Investigation Log woodlands Castle Sat 6th October 2012

Weather: dry and calm

Investigation times: 8pm - 2am

Before the guests arrived, the team had a walk around the building. It's a new location for us and so they wanted to get a feel of the place before they began. The feelings of children
were picked up and taps and footsteps were heard. The smell of baby talc could also be smelt. A woman with black hair wearing a white dress was then seen on the stairs. On going into the Orchard suite, there was a feeling that it had been a ladies room with the piano being played, sewing / embroidery and reading being partaken in.

On the guest's arrival, the first vigil was conducted in the Ruishton room. There were good K2 hits and a Lady Margaret was picked up by one of the guests. She again had black hair and was wearing a white dress. Could this have been the same lady seen on the stairs
earlier?? A baby was picked up crying in a crib and was being rocked back and forth. The childs mother was becoming impatient and pacing the room. There were feelings of anxiousness. Guest's legs felt like jelly and there were cold draughts and blue lights seen. Others felt dizzy. Isabella came through who was a 7 year old girl and very shy. A Robert then came through who had been in the Crimean war. Had been in South Africa in 1850 and was in the cavalry. He had been injured. A few knocks and guests were being pushed. Some had pains in their stomachs. One guest had their trouser leg pulled and the name Anne was picked up.

Guests then went off to do their lone vigils.  In the Stoke Room, Margaret, Anne Isobel and a male child were picked up on the planchette. In the hen lade room, a little boy came through on the planchette and drew an aeroplane on request. Another aged 3 called Charlie also came through. His mother was ann. His uncle Robert had killed him. He had no brothers or sisters. No other children were there. He hated Robert

In the Ruishton room, Margaret was again picked up who stated that she had lived in the house. In the Stoke room, an Elizabeth and Isabella were picked up. The little boy was 6 yrs old and was the son of Margaret.

Robert and Margaret came through onto every planchette table during the first lone vigils. Margaret gave the impression that she had hung herself and Robert felt responsible. At one point a star was being drawn. All of it was drawn apart from one line linking 2 points together.

In the Blackbrook room, Margaret and Robert came through again. she stated that she had killed herself. He died following a fall from an age related injury. Robert felt guilty about the way he had treated her.

For the second vigil in the cellar, an Elizabeth and a Stanley came through. He worked for Robert and wasn't happy doing with what he was doing. Robert was his uncle. Mr George
Barditch came through as well as a dog being picked up by a guest called Tess (the dog not the guest) footsteps and bangs were heard as well as a male voice. Legs felt cold and the feeling of falling felt by some guests (there is a well underneath) George had bad legs.

When guests then went off again on their lones, on going outside, a young couple was picked up who gave the impression of being very much in love and chasing each other around the tree and laughing.

In the Blackbrook suite, Robert again and a Paul came through. One guest had to leave the room as felt very sick and dizzy. They felt much better once they were out of the room.

In the ruishton room Robert again was very angry. Paul asked him to do something and at that, a piece of coving fell from the ceiling. When Paul asks "did you like making me jump when you made the coving fall down? "A voice is heard to say "oh yeah" He upturned the
planchette and bent guest's fingers back on the planchette. When the team checked with the manager as to how the coving could have fallen down, there was no explanation for it. There had been no leaks or damp and it had been up there for the best part of 200yrs.

Back in the Helland room during a vigil, the planchette would only move slightly. Paul became uncomfortable in the room and as there were only a few taps the team decided to move back to the blackbrook room. A few more noises could be heard and the torch kept switching on. The planchette was moving very strongly again as if spirit was trying to
give the impression of being powerful. They wouldn't answer any questions about little Charlie's death and the team could only confirm with him that he was involved. Guests were being touched and were feeling sick. One asked how many spirits were in the room. To this, Darran hears a "4" being said and at the same time, 4 was drawn on the planchette. Darran sees an orb on the camera and at the same time a guest sees something in the mirror As for EVPs  the sound of a loud exhalation, a sniff and someone humming when no one was in the room

everyone then moved onto the marquee area next where something shouted at a staff member "please leave" previously. It was very quiet here with only a few K2 hits. Paul and Darran kept seeing figures and shadows moving about outside the doors of the Marquee and on the ramp leading to the house. At this time, there was no one outside at all.

Knocking could be heard in the Blackbrook room as well as voices and conversation heard in the background below Paul when he was talking. The torch was also switching on and off. In the Stoke room, taps, a whistle, a door latch going and sound of something being rattled. In the Ruishton room, knocking, banging and a screeching sound can be heard.

As for video footage, a few orbs are seen scattered about but nothing spectacular on this occasion