up the feeling of frustration. The energy was confronted by Lorraine who suddenly then felt very shy. Energy was picked up with the dowsing rods. One woman felt herself becoming aggressive and became scared and had to leave the area.

In the corridor near the poolroom, the smell of pig silage could be smelt again but it didn't smell in any other area.

In room 2, the planchette had a male come through who in his words "appreciated women", which made some of the females in the group feel uncomfortable and so they left.

In the cellar, during a lone vigil, a guest saw a shadow in the doorway and could hear footsteps. Another felt unwell and had to leave.

Throughout the evening, the EVPs managed to pick up on a number of taps and bangs as well as the reactions of the guests when you hear the vase falling off the ledge. The video footage showed a lot of activity in that same room (12a) with a lot of orbs going to and fro throughout. At one point a fainter, but very large round shape is seen to slowly come towards the camera which is transparent almost. We will need to clean the image up some more before we make a decision on it