Investigation log of Wolverhampton Civic and Wolfrun Halls 7th
June   2013  

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  dry and mild

The building itself was huge with plenty of room to investigate. Prior to us investigating, Darran picked up on lots of dead bodies in the Wolfrun hall area downstairs, whilst Lorraine could feel a male energy in the civic hall itself.

For the first investigation, we took everyone up onto the balcony areas and split them up around the balconies to see if things were being picked up in different areas.  We were hearing distant whistles and whispering from other parts as well as noises coming from the right hand side of the balcony. Lorraine asked spirit to throw back a coin that Paul had thrown down to the hall floor whilst we had the spirit box playing. A male voice was picked up that said "NO "to the request. Darran was picking up on a male named Fred.

We then took them down onto the stage itself where the K2s were going up to red, sometimes simultaneously. A little girl called Mary was picked up who was from a time before the civic hall was built and when the group stood in a circle holding hands and I asked spirit to lift guest's hands and arms, it began to lift two female guests' hands. Meanwhile one of these guest stated that she could feel something standing behind her. A George was also picked up who had performed there at the hall. Paul put the torch on the
table that we usually ask spirit to turn on for us. On him asking "do you want us to leave the building? "The torch turned on. Dave and one of the male guests could see shadows up on the top left side of the balcony areas and Darran could see a shadow as though someone was sitting in the front row of the balcony. There were also changes of light seen up there by them. They also stated that it looked as though someone was actually looking over the side of the balcony as well as looking around the pillar. It wasn't either of the members of staff who were with us that night as at this moment in time, they were both around the same area as us and not wandering around the building by themselves to
cause the shadows. Also flashes of light were seen over to the right hand side of the building.

The guests then went off to conduct their own lone vigils. In the dressing room area some guests were getting good reactions on the pendulums and dowsing rods when asking spirit if their dressing room was along the corridor. They picked up on a male spirit who was answering their questions via the rods and crystals. On going onto the planchette and asking spirit to move the planchette towards the dressing room that had been theirs, it moved towards dressing room three. When asked to confirm this, they did via the pendulum.

Other guests up on the balcony using a planchette picked up again on a Mary who stated that she didn't want to talk to the group as a whole but would communicate with people individually. This Mary was a woman and had Fred with her. She stated that Fred was her husband. This was in the same area that Fred was picked up by Darran earlier. She was in her 50s and they had 4 children together.

Guests also picked up on a George who was a singer. He comes back in visitation as he likes the building

For the 2nd investigation, we took everyone over to the Wolfrun hall. Downstairs in the cloakrooms where it was originally a mortuary and morgue down there, the torch was turning itself on and off around 4 times all in one go when Darran began talking about bodies being laid out down there. The K2 meters were also going up to red simultaneously and in response to questions being asked. Darran heard a noise like someone saying "hello
"from someone in between him and Lorraine. They were also hearing banging and
bumping and whispering coming from a room next to them where no one actually was.  Paul then asks spirit to whistle for them and just after that, a whistle is heard. Paul picked up on a male with a curvature of the spine.

Staff came downstairs around 5 minutes after we arrived in the cloakroom and stated that there had been banging around upstairs in the civic whilst we were in the wolfrun. They had walked around checking to see if anyone from the group had been left behind but everyone was accounted for. They definitely heard the doors banging though as if someone was up there.  The name Michael was picked up by Darran and Lorraine. Darran picked up on a male who died by drowning in the canal. He was never identified and remained a John Doe... Cold spots were also being felt (despite the building being boiling all night) a male energy who not a nice energy was picked up. Not that he was nasty but he had been a paedophile during his life. When Darran and Paul began to talk about this, he became angry and the K2s were going up to red and staying there...  He didn't like them talking about it at all although we picked up from him as he was answering via the K2 that he wasn't ashamed of what he had done. Darran turned on the spirit box just after and the team asked spirit to give his name. The box replied "ADAM". Just after this the voice of a little boy came through however we couldn't work out what he was saying

We then went across to the Wolfrun dressing rooms where the bodies were actually laid out. We were getting good K2 hits going up to red on request and it answered that there was a female energy in the room and that she had been brought into the room and laid out there. We turned on the spirit box and on us asking "can you give us your name? "The reply was "HAPPILY" and then a little afterwards it stated "APRIL ". We then heard a high picked squeal.
Darran picked up on a male energy in the corridor and one of the guests suddenly felt freezing cold although it was hot in the room.

Again the guests went off alone to conduct their lone vigils. On guests going back up to the civic dressing room corridor, they picked upon a female spirit who was a dancer. Via their pendulums they obtained information that she had been one of 6 daughters. She had used dressing room one whilst performing there and had shared it with 4 others. She liked our
guests being there and wanted them to stay with her to talk to her.

Others went back into the Wolfrun cloakrooms where a couple picked up on the spirit of a little boy. The female guest asked him to take the temperature down in the room. Within a few seconds, she stated that she was very cold down one side.

For the last vigil we initially took them up onto the Wolfrun stage. One of the guests sitting in the circle heard a male voice whisper in her ear "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" A priest was picked up and the K2s were again going up to red. The names Richard and Malcolm were picked up and Paul was getting pains in his stomach. Other voices could be heard whispering from behind the stage. Other voices not long after were debunked as revellers
outside as the noise from them was travelling from a nearby fire door. The torch on the stage also turned on by itself but spirit stated that they were too afraid to come into the circle and join us or come any closer.  One of the guests felt cold again down one side.

For the second part of the final vigil we returned to the civic hall and took everyone to the dressing room corridor. Whilst up there they were getting flashes of light and balls of energy being seen up there as well as good K2 hits. Lorraine picked up on a female energy who had been a dancer. A clicking noise was picked up on the evp and Paul hears it to as he is heard to mention it. The female spirit wanted the teams help however wouldn't
say how she wanted them to help her. It then appeared to them that it began to get lighter down the other end of the corridor as if someone had turned a light on. They call out to both Darran and I thinking it was one of us however at the time, we are both in the main hall packing up

EVPs picked up during the night were:

In the main dressing room corridor, there are a couple of whistles heard as well as taps.

On the stage, a couple of strange noises were picked up various knocks and taps as well as the sound of something being dropped when no one was in that part of the building. Later on there's the sound as though someone is clicking their fingers.

In the civic bar, there are various strange noises, taps and bumps as well as at times the sound of keys. Also at one point it sounds as if someone's in the room moving around however no one enters the room

In the Wolfrun cloakrooms, when everyone has left the room to go over to the Wolfrun dressing rooms on the other side, there's a loud knocking sound as well as a noise that sounds like a door bolt being slid across and then back again. No one was in this area.

Video footage obtained:

We had a few flashing orbs on the stage itself as well as a couple of light rods. One of these came onto the stage above guest's heads whilst we were all sat on the stage conducting part of the first vigil. A strange light shape like a rod shape flashes from the right side of the screen for a second and then goes back out again. Not unlike if someone waved their
arm into view of the camera and back out. However as I say, everyone was sat on the stage holding hands and the team are all accounted for as you can see us also on the stage.

Also whilst we are sat on the stage, as we had various cameras set up catching different angles. You can again see us all sat on the stage and that no one is flashing their torch at all. However at this time you see a bright light moving across the hall.

On the balcony areas, when we are actually in the Wolfrun hall, as I say Carol and Neil the staff stated that they heard someone walking around and banging coming from up on the balcony area. You see them walk across the main hall floor and out of the room as they were coming to us in the Wolfrun. After around 30 seconds after they leave, a light flashes quickly near the top right door on the balcony. Around 4 minutes later when I know they were definitely with us as they were outside the cloakrooms with me at this point, an even bigger and brighter light flashes from the same area.

This is an interesting building with an interesting history. A good investigation overall