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Electronic voice phenomena captured on digital voice recorders.

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SS Great Britain Jan 2016

This was at the famous SS Great Britain on an investigation with just experienced investigators from different team. We split into 4 team and had an area of the ship each with very little noise contamination.

This clip was from the lower deck steerage deck, where the poorest people would have travelled. Myself and Colin where chatting with Leanne and Lorraine abit further down. As we talk someone calls out "COLIN" this was not from anyone of the team and not a voice anyone recognised.


This was taken during a small vigil with Darran, leanne and Colin in a small room off to the side of the prom deck. It was possiblly the captains room at the time. As the 3 of us are asking questions a giggling can be heard, shounds emale but is not Leanne.


Redcliffe Caves March 2016

This was captured inside the caves in the area called the inner chamber. Leanne is calling out to a female named Mary who was reportedly a lady of the night. Leanne asks how many men she had taken down into the caves, there sounds like a female saying "one", no one in the area admits they said it and was to far inside the cave system for it to come from outside.


Westbury Pool April 2016

This was captured at Westbury pool, the oldest swimming pool still being used. The recorder was placed in the ladies changing room at the top end near the showers. No one was in the changing room at the time, we were all above on the 1st floor packing up at the end of the night. There is a voice that sounds like "GET OUT" the creaking you hear after is someone on the wooden stairs which are above the changing room.



St Johns House Warwick Sept 2015

The three following EVP's were captured on the ground floor of the building which was once used as a school room

Leanne asks if you (the spirirts) are speaking can you do it again, a faint "no" is heard. we heard the response at the time but put it down to someones stomach until footage was reviewed. 


 This time Dave asks out to a child spirit to confirm there age, as Dave calls out ages a faint response is heard "nine" not from one of the team or a guest. 


 This is Leanne again asking if one of the females was known by the name Izzy, there is a faint response that sounds like "yes" (yes is repeat at the end with increase volume) 


Miskin Manor April 2015

This was captured in the drawing room of this large old building which is now a hotel. we are using the SP7 spiritbox, which scans the radio waves at a fast rate (150ms). it is said that spirits can manipulate the white noise. I ask it the spirit worked for the British (the building was used by the Army during the war) a female voice says "They were on our team"


Arnos Manor Feb 2014

Audio captured by Paul in the Gallery room as they were strating out the first investigation, an child can be heard 3 times laughing then saying "change it" after Leanne say's her torch wasn't working. Time's to look out for are 6sec, 16sec, 21sec and 36sec.


Bodmin Jail, 26th Oct 2013

Dave was on his own on level 2 in the children's room conducting a lone Q&A session, strange noise captured over his voice, not heard at the time and no-one in the area.


Again at Bodmin, this time this is from the Naval Wing. the recorder was placed in the guard room. This was towards the end of the night, all the team and guests were in the main building just finishing off the evening. this male voice is caught, not sure why its saying this or to whom. Very strange.


Station Hotel, Dudley

At the end of the evening only the team members were left and conducted a short vigil in the basement, a childs voice was captured giggling, no children were anywhere near our location which was 2 floors below the bedroom area.



Westbury Pool, Westbury

Male whistling captured in the old tunnel / void, no person was allowed in there and the area was sealed off during the night.


Sounds like a childs voice captured in the ladies locker room while everyone was upstairs at the start of the evening during the introductions. No persons around in that area.    


Feathers Hotel, Ludlow Banqueting Hall.

Female voice heard amongst the talking, not part of the group and nobody hears it or re-acts, possiblly a child which had been encountered. sounds like "Hands Up"


Expolsion! Naval Firepower Museum

Clip captured in the Grand Magazine block 'A'. only the 6 of us in the main part of the museum, sounds like a male voice on the SpiritBox saying "I can see you"


Barrow Gurney Mental Asylum 

Clip captured of a child answering Lorraine if they needed help, sounds like "No I'm not allowed". No child anywhere in the building or on the site.


 Another EVP captured this time sounds like "help me"



These last few were taken by Leanne and myself before we formed Beyond the Grave and on very old digital recorders, newer recorders have a much better recording quality so these are a bit distorted.

Jamacia Inn, Bodmin

EVP captured in bedroom 5, nobody in the room, sounds like males in the room then a gunshot.



Ragged school, london

EVP captured in the basement of the old school of a male voice sounds like it's saying "I like the boys"


Again male voice from the basement, this time sounds like it says "Who's that"



All the above EVP clips where captured whilst conducting investigations by the team. None of the voices caught where heard on the night only when checking through the clips later.